Sawdust Briquetting Machine

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Sawdust Briquetting Machine

Sawdust briquetting machines produce sawdust briquettes by the simple mechanism of compression. The basic working method of these machines is to apply a huge amount of pressure on the raw sawdust, as a result extracting lignin. The lignin then binds the saw dust together, thus making briquettes. These machines are sturdy, long lasting and can make large amounts of uniformly sized briquettes according to any requirement within a short time period.

The disposal of sawdust is global problem, with many different methods having been tested already to ensure optimal disposal. Unfortunately, almost all methods have somehow failed, leaving the production and use of saw dust briquettes as an alternative to coal, charcoal the only feasible option. Sawdust briquetting machines are ideal for fulfilling the aforementioned purpose.

Components of Saw Dust Briquetting Machine

Control panel

Command shelf

Briquettes evacuation system

Sawdust tank

Electric motor

Oil filter

Oil tank

Electrical Safety Instructions During the Use of Sawdust Briquetting Machines

Use only the power cord that has been supplied with the machine

Always plug the power cord into a correctly grounded electrical outlet, never use an extension cord.

Never use a ground adapter plug to connect the sawdust briquet-ting machine to an electrical outlet which lacks a ground connection terminal.

Do not place the briquetting machine where people may step or trip on the power cord.

Do not place objects on the power cords.

Never override or disable electrical or mechanical interlocks.

Never obstruct the saw dust briquette machine's ventilation openings.

How to Start Sawdust Briquetting Machines

Power on the indicator.

Turn the start key clockwise.

Switch to manual work mode.

Verify all the position limiters.

Start the motor pump.

Switch to automatic work mode.

Load the saw dust in the saw dust tank.

Adjust the filling dosimeter.

Now let the machine work, briquettes will soon start coming out of the evacuation pipe.

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