Charminar Ac Roofing Sheets

Charminar Ac Roofing Sheets

Description/ Specification of Charminar Ac Roofing Sheets
Charminar AC Roofing Sheets are made from Fibre, Portland Cement and Binder. Fibre in these sheets acts as reinforcement like steel in RCC.

These are LARGEST SELLING Charminar AC Roofing Sheets IN INDIA, owing to their quality, strength & durability. These are manufactured to exceed the requirements of strength specified in the relevant Indian standards.
Newkor sheets are economical, Incombustible, robust, light-weight, easy to work, resistant to corrosion and salty weather the qualities which make them an ideal building material for any requirement.

Charminar AC Roofing Sheets are most suitable for roofing and vertical cladding (walling) of industrial and agricultural buildings, warehouses, sheds, poultry farms, houses etc.

Application :

Industrial buildings of all types
Food Storage Godowns
Warehouses & Cold Storages
Poultry farms, dairy farms and other agricultural sheds
Garages, Verandahs and Outhouses
School buildings
Public Utility Sheds
Cooling Towers
Cinema Halls
Railway & Bus Stations
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : 001
Main Markets/Key Customers : India Gujrat
Delivery Terms : Free With In India Unloading Charge Extra.
Delivery Lead Times : 2 Days After PO
Payment Terms : On Delivery
Quality Process Certifications : IS: 459-1992

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