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Clocks tell us time. Keeping track of time is indispensable if we are to succeed in life. Check out all the available designs of clocks at Tradeindia to purchase in bulk quantity. Interested buyers may look at all the available designs and send us their requirements. Our registered manufacturers, suppliers and exporters will provide the best deals to prospective buyers who can also check clocks under different categories including Antique Clock, Table Clock, Office Clock and Decorative Clock.

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    The clock, in general, refers to a microprocessor that controls the time and speed of all computer processes. When power is delivered to the chip, a crystal vibrates at a certain frequency. Any computer may perform one clock, or one vibration of the clock chip, in the smallest amount of time. A computer processor's speed is measured in clock speed; for example, 1 MHz is one million cycles, or vibrations, per second. Two gigahertz (GHz) is equal to two billion cycles (or pulses) per second.

    Types of Clocks

    Digital Clocks - The two most frequent display forms are 24-hour notation (from 00-23) and 12-hour notation, in which the clock must additionally display an AM/PM indication. With each passing year, digital clocks gain momentum over analog watches, rapidly becoming obsolete. This clock's display surface does not have to be inside small LCD, LED, or VFD displays; it may also be projected on very large public surfaces or indoors for those with poor vision.

    Electronic Word clocks - Word clocks do not use numeric displays but write the natural language on the screen to inform us of the time. Sentences can be recorded using either software or hardware.

    Multi-Display Clocks - This type of clock can be analog or digital, and its key feature is the ability to display different time zones, have several faces, or use multiple time standards.

    Auditory Clocks - Clocks that tell time by using a recording of a human voice or a computer-produced voice. Alternatively, auditory codes might use instead of voice time. This clock is widely used to proclaim time in large areas (church bells ringing a certain number of times at the start of each hour), telephony, or by blind people.

    Analog Clocks - Analog clocks commonly use the well-known clock face - moving hands of an hour and minute handles over an array of fixed numbered dials set in a circle representing 12 hours of one day. The shorter hour hand may complete exactly two revolutions in one day, whereas the longer minute hand completes one process per hour. The lengthy but extremely thin "seconds" hand sometimes (but not usually) makes one revolution every minute.

    Tactile Clocks - Clocks that provide physical representations of the numbers on their surfaces, either as normal numbers or in blind text code, can also be used by those with poor eyesight or blindness.

    If you are desirous of buying different types of Clocks in bulk quantity for your business needs, Tradeinda is the right marketplace. Here, you can connect with various reputed sellers to buy the products as per your choice. Just send us all your requirements and get the best deals here. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the best prices and heavy discounts on bulk purchase.

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    HA-042-ROUND-MUGINR 128.00
    Round Shape Analog Design Wall Clock (Ajanta)INR 20000.00
    Water Resistant Smart Fitness BandINR 500.00
    HA-038-4 PC BATHROOM INR 106.00
    HA-079-FRUIT FORK INR 85.00
    HA-083-6PC-SPICE-SETINR 148.00
    HA-005-8OZ-HIP-FLASK-GIFTINR 371.00
    black mug INR 170.00

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    Top Clocks Manufacturing Companies in TradeIndia

    Company NameLocationMember Since
    Micon Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.Ahmedabad, India15 Years
    Dropco Multilub Systems Private LimitedFaridabad, India15 Years
    Flamco Combustions (P) Ltd.New Delhi, India13 Years
    Texcare InstrumentsGreater Noida, India13 Years
    Eie Instruments Pvt. Ltd.Ahmedabad, India12 Years
    Procon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Ahmedabad, India12 Years
    GiftmartMumbai, India12 Years
    Vardhman Chemi-Sol IndustriesDelhi, India12 Years
    Skyline Home AppliancesNew Delhi, India11 Years
    Neurotech Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd.Ahmedabad, India11 Years
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