Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

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Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

Bio coal briquetting machines produce bio coal by heating biomass in an inert atmosphere. These machines convert various types of agricultural waste into high density and energy concentrated bio coal briquettes through the mechanism of compression. Such machines use two types of compaction techniques to produce bio coal. One is high or medium pressure compaction in which no binders are required, while the other is low pressure compaction in which either organic or inorganic binders are required to combine the biomass into uniformly sized briquettes.

These briquetting machines are sturdy, require little maintenance and have a long service life. Furthermore, these have enhanced safety features that ensure no human contact with the machine's moving parts takes place. The machines are available in a wide assortment with respect to dimension and working mechanism, with the option of customization also available.

Geographical Usage Patterns of Bio Coal Briquetting Machines

It's common knowledge now that briquettes made from biomass have several advantages over traditional fuel sources such as coal, charcoal. Some of these advantages are eco friendly and renewable nature of bio coal briquettes, economical price, higher heat output etc.

As the aforementioned benefits have dawned on people, the usage of bio coal briquetting machines has also started gradually increasing in the western countries. Briquettes produced by these machines are commonly being used in boilers, furnaces, industrial heating there. As for the developing countries, since the usage of bio coal briquettes is still in it's nascent stage, thus bio coal briquetting machines are yet to find favor amongst people. Given the range of benefits that bio coal briquettes provide, it becomes pertinent that the usage of bio coal increases significantly.

Features of Bio Coal Briquetting Machines

These are resistant to corrosion.

Also resistant to chips and scratches.

The machines are power efficient.

These work flawlessly in all weather conditions.

These have minimal noise levels, thus ensuring no hearing problem in people working around the machines.

These generally have very fast briquette making speed that ranges between 600-1000 briquettes per hour.

Advantages Accorded by the Briquettes Produced by Bio Coal Briquetting Machines

These have very high specific density and bulk density as compared to loose biomass.

The briquettes can withstand the shocks of long distance transport.

These have a comparatively lesser moisture content than loose biomass, thus resulting in increased boiler efficiency.

The briquettes have a much higher practical thermal value and a much lower ash content.

Bio coal briquettes are easy to burn- lower ignition temperature required as compared to coal or loose biomass.

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