Ortho Biovue Systems
Ortho Biovue Systems

Description/ Specification of Ortho Biovue Systems
Following are the Main Features of Ortho Biovue Systems :-
Column Agglutination Technology
Superior sensitivity and productive for the immunohematology laboratory
Ortho Biovue Systems Benefits
Result Objectivity
Clear Separation of agglutinated and non agglutinated red cells
Short Incubation Time
Ideal for STAT laboratories
Improved Sensitivity and Specificity
Time and Labour Saving
Elimination of washing steps for antihuman globulin test
Standardization of Test Procedures
Standard operation procedures for CAT technology
Bi-phasic centrifugation for 5 min.
* 2 x 16 cassette capacity
* 2 separate covered incubation chambers
12 sample tubes and up to 48 BioVue cassettes
Electronic Pipette
* 5 programs for multi-pipetting
* Assures accuracy and precision
Cassette Liner
Additional safety mechanism to eliminate risk of contamination in ABO typing,
Reagent Red Blood Cells
0.8% Affirmagen
A1 and B red blood cells for reverse typing
0.8% Selectogen
2 cell penel for antibody screening tests
0.8% Surgiscreen
3 cell panel for antibody screening testsc
All reagent red blood cells are also available in 3-5% cell suspension.
Enhancement Solution
0.8% Red Cell Diluent
Diluent used to prepare 0.8% Red cell suspesion
0.8% Resolve A
11 cell panel for the identification of irregular anitbodies
0.8% Resolve B
11 cell panel for the examination of complex anibody combination
0.8% Resolve Panel C
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : 03

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