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At Tradeindia, the leading B2B marketplace for manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, you can find high quality Nitrile Oil Seals at indust more
At Tradeindia, the leading B2B marketplace for manufacturers, exporters and suppliers, you can find high quality Nitrile Oil Seals at industry leading prices. Explore all the products and send us your buying needs. Here, buyers will also get the best solutions for other class of products, such as Viton Oil Seal, Rubber Oil Seal, Automotive Oil Seals, Two Wheeler Oil Seal and Oil Seal Retainer.


Black Rubber V Seal

100 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Meter/Meters



Nitrile Oil Seal

24.00 - 30.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1500 , Box/Boxes



Oil Seals

60 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Unit/Units



Oil-seals (Radial Shaft Seal)

1000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 20 Piece/Pieces



Stainless Steel Skf Oilseal

200 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

Mira Bhayandar


Automotive Oil Seals

560 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 12 Piece/Pieces



Black Nbr Oil Seal

190 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces



High Grade Rubber Oil Seal

15 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces


Nitrile oil sealsare manufactured from a compound that tends to tolerate low temperature andcontains great abrasion resistance to petroleum oils, solvents and water. Weshould know that an oil seal commonly consists of three basic components: thesealing element, the metal case and the spring.

The performance ofthe Nitrile oil seals depends upon an appropriate unit load that is maintainedat the seal-shaft interface. These oil seals withstand a pressure of 15 Poundsper Square Inch (PSI) and their working depends on parameters such as shaftdiameter, shaft speed, working temperature, and service conditions. Nitrile oilseals have some fine attributes such as low compression set, high tensilestrength, and abrasion resistance.

Typesof Nitrile Oil Seals

In terms ofmaterials used, there are three types of oil seals: Nitrile, Silicone andVitrone. However, different types of Nitrile oil seals include:

General PurposeHigh Performance Oil Seal

  • Rotary V-Seal
  • Rubber Fabric Oil Seal
  • PTFE Spring Energised Oil Seal
  • PTFE Lip Oil Seal
  • PTFE Metal Case Oil Seal 

GeneralFeatures of Nitrile Oil Seals:

Some of thefeatures of Nitrile oil seals are:

ShaftSpeed:The maximum shaft speed that is allowed depends on the function of the shaftfinish, run-out, bore and shaft concentricity, type of fluid and the oil sealmaterial.

Temperature: Thetemperature range for installing the oil seal should bot not exceed thetemperature of the seal elastomer.

Pressure: TheNitrile oil seals are designed in such fashion that it can withstand verylow-pressure, for example, 8 PSI or less.

ShaftHardness:The Nitrile oil seals contain shaft hardness of Rockwell (RC) 30 or more. If itis exposed to abrasive contamination, the hardness should be increased to RC60.

ShaftSurface Finish: Nitrile oil seals contain the optimum shaft surfacefinish that helps enhance the sealing efficiency and with it best sealingresults are obtained.

Concentricity: Thisis a 3-dimensional cylindrical tolerance zone and Nitrile oil seals areconcentrated on one side of the sealing lip.

Lubricant:Nitrile oil seals work better and longer when they are continuously lubricatedwith oil that has the correct viscosity for the application.

Advantagesof Nitrile Oil Seals

Among the manymaterials of oil seals that vary in resilience to specific conditions, Nitrileor Buna is the most commonly used elastomer material. Nitrile oil seals possessextraordinary resistance to petroleum oils and fuels, mineral oils and greases,hydraulic fluids, water, steam, and alcohol. In oil seals, a Oa rings are usedin all hydraulic systems, pumps, pistons, and pipe connections. The oil sealsare applied for joining systems or mechanisms together by preventing leakagesuch as in a pumping system), containing pressure, or excluding contamination.

Tradeindiaprovides a conducive business platform to several manufacturers, suppliers andexporters of Nitril Oil Seals and other similar products. Interested buyerslooking forward to buy these products shall send us their buying needs throughemail or SMS. We assure you of the best services and solutions.

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FAQs Related to Nitrile Oil Seal

Which rubber is used in oil seals?


Buna or Nitrile and Viton® rubber are the most commonly used material in oil seals. Both these oil seals are the most commonly used elastomer in sealing since  Nitrile or Viton® rubbers carry great resistance to petroleum oils and fuels, mineral oils and greases, hydraulic fluids, water, steam, and alcohol.

What is the purpose of Nitrile Oil Seal?


The purpose of the Nitrile oil seals is to stop the fluid from leaking between the shaft and housing. The metal case used in its making provides rigidity and strength to the seal while it is being held in the bore or recessed groove. Moreover, the garter spring ensures constant pressure and maintains the radial force to the shaft, flattening the sealing edge to a defined width. 

What are the advantages of Nitrile Oil Seal?


The Nitrile oil seals are good static sealing and have compensation of different thermal expansion. They carry reduced risk of fretting corrosion and offer effective protection against air side contaminants. They provide low radial forces.

Why is lubricant important for Nitrile oil seals?


Lubricant is used in Nitrile oil seals so that they could work better and longer. If the oil seals are continuously lubricated that has the correct viscosity, they will a better functioning.