V7 Series Ac Drive

V7 Series Ac Drive

Description/ Specification of V7 Series Ac Drive
The V7 Series AC Drive is a high performance AC drive for induction motors, providing low motor noise and high starting torque. The V7 provides two control methods; V/f and open loop vector control for precision speed regulation applications. In addition to good speed regulation, open loop vector control also provides higher torque at lower speeds. The V7 is intended for constant torque applications, with current overload rating of 150% for 60 seconds.

The V7 Series AC Drive is fully featured and compact. The digital operator provides 4-digit LED status display with a built-in analog speed potentiometer, as well as digital programming of almost 200 parameters. The digital pulse train input provides a precise frequency input, and is the perfect solution for speed / follower applications. The seven standard multi-function inputs can be programmed to allow for 17 preset speeds.

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