Chemical Earthing Electrodes

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Chemical Earthing Electrodes

Chemical earthing electrodes are used in grounding systems to connect an electric circuit with the ground. These provide an equipotential reference voltage for the electric supply system and enable the dissipation of faulty currents.

The distinguishing feature of chemical earthing electrodes is a thin film of a selected substance such as soft coke, dissolved polymer etc. that is coated on the surface of electrodes to give it similar electrochemical, electrical, optical and allied properties that the film has.

The chemical earthing electrodes protect electrical appliances such as television, fridge, washing machines and many more from malfunctioning due to common voltage fluctuations. Simply put, the chemical earthing electrodes are ideal for over voltage protection, voltage stabilization and providing safety to electrical equipments.

What are Grounding Systems

Grounding systems define the electrical potential of the conductors vis-a-vis the earth's conductive surface. These are necessary to enable the flow of electrical surges, faults, electromagnetic interferences to the ground, thus ensuring the end safety of people and also the optimum functionality of equipments. To put it in layman's term, currents commonly leak into the non insulated parts of any electrical device or appliance; a grounding system prevents these currents from flowing through it. This saves people from getting hazardous shocks and even being electrocuted while handling the device.

Different materials are used as earthing electrodes. Almost all of these have attributes that aptly suffice the objective of earthing systems. Some of these are driven rods, grounded plates, concrete encased electrodes, water pipes, electrolytic electrodes, copper electrodes and chemical electrodes. Of all the above, chemical earthing electrodes are one of the most favored for use in grounding systems.

Installation of Chemical Earthing Electrodes

The functionality of chemical earthing electrodes fundamentally depends on two major factors, these are the installation method and the type of soil.

As for installation, generally three major types of methods are used. The installation method to be undertaken is determined by the building specifics.

    Buried ring method- This method is ideal for use in earthing systems for new buildings

    Earthing rods- In this method, rods are vertically driven into the ground, commonly used in existing buildings for improving the present earthing systems

    Vertical plates- Although generally used in newer buildings, this method is also fit for improving the grounding system in existing buildings

Soil characteristics that affect the functionality of chemical earthing electrodes are;

    Level of humidity in the soil




    Chemical reactivity of the soil

Applications of Chemical Earthing Electrodes:

    The electrodes are ideal for protecting AC power systems, electronics and communication systems

    The usage of chemical earthing electrodes safeguard control equipment and other important instruments

    These are also used in grounding systems for electrical substations

    To prevent structural damage to buildings from lightning strikes

Salient Features of Chemical Earthing Electrodes

    These have high tolerance to corrosion and are moisture and water resistant

    The electrodes have high tensile strength

    These reduce the inherent resistivity of soil

    Chemical earthing electrodes require no maintenance and are long lasting

    These have high energy handling capacity and also have thermal stability

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