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Salted Peanuts In Patna

(200 products)

Find the best Salted Peanuts in Patna, offering 200 options at the latest price. Discover a wide range of salted peanuts from top manufacturers, dealers, and distributors across Patna. Explore available options in nearby cities like Birbhum, Bhojpur, Varanasi, and more. Prices in Patna range from 150 to 500 INR for various types, including Heeng Jeera Salted Peanuts, Delicious Protein Salted Dried Peanuts Snacks , and more. Take advantage of exclusive deals on Tradeindia when ordering in bulk. Contact the sellers today to get the best offers.
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Delicious Healthy With Protein Salted Peanuts Snacks Packaging: Box

Price: 200 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 100 Kilograms/Kilograms

Product Type - Bean Snacks

Taste - Spicy

Shelf Life - 1 Months

Business Type: Trading Company



Healthy And Tasty Parle Namkeen Salted Peanuts Packaging: Bag

Price: 20 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 500 Pack/Packs

Product Type - Others, PEANUTS NAMKEEN

Material Type - Salted peanuts

Processing Type - Fried

Business Type: Distributor



Crunchy 100 Grams Hygienically Packed Salted Masala Roasted Peanut Snacks

Price: 40 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 1250 Pack/Packs

Product Type - Nut & Kernel Snacks

Material Type - Peanut

Processing Type - Fried

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

Healthy Planet


Bikaneri Bite Salted Peanut Namkeen, Pack Of 40Garm For Instant Snack Carbohydrate: 14.3 Percentage ( % )

Price: 10 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 1 Kilograms/Kilograms

Carbohydrate - 14.3 Percentage ( % )

Protein (%) - 95%

Grade - Food

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company

Amit Traders


Salted Spicy Matter

Business Type: Manufacturer



1 Kilogram Food Grade Tasty And Crunchy Salted Mix Peanut Namkeen Carbohydrate: 2.3 Percentage ( % )

Price: 150 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 1000 Kilograms/Kilograms

Fat - 5.3 Percentage ( % )

Protein (%) - 2 %

Carbohydrate - 2.3 Percentage ( % )

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

Jay Durga Namkeen


Hygienic Prepared Healthy And Nutritious Rich Taste Dried Salt Peanut Namkeen

Price: 50 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 10 Pack/Packs

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company

Jaiswal Agencies


Tasty And Crispy Roasted Salted Peanut Namkeen Carbohydrate: 15 Grams (G)

Price: 90 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 600 Kilograms/Kilograms

Carbohydrate - 15 Grams (g)

Grade - A

Fat - 73 Percentage ( % )

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Delicious Taste Haldiram Masala Salted Peanut Namkeen With Net Weight 100G Processing Type: Food

Price: 10 INR (Approx.)/Piece

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

Product Type - Namkeen

Product Name - Peanut

Main Product Material - Nut

Business Type: Trading Company

Sahu Enterprises


Bittu's Salted Badam

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Ready To Eat Crispy And Dried Bhai Bhai Salted Roasted Peanuts Packaging: Bag

Price: 10 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 5000 Pack/Packs

Product Type - Roasted Peanuts , Others

Material Type - Peanuts

Taste - Salty

Business Type: Manufacturer

Bhai Bhai Products


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Salted Badam Peanut

5 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer



Indian Inquiries Only

Salted And Spicy Namkeen Peanut With Peanut, Besan, Salt For Daily Snack Packaging Size 1Kg Carbohydrate: 4.6 Grams (G)

Price: 195 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 200 Kilograms/Kilograms

Grade - Snack

Fat - 27 Percentage ( % )

Carbohydrate - 4.6 Grams (g)

Business Type: Distributor

Maa Kali Traders


Mahesh Brand Salted Peanuts

Grade - Food

Product Type - Namkeen

Product Name - Mahesh Brand Salted Peanuts

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company

Mahesh Namkeen Private Limited


Roasted And Salted Peanut

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company

Multi Agric Trading


High Protein Salty And Tangy Tasty Peanuts Shelf Life: 3 Months

Price: 180 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 200 Kilograms/Kilograms

Product Type - Others, peanut

Taste - Salty

Shelf Life - 3 Months

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Excellent Source Of Biotin Health Benefiting Nutrients Salted A Grade Dried Peanuts

Price: 180 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 50 Kilograms/Kilograms

Product Type - Dried Peanuts

Cultivation Type - Common

Variety - Raw

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier

M/s Prabir Chowdhury & Co.


Solid Coated In Besan Flour Mixture Delicious Namkeen Nuts

Price: 96 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 100 Kilograms/Kilograms

Fat - 5 Percentage ( % )

Product Type - Namkeen

Product Name - namkeen nuts

Business Type: Distributor

Family Namkeen


Made With 100% Real Milk, Fruit Ice Cream Age Group: Adults

Price: 500 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 10 Kilograms/Kilograms

Product Type - Milk

Milk Type - Flavored Milk

Milk Powder Type - Dried Skimmed Milk

Business Type: Manufacturer

SKG Ice Cream


Pack Of 1 Piece High In Protein Fat 8.1 Protein 3.6 Haldiram Masala Peanuts Packaging Size: 20 Gram

Price: 54 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 500 Pack/Packs

Grade - Food Grade

Fat - 10 Grams (g)

Product Type - Haldiram Salted Peanuts

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier

Nitin Gupta Shop


Salted Peanut Snacks

18 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Devarpan Salted Pea Nuts For Snacks Purpose, Packaging Type Packets Processing Type: Fried

Price: 5 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 3000 Pack/Packs

Product Type - Bean Snacks

Material Type - pea nuts

Processing Type - Fried

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

Devarpan Foods Pvt. Ltd.


Good Quality Salted Peanuts Namkeen

Price: 5 INR (Approx.)/Pack

MOQ - 100 Pack/Packs

Grade - First Class

Taste - Spicy

Feature - Good Quality

Business Type: Manufacturer



High In Demand Salted Peanut Namkeen

MOQ - 20 Pack/Packs

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

Priyanka and Brothers


Healthy And Nutritious Chemicals Free Ready To Eat Salted Peanuts Packaging Size: 00

Price: 180 INR (Approx.)/Kilograms

MOQ - 3000 Kilograms/Kilograms

Material Type - Peanuts, Salt

Taste - Salty

Contents - Peanuts, Salt

Business Type: Manufacturer | Trading Company



Grey Salted Peanuts Namkeen 20G Pack With 5 Months Of Shelf Life

Product Type - Namkeen

Product Name - Peanut Namkeen

Main Product Material - Peanut

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

Sunder Biscuit Industries


FAQs Related to Salted Peanuts In Patna

How many salted peanuts products are available in Patna?-
The range of offered salted peanuts products in Patna is impressive, with a total of 200 products currently available.
Where can I find Salted Peanuts in Patna?+
You can find salted peanuts in various areas of Patna such as Plot No. B-5 & A-2, EPIP Industrial Area, Dist.-Vaishali, Hajipur, , Ara, Near Pakri, , , Ramdiri-IV, Keshawe, Salkhu Teghra, Raichiahi, Near Alka Cinema Hall, Begusarai, etc. You can also use Tradeindia to search for salted peanuts suppliers in Patna.
Where can I find salted peanuts nearby Patna?+
You can find salted peanuts around Patna such as Bhojpur, Varanasi, Birbhum, Siliguri, Jiaganj-Azimganj, Karimpur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Kanpur. You can also use Tradeindia to search for salted peanuts suppliers in Patna.
What are some related categories to salted peanuts in Patna?+
Some related categories to salted peanuts in Patna include Flavored Peanuts In Patna.
Can I trust the Patna Based Salted Peanuts suppliers listed on Tradeindia?+
You can use the Trust Stamp feature on Tradeindia to find Patna Based Salted Peanuts suppliers who have been verified as trustworthy. You can also look at the supplier's ratings and feedback from previous customers to help you make an informed decision.
How many Patna based Salted Peanuts manufacturers are there?+
There are many salted peanuts manufacturers in Patna. You can use Tradeindia to search for salted peanuts manufacturers in Patna and filter your search based on your requirements.
What is the price range of salted peanuts in Patna?+
What is the delivery time for salted peanuts in Patna?+
The delivery time for salted peanuts in Patna can vary depending on the manufacturer and the product. As per the information provided by listed sellers, the delivery time can take up to 1 week for some suppliers.

Salted Peanuts Manufacturers | Suppliers in India Patna

Company Name Location Member Since
Homtek India Snacks Manufacturing Co.Guwahati, India18 Years
Bittu Food ProductMurshidabad, India5 Years

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