Honeywell Solar Water Heaters

Honeywell Solar Water Heaters

Description/ Specification of Honeywell Solar Water Heaters
Following are the Main Features of Our Honeywell Solar Water Heaters :-
~Durable and long life – life expectation more than 15 years
~Specially insulated storage tanks retain hot water for considerable amount of time, with minimal temperature drop at night and are suitable for Indian hard water conditions Compact and sleek design of the system adds to aesthetics
~Triple layer evacuated tube technology for rapid water heating
~Easy installation & maintenance features make the systems suitable for varied projects, right from bungalows, apartments to large townships, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings
~Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy stand for ~When compared with the flat plate technology. The vacuum between the two glass tubes
provides resistance to heat loss via conduction and convection, even under extreme environmental conditions like cold and wind.
~Due to the cylindrical shape of the tubes, they passively track the sun throughout the day. At any given time, the suns rays are
perpendicular to the tube.
~Vacuum helps achieve extremely high temperatures, which makes it appropriate for commercial and industrial uses.
~No Scalinglonger life.
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : 001
Main Markets/Key Customers : Houses,Hotels,Hostels,Appartments,Hospitals,Townships,Swimming Pools,Process Heating, Boiler Feeds

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