Coir Pith Briquetting Machine

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Coir Pith Briquetting Machine

Coir pith briquetting machines are used for making briquettes of coconut husks. The husks are an unused byproduct from various industries that use coconuts. Once turned into briquettes, these can be ideal for use in boilers, furnaces, domestic heating and many more. Since coconut husks generally find no usage and are discarded, this allows for the optimal availability of these husks for making briquettes. Furthermore, their ease of availability also allows for the produced briquettes to be inexpensive as compared to coal, firewood etc.

Coir pith briquetting machines are robustly designed and require minimal maintenance over the course of their long functional life. The modus operandi of these machines is that these compress the raw coconut husks using pressure. As a result of the exerted pressure, the husks are bounded together, thus making briquettes. The coir pith briquetting machines can make uniformly sized coconut husk briquettes according to any specific requirement.

Case for Using Coir Pith Briquetting Machines

As everyone knows, the world's population is constantly increasing, resulting in shortage of energy sources. Moreover, the energy sources being used currently are the lead contributors of pollutants. Limited to only a shortage now, in a few years from now, we will actually run out of energy sources, which will probably result in widespread unrest.

As a solution to this problem, new and renewable sources of energy need to be developed and utilized, briquettes made from biomass and other substances seem to be the ideal alternative to traditional sources of energy. When it comes to briquettes, it can be said that coconut husks , due to their easy availability and negligible polluting nature should be the top most material used for making briquettes. The coir pith briquetting machines optimally fulfill the aforementioned need of producing coconut husk briquettes.

Compaction Techniques Used by Coir Pith Briquetting Machines

High and Medium Pressure Compaction – In this technique no binding agents are required for producing briquettes. The raw coconut husks and bounded together due to the high pressure exerted by the machines.

Low Pressure Compaction – In this technique the pressure exerted is comparatively lesser. The lack of pressure is made up for by the use of various binding agents. The agents can range from organic such as molasses, starch to inorganic such as clay, cement or lime.

Operational Safety Instructions for Coir Pith Briquetting Machines

Place the machine in a room that provides adequate space for ventilation and service.

Always place the machine on a level, solid surface that has the sufficient strength to support the weight of the machine.

Never set up the machine near a heat source, in direct sunlight or nearby air conditioners.

Never place containers of coffee or any liquid on the machine.

Do not block or cover the ventilation slots of the machine.

Do not attempt to override any electrical or mechanical interlock devices.

Always remember that coir pith briquetting machines are not intended for use in a domestic environment.

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