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TradeIndia brings forth a broad and a classic gamut of latest and safest Diwali Crackers. You can choose among varieties of crackers/squibs
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TradeIndia brings forth a broad and a classic gamut of latest and safest Diwali Crackers. You can choose among varieties of crackers/squibs including Fire Crackers, Electric Crackers, Sound Crackers, Diwali Fireworks etc.

Celebration Diwali Sky Function Fire Crackers

Price: 50.00 - 500.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 20 Box/Boxes


16 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



10 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor

New Delhi


3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Lexus Vegetable Calcium Cracker Texture: Semi-Hard

Price: 39.00 - 99.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Pack/Packs


6 Years

Business Type: Distributor | Exporter


Blue Power

Price: 30000.00 - 65000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


7 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter


Pop Pop Crackers

Price: 280 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Box/Boxes


4 Years

Business Type: Trading Company



3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Diwali One Sounded 5 Inch Bahubali Crackers ( 5Pcs/Pocket )

Price: 54 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Pack/Packs

Joshy Pyrotechnics Private Limited

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Wedding White Anar Cracker For Wedding And Festival Occasion

Price: 200 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Carton/Cartons


Business Type: Distributor | Supplier



Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company


Lokesh Traders

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company


Diwali Good Sound Murga Chaap Cracker

Price: 40 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1200 Box/Boxes

Shree Ganesh Seasons

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


R L Gursale

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier



Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Nayagi Fireworks Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Business Type: Distributor | Supplier



Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Celebration Cracker

Price: 300 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Pack/Packs

Pop Pop Cracker General Medicines

Price: 1000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Kilograms/Kilograms

Noise Maker Colorful Cracker

Price: 950 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 3000 Piece/Pieces



Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Multi-Color All Power

Price: 1500 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Deepam Fireworks Factory

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Gift Box For Diwali Crackers

Price: 350 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 2000 Unit/Units

Mauli Fireworks

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


Mukesh Enterprise

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


Laxmi General Store

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


All About Diwali Crackers


Adults and children alike are fascinated with crackers. There has been no decline in cracking's popularity, despite a growing anti-cracker movement. Spectators on the ground watch in astonishment as the rocket soars into the air and explodes open, releasing a rainbow of sparks. Children hastily light a fire wheel that spins on the floor as loud explosions can be heard in the background.

Crackers of many hues and noises light up the sky on the eve of Diwali, India's most celebrated holiday. Fireworks have become an integral feature of Diwali celebrations, which take their name from the Sanskrit term for "a row of lamps," or Diwali. They take up a sizable portion of most families' funds when planning for Diwali celebrations.

There is a wide range of firecrackers available, from visually stunning to deafeningly loud. To achieve health, money, knowledge, peace, and prosperity, it is customary to pay homage to the heavens by lighting up the night sky and the insides of homes with fireworks.

Different Types of Diwali Crackers

1. Pencil Crackers

For kids, the biggest draw of this cracker is its multicolored dazzle. It retails for anywhere from Rs 100 to Rs 400 and comes in a variety of sizes.

2. Magic Trick 

You can purchase this noiseless cracker for just Rs 30.

3. Zig Zag cracker 

These musical crackers are like Ground Spinners, only better. A similar cracker, this one doesn't make any noise when it pops. It retails for between Rs 250 and Rs 350 on the open market.

4. Snake Eggs 

Most kids can't resist the crackling sound of this. These little black tablets are spherical and little, and they need to be lit on fire. In the event of ignition, they discharge a black, stretchy, coil-like substance that looks like a crawling snake. It can be purchased for anywhere between 10 and 60 Indian Rupees.

5. Matches 

Here we have another silent firework. It's exciting for kids to light the matches since a single flame may produce a rainbow of hues. Prices vary between 20 and 100 rupees.

6. Kitkat Fire Crackers 

They cost anywhere from Rs 60 to Rs 200 and shine like Phuljari but make a muffled sound.

7. Twinkling Star Crackers 

Also, it cracks securely and silently. Given its paper coating, it's quite convenient to work with. It can be purchased for anywhere from 50 rupees and 300 rupees, depending on the desired length.

8. Anar 

The most common type of Diwali fireworks is the Anar, also known as the flower pot. The anar is famous for its colorful sparks that rain down from above. There are several various kinds of Anars on the market, each producing a unique color and size of sparks. Each packet of 10 pieces costs anything from Rs 100 to Rs 800.

9. Chakri 

The children's favorite cracker is the noiseless Chakri. These whirling, circular Diwali crackers emit bright sparks and flames as it spins. It comes in a wide range of sizes and forms. Prices per packet vary from 100 to 500.

10. Phuljahari 

During Diwali, Phuljhari is used by nearly every household to illuminate the gloomy evenings. It's everyone's favorite cracker. It's available in a rainbow of eye-catching hues and forms, including gold, red, silver, green, etc. Ten of these will set you back anywhere from 40 to 100 rupees.

11. Akash or Ganga Rocket 

Celebrations would not be complete without the usage of rockets, which are aimed upwards before being blasted with noise; some rockets also produce sparks, making them ideal for use at night.

Sparkler-adorned rockets, also referred to as Akash Ganga or Akash Tara is more commonly referred to as parachutes or comets, and are meant to explode high into the air after being launched.

12. Gardland 

These fireworks, also called as Ladies, Sounding Fireworks, and Bombs, explode with a deafening bang and burn brightly for several seconds; their price ranges from 50k to 20k per kilo, depending on how many shells are fused together.

How Do Diwali Crackers Work

The first fireworks were probably firecrackers. Firecrackers are nothing more than gunpowder wrapped in paper, with a fuse. Seventy-five percent potassium nitrate (KNO 3 ), fifteen percent charcoal (carbon) or sugar, and ten percent sulfur make up gunpowder. 

When subjected to high enough temperatures, the materials will undergo chemical changes. When you light a firecracker, the heat comes from lighting the fuse.

 Fuel can be found in the form of charcoal or sugar. The oxidizer is potassium nitrate, while the catalyst is sulfur. By combining carbon (from charcoal or sugar) with oxygen (from the air and the potassium nitrate), carbon dioxide and energy are produced. When potassium nitrate reacts with sulfur and carbon, it produces nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and potassium sulfide. 

A firecracker's paper casing is ripped to shreds by the pressure created by the expansion of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The loud noise you heard was the packaging being blown apart.

A sparkler has a much longer burn time and emits dazzling, shower-like light. Components include charcoal as a fuel source, potassium permanganate as an oxidant, iron or steel powder, and a binding agent (sugar or starch). The chemicals can be coated on a wire by mixing them with water to make a slurry. As it dries, a sparkly object is revealed.

Aerial shell fireworks are typically utilized in fireworks displays at special events. The shell is propelled by an explosion caused by a lifting charge of black powder contained within a short mortar composed of steel tubes. The shell's fuse is ignited when the lifting charge detonates. When the shell has reached its proper altitude, the fuse ignites the bursting charge, and the shell detonates.

Component of Crackers

Sulfur and phosphorus are two of the most common non-metals used in crackers, which is something we are well aware of. Seventy-five percent potassium nitrate, fifteen percent charcoal, and ten percent sulphur form the backbone of gunpowder. Because phosphorus burns so rapidly in the air, it is the substance responsible for nighttime illumination.

Oxidizing fireworks requires potassium. For example, the colors red and orange pyrotechnics are made from strontium carbonate, yellow fireworks from sodium nitrate, green fireworks from barium chloride, and blue fireworks from copper chloride.

When salt is thrown onto a flame, an orange hue is produced. The varying tones of a flame are caused by electrons in sodium particles that have retained energy and climbed to higher energy levels before falling down to their ground state. This marvel has long served as the basis for scientific research centers' fire testing.

Firework mixture ingredients are hand-picked to achieve their distinctive hues. When heated, mixtures containing barium emit green hues, copper salts emit green and blue flares, sodium salts are yellow in fire, lithium mixtures emit red hues, and metal emits brilliant white light upon combustion. In the salts used, both metallic cations and nonmetallic anions can be found. Chlorates, perchlorates, and nitrates ar examples of anions that impart the oxidizing capability to the overall cocktail.

Despite the fact that the capital city's air is still relatively clear, the upcoming harsh winter season has already begun to contaminate the atmosphere with brown haze. Delhi is already oppressive due to the particulate matter problem and car exhaust. Noise pollution from fireworks increases by more than 30 percent during Diwali.

Mishaps involving fire occur often at wafer markets across India, from Faridabad to Kozhikode in Kerala. A single spark is all it takes to start a fire that might destroy buildings and endanger people's lives. The animals around you, even your own pets, may be having a hard time getting their message across while you're having a fantastic time blasting saltine. Dogs are often confused, and this is especially true when the noise and lighting in their immediate environment suddenly shift.


Diwali Crackers Manufacturers | Suppliers in India

Company Name Location Member Since
Anil Fireworks FactorySivakasi, India16 Years
Tara Footwears Pvt. Ltd.New Delhi, India10 Years
Namita Electro TradersLudhiana, India7 Years
Mehrab Trade Mart Pvt. Ltd.Kolkata, India6 Years
CrackoffersSonipat, India4 Years
Radha Trading CompanyRaipur, India3 Years
Vijay Flexi Packaging IndustriesSivakasi, India3 Years


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