Starch Jet Cooker For Paper

Starch Jet Cooker For Paper

Description/ Specification of Starch Jet Cooker For Paper
These Starch Jet Cooker for Paper that we present is the result of years of cooperation with producers of starch; to now the machine is running in some reality paper with excellent results.
In many industrial applications starches before their use must be heat-treated in order to get loose.
The cooker in continuous type CLEVER 3000 improves the traditional methods of cooking starch while ensuring:
•Simplicity in the operations of cooking of all types of starch.
•Reduction of the time necessary for the preparation of sound of starch.
•Greater stability and drudgery in the characteristics of loose.
•Constant precision of doses.
•Reduction of checks and reduction of the workforce.
•Possibility to view in real time the concentration of cooking.

The plant integrated dosage and cooking is able to receive in a hopper and in various ways (manual on bags, service screw or pneumatic transport) powder of starch, by screw batch feeders shall enter in the mixer, where a shaker keeps the product in suspension, ready to be sent through a positive displacement pump to a cooking system suited to the various types of starch used.
The product in solution, prepared by the concentration and temperature sought, can be sent in the various points of use to the needs of production.
The management system is controlled by a computerised system adapted to the various needs of the customer.
Supplier Product Code : Clever 3000
Competitive Advantages of the product
The plant works completely in automatic, all the functions can be controlled and monitored also in the distance
•Integrated System in stainless steel dimensions: 2400x2000 H 2200
•Installed power 5 kW
•Steam minimum 3 ate
•Water at least 2 ate
•Air 6 bar
All the plant is certified according to the rules in force "Directive machines and environmental hygiene".
Product range and other features will be evaluated and adapted to various requirements in stage of project.

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