Refrigeration Plant Design And Supply

Refrigeration Plant Design And Supply

Description/ Specification of Refrigeration Plant Design And Supply
Our Refrigeration Plant Design and Supply applications -
•Refrigeration plants for Dairy (milk & milk product storage) and Cold Storage for fruits, vegetables, meat and fish products
•Screw compressor packages for new plants and also for replacement of old reciprocating compressors for better management of plants
•Brine (Calcium Chloride, Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Methanol, Ethanol or any other special fluid) Chilling Plants for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Refinery and Petrochemical plants application
•Chlorine (Cl2) Liquefaction
•Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Liquefaction
•Refrigeration plants for Gas Compression, Storage / Handling systems
•& many more / any applications as required by customer.

Refrigeration System Design incorporates–
With single stage, multiple stage, cascade systems, booster systems.

Eco-friendly and natural Refrigerants -
R717 (Ammonia) / R22 / R23 / R134a / R290 (Propane) / R404a / R407c / R410a / R507 / R744 (CO2) / R1150 (Ethylene) /
R1270 (Propylene) / and many more……….

Other Important design services:
-Heat Load Calculations
-Heat Exchangers Designs
-Structural Analysis
-Pressure Vessel Sizing
-Plant Energy Audits
-Plant Health Checkups
-Capacity Expansion
-Control Philosophy & Instrument function
-Trouble shooting
-HAZOP Study
-Stress Analysis

Ancillary System Designs -
Oil Rectification System for maintaining Plant Design Capacity
Air Purger System for saving operating power of the Plant
Oil separation.
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : 109
Competitive Advantages of the product
Our Expertise and Hands on Experience with Branded Products -

•Kirloskar: 7 Years
•Frick, USA / York – Johnson Controls: 4 Years
•Aerzener: As a part of design experience for our projects
•Bitzer: As a part of design experience for our projects
•Emerson / Copeland: As a part of design experience for our projects

Drawings Services –
Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
Plant Equipment Layout
Piping Layout
Isometric drawings
Pressure Vessels & Heat exchanger mfg drgs
3D Modelling
Main Markets/Key Customers : Hindustan Unilever, Process Equipments, Specctra Foods, Morde Foods, etc
Delivery Terms : As per contract
Delivery Lead Times : 8 weeks to 12 weeks (Based on design and supply scope)
Payment Terms : 30 % Advance, 70 % after supply at site
Min Quantity : 1

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