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Royal Sofa Set

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Red And Golden Maharaja Royal Sofa Sets

Price: 5000.00 - 25000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces



Eco-Friendly Wooden Royal Designer Sofa Set

Price: 28000-350000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 01 Set/Sets



Brown 7 Seater Sofa With Center Table

Price: 25000-90000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Piece/Pieces


The Royal Furnishing Co.

Royal Maharaja Button Back Sofa Set

Price: 20000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units



Royal Fancy Sofa Set Home Furniture

Price: 65000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Set/Sets


SK. Furniture

Royal Red Sofa Set Home Furniture

Price: 21000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces



Indian Style Royal Brown Pure Leather Sofa Set

Price: 15000-100000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Set/Sets



Any Color Living Room Fabric Sofa Bed Royal Sofa Set

Price: 60000-120000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 01 Set/Sets



Royal Sofa Chair By Dezine Galleria

Price: 7000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 15 Piece/Pieces



Royal Brown Family Comfort Sofa Set By Hanuman Enterprise

Price: 32,000 after discount 30% 22,400 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 25 Set/Sets



Royal Designer Sofa Set By Raj Brothers

Price: 73000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Set/Sets

New Delhi

Royal Sofa Set - Makes your living room royal

A royal-looking sofa set may transform not just the living room but the entire home. A nicely carved sofa set may serve as the home's anchoring centerpiece. Whether the family is lounging together or entertaining visitors, everyone can relax and feel at home on the couch set.

A sofa and loveseat form an essential aspect of any home's decor. An expensive sofa set in the middle of the living room is essential to the space's overall aesthetic. Couches were traditionally developed without many notions and were instead sewn and made at local furniture marketplaces. 

When it comes to sofas, those with a more western aesthetic tend to like those with an Italian or British flavor. People in India, however, have a penchant for the regal and expect nothing less than the finest in their living quarters.

Most individuals go for a cloth that has a velvet-like texture because it makes the wearer feel luxurious and wealthy. It's up to individual taste and the overall atmosphere of the room to decide on paint colors.

Royal Sofa Set Types

1. Luxury Sofa 

Here manufacturers present a high-end, luxury couch set crafted from solid teak wood with ultra-soft cushion, refined fabric, stunning symmetrical carving, and an Italian PU finish. Luxury European design sofa set, Maharaja Sofa set, Royal French sofa set, and carved luxury Italian couch set are just a few of the options available in this high-end sofa collection. Modifiable in terms of hue and fabric.

2. Antique Sofa

Check out the variety of genuine teak wood sofas, chairs, and more, many of which include intricate carvings. The antique couch set is fit for the grandiose living room thanks to its stunning natural color tones, flawless carving, ultra-comfortable cushion work, and eye-catching fabric. You may choose from a wide variety of antique couch sets, including those in the Italian, French, Maharaja, European, and Medieval styles as well as from sets carved in the manner of ancient Indian kings. Obtain no-cost delivery to your house.

3. Wooden Sofa 

Designers are pleased to present a chic selection of contemporary Teak hardwood couch sets for opulent dwellings. The designers deserve praise for creating a couch that can compete with the best in the world. Teak wood is used in its whole for these couch sets. You may improve the look of your contemporary living room with a purchase of an online European-style wooden couch set, a Scandinavian-design sofa set, and furnishings, or a luxury contemporary wooden sofa.

4. Coroner Sofa

Add a stunning new element to your spacious living room with the high-end corner couch set. Your house will feel more at ease with the addition of a corner sofa that features a harmonious clear carving, smooth curved back, and an eco-friendly hue.

Elegantly carved from teak wood, these corner couch sets are outfitted with plush cushions for maximum relaxation. You may stretch out in luxury on any of the corner sofa sets.
There is a completely royal sofa set and Modern Style Sofa Sets to choose from in the Corner Sofa Sets selection; to have them tailored to your home's dimensions, get in touch with the experts. To the extent necessary

5. Majlis 

The makers' real teak wood majlis couch set with ultra-comfortable cushions, sleek and rich textiles, and regal Arabic design will be a stunning addition to your guest room. The Majlis couch set is a stylish addition to any contemporary home, and its design is inspired by the warm hospitality of traditional Arab society. The Arabic Majlis sofa set is fit for a king thanks to its intricate and beautiful carving, Eco-friendly paint, and exquisite upholstery.

Royal Sofa Set Design

1. Chesterfield Style 

Chesterfield style sofa set for three painted subtly in gold. The gold finish on this royal sofa is not ostentatious at all; rather, it is tasteful and adds to the piece's overall allure. Unlike the standard royal crown sofa set (the Maharaja Sofa), which features a crown in the center, this sofa set does not feature a crown, but it is still very comfortable.

2. Matte Finish 

Beautiful upholstery and solid Teak wood frame define this custom sofa set. The luxurious 9-seat Royal Sofa Set features a three-seat sofa, two-seat sofa, two single sofa chairs, a center table, and two side tables. This cutting-edge furniture for the living room is a perfect example of today's design trends.

3. Gold Sofa Set Design 

The three-seater couch, two maharaja chairs, and open back settee make up the premium royal gold sofa set. Saharanpur carvers fashioned the entire structure. Design, fabric, and antique gold finish provide a touch of royalty, while the tufted back and ample seating area ensure your comfort.

4. Classic 9-seater 

The Classic 9 Seater Sofa set is here, skillfully carved by hand by Indian artisans on behalf of the manufacturers. 

5. Rose Gold Sofa Cum Bed 

The item is truly a mix of modern and traditional style a the styling getting fully hand-carved but with a dual-tone completion with dark leather trim giving it a classy and royal feel. The 9-seater classic couch has a broader 3-seater, 2 Maharaja chairs, 2-seater, etc.

6. Wooden Gold Sofa 

Glamorous and useful, the Double Carved Wooden Sofa Cum Bed proves to be quite beautiful. It is built in high-quality timber with antique rose gold paint. One 3-seater couch bed, two armless chairs, and a huge center table may all be yours for the choosing with this set.

7. Wooden sofa cum Bed

There are three two-seat couches and one single-seat sofa with an open back in this set. According to the request of the client, manufacturers used luxurious foam and fabric. The tufted quilting on the back and the symmetrical carving give the whole set an air of understated nobility.

The set's new gold base with brown accents and glossy finish are the seta s key selling points.

8. Unique Lustre 

You can't have a well-furnished living room without a regal couch set. You can discover some of the finest couches ever made by industrial Woods on the internet, and they are an absolute need in every living room. A modern sofa set not only offers comfort but also velvety luxury, making your visitors feel like royalty every time they visit.

9. Wooden Craving Sofa 

Producing the finest Antique Wooden Furniture - sofa assortment from the world's most extensive designer sofa inventory. Featuring double-carved teak wood, the designer sofas are handcrafted by skilled artisans to ensure the highest quality.

10. Champagne Gold 

When it comes to comfort and elegance, the Champagne Gold Royal Sofa set is hard to beat. Teak wood, the finest available, was used to craft this. This sectional has a sofa, loveseat, and chair that each accommodates three people, as well as a center table and two end tables. The couch set includes a tufted quilted backrest.

The unit's champagne-gold paint job and suede upholstery accentuate its classic vibe. The sofa's base isn't just a flat surface; instead, it features an intricately carved twisting design that serves as a leg rest.

Things to Consider Before Buying Royal Sofa Set

1. Budget 

The Roya living room sofa set. However, if you believe that a large sum of money is required to purchase the proper Royal sofa, you are mistaken. High-quality furniture is readily available for purchase in stores. Little investigation is required. You can easily find low-priced tables that still meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

2. Fit and comfort

Fit the Royal Sofa before purchasing online. If the couch doesn't fit you, it's useless. Your family needs comfy seats. When buying a Royal sofa, make sure it's comfortable in all positions.

3. To the Armrest Test!

When shopping for a Royal sofa set, pay close attention to the sofas' arm styles. It's a good idea to put the strength of the sofa's arms to the test, but a king's sofa with a rational hardwood frame that is assembled with dowels and corner brackets must be a high-quality piece of furniture. Make sure they are secure and tight at all times.

4. Joinery

It's important to think about the joinery whether you go with a leather or wooden Royal sofa set. Look for frames that have been put together with corner blocks, dowels, double dowels, or metal brackets made of wood. Avoid purchasing a couch that appears to have been put together with nothing more than nails, staples, or glue (even if these were used to provide additional reinforcement).

5. Size, shape

Consider your room's size and shape before buying a Royal sofa set. Measure the room's shape and size for your new sofa.

6. Sofa choice depends on wall decor.

Each element must match for a room to look perfect. Minimalism and modern dACcor are popular now. If you've modernized your living room, choose a sofa that matches the walls and color. Modern sofas can be beige, white, or grey.

FAQs Related to Royal Sofa Set

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of royal sofa is best?

The brands are:

  • Royaloak
  • Royal Interiors
  • Adorn India
  • Solimo- The Amazon Brand
  • Maharaja 

What is the price of a royal sofa set?

The current price of the Royal Sofa set is Rs 35,000/piece.

Which type of royal sofa is best for the living room in India?

The luxury sofa set is used by most of the royal families in India.

Which material is wooden royal sofa set?

Sheesham and teak wood are two best materials for making wooden royal sofa set. While sheesham wood offers durability, easy case and affordability, teak wood offers antique and superior quality and enhance your living area with its high-grade texture. 

Can you customize royal sofa set?

Yes, you can easily customize royal sofa set in colour, upholstery, carving, sofa design, cushion work, and other as per the requirement. All you have to do is provide details of specifications.   

How many types of royal sofa set designs are in India?

From modern to medieval architecture, explore unique designs for royal sofa set. For ex, Maharaja sofa set, Indian Diwan sofa, European style sofa set, Royal French sofa, Victorian-style chaise lounge sofa, etc.