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Double Wound Transformer: Most widely Used Transformers

The double wound transformer is a device used to transfer energy from one circuit to another through magnetic coupling. Along with their ability to convert between different levels of voltage and current, double wound transformers are also ideal to provide insulation. Furthermore, these allow the connection of one circuit to another without any use of direct wire connection. The main components of a double wound transformer are primary winding, secondary winding and a laminated iron core.

Apart from being commonly used on power lines, double wound transformers are also used by engineers, scientists, technicians working in the laboratories on sensitive equipments. In these environments, an isolated current supply with a variable output voltage is commonly needed. A double wound transformer suffices this need aptly.

Features :

An ideal double wound transformer should have the following features:

An infinite winding reactance

Zero winding resistance, core loss and induction capacitance

The voltage ratio between any two windings should be equal to the winding turn ratio

The currents in any two windings should be inversely proportional to turn ratio of the windings

Advantages :

These can be used for bringing down higher voltages to much lower levels that are required for comparatively smaller loads

Optimal insulation to stop the full primary voltage being applied to the secondary terminals

Double wound transformers can also be used to isolate equipments from earth

These transformers enable a much better primary current control compared to other transformers

Why Choose Double Wound Transformers?

Double wound transformers are the most widely used of all transformers. Their suitability to be used both for heavy duty power lines as well as for smaller loads makes these ideal for almost all application areas. Moreover, these have other additional features such as a high efficiency rate and being made of components that have optimal magnetic permeability and ensure minimal eddy current losses. Also, double wound transformers operate flawlessly in all weather conditions, require minimal maintenance and have a long functional life.

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