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Wet Cylinder Liner

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Wet Cylinder Liner

The distinguishing feature of wet cylinder liners is that their outer sides are in direct contact with the engine's coolant. These liners usually have integrated cooling passages, thus these are sometimes also referred to as water-jacket liners. Wet cylinder liners have several advantages such as the cylinder block is relieved of the stresses due to the longitudinal expansion of the liner, they allow for easier block casting since the large internal cores of the cylinder block can be properly supported etc.

Although wet cylinders liners are used across the world, they are the most preferred amongst European manufacturers, most notable being Renault and Peugeot. As for their construction, cast iron is the most common metal used to manufacture these liners, mainly because of it's lubricating properties that is a result of the graphite present in it's micro-structure. One noteworthy thing here is that cast iron isn't used in pure form but is alloyed with small quantities of elements such as chromium, copper or nickel.

Features of Wet Cylinder Liners

These are resistant to corrosion

The liners have sufficient strength to resist gas pressure

They are manufactured with the utmost emphasis given to ensuring that no distortion of their inner surface due to restraining fixings happen

Wet cylinder liners maintain their strength and optimal functionality even at high temperatures

These work flawlessly in all weather conditions, i.e a weathering resistance

Functions of Wet Cylinder Liners

To Form a Sliding Surface a The liner acts as an inner wall of the cylinder to form a sliding surface for the piston rings.

To Transfer Heat a Heat from the combustion chamber is transferred to the coolant through cylinder liner.

Compression Function a Along with the piston rings, wet cylinder liners provide for a closed area to ensure the combustion gas doesn't escape outside.

Another important function of these liners is to provide for a bearing surface to the piston and piston rings.

Inspection of Wet Cylinder Liners

Wet cylinder liners should be periodically checked on various parameters to ensure their fitness for operation. Things which need to be periodically checked are :

Does the liner have a different specification from the engine block bore.

Whether the machine grooves in the cylinder liner are cracked.

Wet cylinder liners should be checked for erosion on their outside surface.

Do check whether the liner itself has a crack.

Also check for any present cavities that may cause erosion in the future.