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Hot Stamping Foil Slitter 1350mm

Price: 30000.00 - 100000.00 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Set/Sets


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Sangam Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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Tct Wooden Cutting Blade Cutting Accuracy: 100 %

Price: 100-350 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Piece/Pieces


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Red & Black Pipe Saws

Price: 55000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 200 Piece/Pieces


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UPVC Glazing Bead Saw

Price: 250000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


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Tungsten Carbide Hd 4Ft Manual Tile Cutter (1.2 Meter) 1200 Mm

Price: 21000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


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Navi Mumbai


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Rock Cutting Cum Grinding Machine Voltage: 440 Volt (V)

Price: 275000 INR (Approx.)

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VINSPIRE 18 Inch Petrol Chain Saw

Price: 6500 INR (Approx.)

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High Speed Steel Cutting Tools

Price: 200 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces


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Mira Bhayandar

Klr Industries Limited

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Rubber Bale Cutter Machine

Price: 400000 INR (Approx.)

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New Delhi

Silver Replacement Blades

Price: 1508 INR (Approx.)

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Combined Creaser Slotter Machine Box Size: Custom

Price: 450000.00 INR (Approx.)

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Needle Cum Hub Cutter

Price: 230-3000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 6-24 Piece/Pieces


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New Delhi

Blue Value Vbt-4 Tube Bender

Price: 3550 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Unit/Units

The Refrigeration House

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New Delhi

Cutting Wheel

Price: 3 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

Hubei Fengpu Abrasive Science And Technology Co.,Ltd

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Cup Grinding Wheels Cutting Capacity: Na

Price: 350.00 - 750.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 25 Piece/Pieces


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Round Paper Gsm Cutter Hardness: Rigid

Price: 8000.00 INR (Approx.)

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Response Rate: 82.14%

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RCC Groove Cutter Machine

Price: 40000 INR (Approx.)

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What is it & why is it important - Cutting Tools, Broaches & Cutters

The manufacturing of machines relies heavily on cutting tools. Cutting tools are essential in the machine industry since, without them, many of the most important procedures simply cannot be completed. When it comes to cutting, milling, drilling, and other similar processes used in the manufacturing of machines, engineers need access to the most advanced cutting equipment available.

A broaching tool, also known simply as a broach, is a type of cutting tool used to remove material from the inside diameter of a workpiece in order to create the desired shape. Typically, the broach will be utilized in a lathe or coupled to a machine that operates under hydraulic pressure.

1. Time Effective

It is widely acknowledged that efficient cutting tools are a must-have for any machine industry worker concerned with efficiency and productivity. In the end, it doesn't matter if the products are of great quality or if the deadline is met. Therefore, it is essential for such facilities to have efficient engineering machine tools to guarantee the highest quality output within the stipulated time frame.

2. Efficiency

In the manufacturing sector, the values of individual parts are meaningless unless they achieve the required levels of efficiency. Although metal-cutting tools only account for a small percentage of production costs (estimates range from 3–5%), studies have shown that by selecting the tools best suited to the task at hand, factories can reduce their total operating expenses by as much as 15 percent.

3. Better Productivity 

When it comes to the machine industry, the distinction between a lucrative subset and a losing subset is found in the levels of effective productivity. Using high-quality components and gear to do daily chores is analogous to employing effective Cutting Tools, Broaches & Cutters. As a result, it stands to reason that a unit's production will naturally peak when all of the necessary components are of high enough quality to get the job done.

Difference between Cutting Tools, Broaches, and Cutters

Cutting Tools VS Broaches VS Cutters

  1. Cutting Tools: To obtain the desired shape, size, and precision in machining, a cutting tool, often a wedge-shaped or razor device is employed to shear away an extra layer of material from the workpiece. It has a fixed position on the machining center. Several mechanical and non-mechanical systems for cutting action also give a relative velocity between the workpiece and the cutting tool.
  2. Broaches: The broach is the tool used in the broaching process. The rise per tooth is one of the most important characteristics of a broach since it reveals how much material is removed by each tooth with each pass. Along the length of the tool, these teeth are separated into three distinct regions: the roughing, intermediate, and finishing regions. Broaching is a type of machining in which a toothed tool is used to precisely and repeatedly remove material. Manufacturing broaching is normally only utilized for precise applications and high-quantity production, although there are two types of broaching services available (linear and rotary) that are used to create distinct sorts of machining finishes.
  3. Cutters: To achieve the proper shape, size, and accuracy in machining, cutting tools, which are wedge-shaped and have sharp edges, are used to shear away extra layers of material from a workpiece. Its hold on the machining center is rock solid. Multiple mechanical and non-mechanical mechanisms contribute to the cutting process by providing a relative velocity between the substrate and the cutting tool.

What are the objectives of Cutting Tools, Broaches, and Cutters?

Cutting tools are used to precisely remove material from a workpiece. The material being cut is subjected to a compressive force from the tool, which pushes the material past its yield point. The metal was plastically deformed and then sheared off. Shear planes are the specific locations of plastic flow.


  • Hardware such as a saw, a broach, a drill bit, a fly cutter, etc.
  • In order to cut effectively, you must take into account:
  • Tool and material hardness
  • The pressure exerted on a workpiece
  • Geometry of Tools

Another factor that affects productivity is how sharp the instruments are. Cutting and slicing tasks are made easier thanks to the sharp edges' ability to make minimal touch with the material being worked. High pressure and temperature differences are experienced by the cutting tool throughout the machining process. So, it's important to choose the right materials for your tools.

You can categorize the various types of cutters by

To the extent that there are sharp edges in use:

1. Useful for planning, sculpting, turning, etc.; have only one cutting edge.

2. In milling, drilling, and other similar processes, it is common to utilize a multipoint tool, which has multiple active cutting edges.

In accordance with the cutting motion tool,

1. Instruments for cutting in a straight line - Example: cutting tools, broaches

2. The use of rotary instruments -Example: instruments such drills, milling cutters, reamers, counterbores, etc.

Different types of Cutting Tools, Broaches, and Cutters

1. The Broach

A broach is a special kind of cutter with graduated rows of teeth. Any kind of cut, from the simplest to the most intricate, may be made swiftly and precisely with a broach.

2. Liner Broaching 

Cuts are made as the tool travels in a straight line across the surface of the workpiece. There is a good illustration of linear broaching in the diagram.

3. Pull Broaching 

When performing pull broaching, the workpiece is clamped in place and the broach is withdrawn from the material. Broaches of the length and configuration required for this procedure are uncommon.

4. Carbon Tool Steel

Carbon-based tool Steel is commonly utilized as a low-cost metal cutting tool in machining operations that need a high degree of precision. These plain carbon steel cutting tools include between 0.6% and 1.5% carbon and less than 0.5% Mn and Si. The hardness and grain size can be adjusted by adding other metals like Cr and V.

5. High Speed Steel (HSS)

To increase its hardening ability, toughness, and wear resistance, this high-carbon steel has been heavily alloyed with elements like tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, etc. There is greater efficiency in metal removal.

6. Single Point Cutting Tool

A single-point cutting tool has a single, centralized cutting edge that can be used for many material-cutting tasks simultaneously. Activities like turning, sculpting, and planning necessitate the use of single-point cutting tools.

7. Double Point Cutting Tool

Both cutting and shearing can be accomplished with a single stroke of a double-pointed cutting tool's blade. A single-point cutting tool, on the other hand, has just a single, dedicated cutting edge.

8. Push Broaching tool

Because of the high compression pressures experienced during push broaching, the tool is made shorter. Compressive forces can bend or break the fewer teeth it has. Reduced part size is achieved through shorter cuts made possible by push broaching.

9. Pot Broaching Tool

The tool holder for pot broaching, which is used for cylindrical workpieces, is designed like a pot. By pushing or pulling the workpiece through a stationary tool, pot broaching achieves its desired shape. When used in conjunction with or as a replacement for other machining processes, pot broaching generates a cut in the opposite direction of interior broaching.

10. Cemented Carbide tool and cermet

The powder metallurgy process is used to manufacture the cemented carbide cutting tool. When the binder is nickel or molybdenum, the mixture is termed cermets, but when it's cobalt, it's called cermets.

11. Ceramics

Aluminum oxide and silicon nitride are the most frequently used ceramic materials. High-temperature sintering of ceramic powder compressed into an insert form. In addition to being resistant to corrosion, ceramic tools are also chemically inert.

12. Glass Cutting Tool

It's the priciest and toughest substance ever discovered. It has a high melting point and thermal conductivity. Diamond has a low friction coefficient and thermal expansion, making it a great material for cutting and polishing. It finds application in the processing of extremely tough materials such as carbides, nitrides, glasses, etc.

13. Spline Broaching 

Broaching in the shape of a spline can produce a variety of spline and tooth profiles, including those that are round, plain, or irregular. It's useful for making shafts, gears, and other components that mesh mechanically. The most frequent kind of broaching is called "spline broaching," and it involves using a broach to create a series of ridges or teeth around the outside of a hole that has already been drilled.

14. Blind Braching

When the broaching tool does not go all the way through the part, creating the hole, the procedure is called blind broaching.


Broaching is a type of precision machining in which a sharp, hardened toothed tool is used to remove material from the workpiece in a uniform, steady, and precise manner. Even at high temperatures, the material of the cutting tool must be harder than the material of the workpiece.

In the machine sector, using the most up-to-date and high-quality cutting tools is essential for maximizing efficiency and delivering the finest possible results within the allotted period of time.

FAQs: Cutting Tools, Broaches & Cutters

Q. Applications of cutting tools, broaches & cutters
Ans. A broach, or broach tool, is a type of cutter used to remove material from the inside diameter of a workpiece to create the desired shape.

Q. Cutting tools, broaches & cutters price in India
Ans. The price of cutting tools is between RS 500- Rs15,000 in India.

Q. The function of Cutting Tools, Broaches & Cutters?
Ans. A cutting tool, also known as a shear, is a wedge-shaped implement with sharp edges that is used to tear away unwanted portions of a working item. By cutting away unnecessary bulk, the desired form and dimensions can be realized.

Q. What to look for before purchasing Cutting Tools, Broaches & Cutters?
Ans. However, there is no such thing as a perfect cutting tool material due to competing tradeoffs between qualities like hardness and toughness.


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