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Discover 91 products from Paddy Harvester manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Paddy Harvester product price in more
Discover 91 products from Paddy Harvester manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Paddy Harvester product price in India ranges from 650.0 to 75,00,000 INR and minimum order requirements from 1 to 100. Whether you're looking for 6840 Kilogram 110 Litre Fuel Tank 30 Horse Power Electric Start Paddy Harvester , Paddy Harvestor Machinery, Integrated Paddy Fish Culture Services etc, you can explore and find the best products from Tradeindia. We offer a wide range of Paddy Harvester selections in various locations including Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and many more.


1 Years

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Red Paddy Harvester Brush Cutter

Price: 12000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

Bharat Steel Discs

17 Years

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Paddy Wheel Set

Price: 75000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Set/Sets


4 Years

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Semi-Automatic Paddy Clean Machinery

Price: 500000.00 - 500000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Number


9 Years

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Black Paddy Weeder Machine

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units


1 Years

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Sillver And Black Paddy Guard For Brush Cutter

Price: 650.00 INR (Approx.)

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3 Years

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Black Power Weeder Paddy Wheel For Agriculture

Price: 4999 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

M/S Universal Agro Products

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Paddy Harvester

Price: 1800000.00 - 2300000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 , Piece/Pieces

Jeet Agro Industries

Business Type: Manufacturer


Green Combined Paddy Harvester

Price: 2525000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

Hi-Tekh Agro Equipments

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Venus Corporation

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Orange & White Plus Track Combine Paddy Harvester

Price: 1600000.00 - 2200000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 , Unit/Units


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Fuerdai 6 Rows Self Propelled Paddy Transplanter

Price: nan INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Number


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Shijiazhuang Ouya Huitong Co., Ltd

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Agricultural 2 Stroke 52Cc Mini Machine Engine Type: Single Cylinder

Price: 90 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 50pcs Carton/Cartons


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Red A A A A' Combine Harvester Gs 575 - 155 Hp

Price: 7500000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

Gomselmash India Private Limited

Business Type: Distributor | Exporter


Subash Iron & Agricultural Industries

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


CLAAS Agricultural Machinery Private Limited

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Prince Agro Sales

Business Type: Trading Company


Jashoda Agro Works

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Paddy Harvester: Overview, Process & Importance

Paddy cutting, threshing, and seed washing are all functions that are integrated into this medium-sized paddy/wheat harvester, which is mostly used for harvesting wheat grain and rice grain. The combine rice harvester is well suited for use in paddy fields that are either dry or wet, regardless of their location (plain, mountainous, or hilly). This rice combine harvester achieves a leading place in the worldwide sector of rice harvesting equipment thanks to its remarkable flexibility, high security, top performance, and high efficiency. It is also capable of satisfying the diverse needs of a wide variety of users. Its features include:

  • 1. A header that is controlled by hydraulic power and double-sided cutting blades.

  • 2. A threshing and cleaning apparatus with an improved design that makes use of a double vibrating collection screen guarantees that the seeds will be clean.

  • 3. Well-known motor manufacturer that produces engines with robust power and consistent performance.

  • 4. The flexible gearbox provides a simple swerving.

  • 5. The crawler has a large footprint and excellent mobility on muddy rice farms.

Paddy Harvester Process

Because the power of a combine harvester is typically between 9 and 10 kW, the model of the machine has to be matched the size of the field. The huge combine type is a decent option to go with if the field is somewhat level and expansive; on the other hand, a smaller one is preferable. The whole-feeding combine harvester puts both straw and rice ears into a threshing machine, and once the straw is crushed, it is released onto the field. In the traditional method of harvesting, the crop is first chopped by hand by labourers, and then it is threshed by a thresher. It is time-consuming, and it does not provide the desired results since they can only work 5–6 hours every day. Even for small-scale farmers with fewer than five acres of land, cutting and harvesting the crops may take anywhere from two to three days. After crops have been planted, if sufficient care is not performed, then other plants that are not essential will grow together with the crops. Consequently, separating this undesired plant from the crop requires a lot of effort. Our project's primary audience will be small-scale farmers with plots of land that are smaller than 5 acres in size.

Rice is first threshed by hand and then sent through a mechanical thresher for further processing. The harvest is slashed and then laid in a row by a reaper. After that, threshing and cleaning may be done by hand or by machine, depending on your preference. The cutting, handling, threshing, and cleaning processes are all rolled into one with the combine harvester, which streamlines the whole paddy harvesting and rice extraction process. Offers a recovery rate of 50%. About sixty to seventy quintals of grain are produced per hectare by crops of medium-to-late duration that are well maintained. Short-duration varieties produce roughly 45-55 quintals

Paddy Harvester Diagram

Also, throughout each season, there is an increase in the availability of fodder equal to around 40–60 quintals per hectare. This method integrates the harvesting, threshing, and winnowing processes into a single operation. A mechanical reaper, also known as a harvesting machine, is a device that is either fully or partially automated that is used to harvest crops. Mechanized agriculture relies heavily on reapers, which are an essential component of agricultural production and an essential component of mechanised agriculture. The term "threshing" refers to the method used to separate the kernels of cereal grain (or other crops) from the surrounding scaly, inedible chaff. It is the process preparation of grain that comes after harvesting but before winnowing, and its purpose is to separate the grain from the chaff that has been loosened:

  • 1. Machine components that make up a medium-sized paddy harvester include a middle transportation device, a cutting platform (header), a threshing and electric control systems, a cleaning device, a hydraulic, a chassis, and a motor.

  • 2. The Cutting platform, sometimes referred to as the header, is an essential part of the Combine harvester. In order to execute crop guiding, crops must be chopped, delivered to the side continually, and then guided to the Middle using a flexible allocation of transmission that bends crops continuously.

  • 3. Combine harvesters have a piece of equipment called the Middle transportation device that serves as a hand-over connection between the Threshing and cleaning device and the Cutting platform (header). In order to maintain a constant flow of labour, it is designed to transport the harvested crops from the cutting platform to the cleaning and threshing equipment.

  • 4. The purpose of the cleaning and threshing equipment is to separate the grain from the stalk and to clean out any impurities.

  • 5. The Chassis of a combine harvester is an assemblage of the several components that make up the primary moving section of the machine. It integrates the many parts, including as gathering, cleaning, threshing, transport, header, etc., into a cohesive whole and converts the power from the engine into power that can be used for driving and operating.

  • 6.  Starting, lighting, and raising the cutting platform on the harvester are all controlled by the harvester's electric and hydraulic control systems.

  • 7. The engine is the core component of a combine harvester and is responsible for delivering the power necessary for driving and harvesting.

Paddy Harvester Importance

Historically, humans have used physical labour to gather harvests. The sickle is the tool of choice for harvesting main grain crops, whereas the country plough or spade is used for harvesting tuber crops. However, each of these time-honored procedures is laborious and takes a significant amount of time. The exact timing of the harvest is of the utmost significance. Utilizing a paddy reaper harvester may facilitate harvesting at the optimal stage of crop maturity, hence reducing the amount of manual labour required and the amount of time spent on operations. In light of these factors, farmers are becoming more open to the use of updated harvesting tools, equipment, and combines. This compact rice reaper harvester is used primarily for the purposes of harvesting and cutting paddy, wheat, and weed, making it an extremely useful tool for agricultural usage. The machine's larger-diameter tyres also make it suited for use in locations where traffic is difficult, including the plain, the mountain, the hilly areas, the upland, the sloping field, the patch, etc., making it a versatile harvesting tool for large, medium, and small fields alike.

Making an investment in a combine harvester of high quality is like extending an open invitation to experience increased levels of profit, production, and returns. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to get a high-end combo that is not only reliable but also capable of performing its duties in an effective manner. Fieldking has firmly established itself as one of the leading combine harvester manufacturing firms in India, and this position was achieved on solid footing. The name Fieldking is synonymous with excellence among farmers who are looking for agricultural tools that are dependable, long-lasting, and of the highest possible quality. Fieldking has become the most dependable option for farmers all across the nation as a direct result of our drive to give nothing but the finest while also taking into consideration industry-leading developments in the agricultural sector. By making a variety of combine harvesters and all of their component components easily accessible, we have earned the reputation of being the most influential pioneers of progression and improvement within the agricultural industry.


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    Sadaiv Nipun EnterprisePune, India3 Years
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