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Gold Tassel

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New Delhi
Gold Tassels

Gold tassels provide a timeless and majestic look to garments and other fabrics when used as an embellishment. Meticulously handmade from embroidered gold bullion wire, metal wires, cotton, rayon, polyester etc., these tassels are soft, lightweight and highly eye-catching with a shiny texture. Available in different designs, finishes and looks, these tassels can be used on apparels to achieve a variety of looks, ranging from elegant and refined to festive and celebratory.

Making and use of gold tassels:

Tassels are ideally made by binding or gathering threads that is kept loose at one end, hanging from a cord. These are eye-catching decorative items which can be used for varied purposes. Available in different shades of gold, decorative golden tassels can have pearls, precious stones and beads attached to them. Such tassels when attached to the hem line of garments enhance their look. Garlands made from gold tassels are the most perfect accessories to add spark to a party. These can also be used in decorating:

Children's room or nursery

Weddings/ Receptions' venue

Bridal showers' venue

Birthday celebrations' venue

Baby showers' venue

Offices, homes, parks and other areas for special occasions and ceremonies

Other uses of Gold Tassels :

These can be used for decorating door frames & walls of bedroom and living rooms.

Plain shoes and boots can be given a make-over with gold tassels

Curtains, bedspreads and pillow cases which have faded can be revived by using golden tassels

Use gold tassels in a thread to seal party invitations & envelopes and get appreciated

Use tassels in gift wraps and tissue boxes to make these look amazing

These can also be hung around door knobs in homes and offices to add a special look

Perfect to be used on graduation caps and robes

Features :

Highly durable

Tear resistant

Color fastness

Pleasing design

Easy to wash and maintain

Fine finishing

Very light in weight

High luster

Long life

Ensuring Longevity :

Simple hand-wash using cold water

Use mild soap

Don't dry in direct heat or high temperature