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    Gate Valves

    Gate Valves are also called sluice valve as it acts like sluice gate similar to the one at a barrage or dam. Therefore, when the sluice gates open immediately allow the water to flow in the other direction. Gate Valves work as fully open or fully closed, and it is not used as a controlling valve. It works similarly to a shut-off valve.

    Gate valves are used in many industries, such as: 

    • Oil and gas industry
    • Machines manufacturing industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Marine sector
    • Pharmaceuticals industry 

    Gate valves feature a disc attached to a stem which is attached to a lever that can be moved in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions for closing or opening. When the lever is turned in the clockwise direction, the disc is pulled vertically up for allowing the media to pass. Similarly, the handle is operated in the opposite direction to stop the flow of media.

    Use of Gate Valve

    Gate Valves are used when free bore and minimal pressure loss are required. When the gate valve is completely open it has no obstruction in the flow direction which ultimately result in negligible loss of pressure. The sluice gate is opened with the turning of a threaded stem to which the disc is attached. The stem is turned with the help of a circular lever with spokes for a better handgrip. The slow turning of the stem gradually opens or closes the flow. As an upshot of this, the flow grows gradually or reduces likewise. Therefore, there is no sudden rush of media flow.

    Components of Gate Valves

    Gate Valves are made of different types of components as follows:

    Body – Gate valve body contains all operational parts of the valve. It is connected to the pipeline with different mounting options, such as threaded, compression fittings, flanged, fitting, union, butt weld, and socket weld among others. The mounting option should be chosen as per the media’s type and size. 

    Bonnet – A gate valve features a bonnet containing moving parts and is connected to the valve body. It can be removed from the body in case maintenance in the system is needed and replacement of parts has become necessary.

    Trim – It contains the functioning parts of the gate valves, for instance, the gate, the stem, the seal rings, and the disc or wedge.

    Material of Gate Valve

    The choice of material for the production of gate valves is contingent on the application the valves are intended for. Some materials could be more corrosive than others, hence requiring corrosion-resistant material to manufacture the valves. When selecting the material for gate valve construction, several factors should be taken care of like: 

    • Composition of the media
    • Quality of coating on the material
    • Operating temperature
    • Compatibility of the media inflow through the gate valves
    • Service temperature
    • Longevity of the material exposure to the media 

    Best Quality Gate Valves available online with price

    Gate Valves are available online with the price list by different suppliers. Buyers can check the gate valve price online offered by the gate valve manufacturers in India. With a large number of companies available online buyers can choose the different types of gate valves easily. They can take a look at the specifications, product details, materials used in the production, quality standards, and others.

    Buyers looking forward to buying Gate Valves should check the features and details, such as: 

    • Compact design
    • Quality certifications
    • Raw materials used
    • Delivery time
    • Minimum order quantity
    • Stock availability
    • Price 

    Buy Gate Valves Online

    Buyers can check the different B2B and eCommerce platforms to buy all kinds of gate valves online. With an online buying facility, buyers can no longer have to worry about physically visiting a market or factories to purchase gate valves. They can check the gate valves and the available sub-categories to get the best product at the most reasonable prices. 

    • API Gate Valve
    • Forged Steel Gate Valve
    • CI Gate Valves
    • Manual Gate Valve
    • Knife Gate Valve
    • Brass and Bronze Gate Valve
    • Leader Gate Valves 

    Buyers can get the contact details of suppliers and send them all their requirements for purchasing the best quality gate valves.


    1. How can I find a gate valve manufacturer in India?

    Finding gate valve manufacturers is simple with leading search engines like Google. You can simply type gate valve manufacturer with your specific location to get suggestions to choose from. 

    2. What is a stem in gate valves?

    The stem in a gate valve positions the disk correctly. It can be either rising or non-rising. It is normally threaded which attaches to the handrail for controlling the flow of media.

    3. What is called the seat of a gate valve?

    The seat of a gate valve is that part of the valve where the disk snugly fits in to block the flow of liquid or gas. It is also sealed by an o-ring for preventing leakage.

    4. What kind of media a gate valve is suitable for handling?

    A gate valve is suitable for handling different types of liquid and gas across several industries. However, it is an ideal valve for slurries that contain granules, solids, and powders.

    5. How gate valves are protected from corrosive materials?

    The selection of materials for manufacturing gate valves is done on the basis of the intended application of gate valves. Besides, for extra protection from corrosive materials, the gate valves are coated with suitable paint or varnish. 

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