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EOT Cranes

E.O.T or Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced motors are most commonly used of all overhead cranes. Also known as Gantry Cranes, these are largely used for indoor applications. These cranes occupy less space on floor and are high in demand in paper mills, locomotive repair shops and factory warehouses for various material handling applications.

The cranes can be electrically operated from an operator cabin and also by a remote radio device from the ground. These are painted in yellow color and have high load carrying capacity of 2 to 200 tons which can also be enhanced depending on industry requirements.   


EOT Cranes can be divided as :

Under Slung Cranes

Moving Type Cantilever Crane

Rail Mounted Jib Cranes

Different parts of an EOT crane are:

Bridge girders

Hoisting trolley

End carriages

Long travel machinery

Driver's cabin

Application Areas:

Widely used in manufacturing and maintenance applications, these are sought after in Construction Industry, Hydraulic Power Plant, Steel Plant, Nuclear Power Plant and other segments given below :

In paper mills for lifting of press rolls and other massive equipments during maintenance

Metal refining facilities

Automobile manufacturing units

Warehousing and distribution segments

Food & Beverage making plants

Salient Features of E.O.T Cranes:

These can operate on limited floor surface

The cranes can also be customized with specialized tooling, below the hook attachments etc. to suffice different needs, such as handling a wide range of products and loads

These enable faster and direct lifting of loads because they lift the product up and over obstacles, rather than navigating back and forth

Can be operated through radio remote controls, allowing for a better view and also keeping the operator away from any kind of danger

Allows for a more efficient use of space by enabling a higher vertical storage, this is made possible because of greater lifting heights achieved by these cranes

Why EOT Cranes ?

These cranes are preferred than other overhead cranes owing to attributes such as:

Rugged structure and reliable operation

User-friendly interface, easy installation and negligible maintenance

Flame resistant and weather proof design

Resistance to corrosion & rust

Equipped with radio as well as infrared remote control system for easy control

Unmatched efficiency and impeccable performance

High load carrying capacity, long functional life and low power consumption

Although compared to other lifting devices like forklifts, these cranes require considerably little maintenance, still some components of the cranes should be checked daily and some should be inspected periodically. If any component is found to be deteriorated, it should immediately be serviced or replaced before the crane is used again. Also, a preventive maintenance program based on the manufacturers recommendations should be put into practice for increasing the longevity of these cranes.

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