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Discover 22 products from Handmade Sweater manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Handmade Sweater product price
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Discover 22 products from Handmade Sweater manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Handmade Sweater product price in India ranges from 200 to 2,000.0 INR and minimum order requirements from 1 to 500. Whether you're looking for Handmade Sweaters For Kids, Half Sleeve Sweater, Handmade Mens Half Slevees Pink Sweater etc, you can explore and find the best products from Tradeindia. We offer a wide range of Handmade Sweater selections in various locations including Kullu, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Tirupur and many more.


All Half Sleeve Sweater

Price: 300.00 - 400.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Piece/Pieces

7 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer



Handmade Mens Half Slevees Pink Sweater

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units

1 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer



All Color Available Baby Boy Handmade Woolen Sweater

MOQ - 500 Piece/Pieces

Business Type: Manufacturer

New Delhi

Esos Fashion Co., Ltd

Burberry Sweater

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Max Textiles

Wool Round Neck And Regular Fit Baby Pink Colour Handmade Full Sleeves Sweater

Price: 1000.00 - 2000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company


Fancy knit

Handmade Baby Sweater

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Subh Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Handmade Sweaters

Business Type: Service Provider


Chhavii Anantraj International

Handmade Sweaters

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

New Delhi

Super Infosys

Karishma Fancy long Sweaters

Business Type: Trading Company



Multicolour Sweater

Business Type: Distributor | Service Provider

New Delhi
no image


Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter

no image

Zillivate Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter

no image

Neeraj Handmade Craft

Business Type: Manufacturer

no image

Soni knitters

Business Type: Manufacturer

no image

Woolen Shop

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter

no image

Arina Handicrafts

Business Type: Manufacturer

no image

Sapna Knit Wears

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

no image

Sun Sweaters

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

New Delhi

Handmade Sweater Manufacturers | Suppliers in India

Company NameLocationMember Since
Guru Kirpa KnitwearsLudhiana, India7 Years
Hook2KnotPune, India1 Years

FAQs Related to Handmade Sweater

How is a handmade sweater made?

Yarn is the first step in the process of making a handmade sweater. Yarn is wound onto cones using a winding machine after it has been sourced. Workers in factories receive the yarn and use it in production. The 'cut and sew' method is the most common approach to making sweaters. Because of its high output and flexibility in accommodating flaws while simultaneously cutting down on waste, this method is generally used. The entire width of the needle bed on a flat-bed machine or the entire diameter of a circular machine is utilized for handmade sweaters.

How can I sell my handmade sweaters?


Here are the tips to follow:

  • Find the niche: Pick a certain area of handmade sweaters to specialize in. Knitting in a single style or pattern will allow users to make more finished goods and increase productivity.

  • Locate audience: Heavy wool hats and handmade sweaters in trendy colors and patterns sell well in college towns across the Northeast.

  • Determine a venue: Pick a sales strategy or several. It's easy and inexpensive to reach a wide audience with user-weather creations when selling them online. Join an online marketplace like Tradeindia.

  • Marketing: Use social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to promote handmade sweater goods.

Is it less expensive to produce a handmade sweater?

The price of apparel has dropped significantly in recent years, while the price of fabric has begun to rise. DIY projects allow a user to save money on labor costs while also allowing to create an original product. The cost savings, however, are probably not worth the effort in the end. The term "affordable" has taken on a different connotation than it did even only five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years ago. To my mind, the limits of what is considered affordable have moved, as some artists now earn more than others for their work.

What is the softest material for a handmade sweater?

They can be made from natural materials like wool, cashmere, cotton, or silk, or from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Cashmere sweaters are more expensive than other types of sweaters. A turtleneck sweater is a type of sweater with a high, rolled collar that covers much of the wearer's neck. The basic turtleneck, the mock turtleneck, the cowl neck sweater, and the funnel turtleneck sweater are just a few of the many varieties of turtlenecks available. Sweaters are often made from wool. The wool industry is diverse, of course. Sweaters made of Merino wool are the softest possible.


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