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How do I set my cheque printer to print cheques?

One must be very careful in answering this question. It must be clarified that blank cheques of any bank cannot be printed in a normal office printer, as it is against federal laws. Blank cheque leaflets are printed in designated printing presses, having received government and other security clearance. However, one can print on these bank cheques, issued by the bank. This can be done using a cheque printer. One of the simplest ways of doing that is to use software called Tally. When you open Tally, you can navigate to banking options, and there you will find the option for cheque printing. Enter the necessary details, and then give the print command. The same thing will be printed on the cheque. There is other software like Excel that can do the same printing, but settings need to be set accordingly. 

Can we print the cheque in printer?

Yes, you can print the contents to be entered in a blank cheque, issued by a bank, using a printer. There are different software programs that enable such printing, such as Excel and Tally. 

What are the advantages of printed cheque?

There are many advantages of printed cheques. First, it eliminates the need for handwritten cheque. Handwriting differ from person to person, and thus sometimes, the content written on the cheque is illegible. Next, printed cheques allow for cleaner written matter with no errors. A printed cheque is first proof read before giving the print command. 

What is cheque size for printing?

A cheque leaflet is unlike any other paper. In fact, cheques are printed on special paper with security-based ink, as well as other markers, that are not allowed on regular paper printing. Cheque printing requires the use of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) technology). Check printers will now be able to print the characters that aid in document identification on the bottom of cheques as well as other legal records using approved magnetized ink and technology. Using MICR-compliant items would enhance data encryption and lessen the possibility of check fraud since MICR technology utilizes this specialist MICR ink and toner. In this regard, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which is a nonprofit organization, has prescribed the criteria for the size of cheques. The cheques must be of the following dimensions of width in the range of six to 8.75 inches and height of 2.75 to 3.66 inches.


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