Mini 30 Literes Electric Water Heater

Mini 30 Literes Electric Water Heater

Description/ Specification of Mini 30 Literes Electric Water Heater
Following Features of mini 30 literes electric water heater :

1. Delicate and simple design;
2. Mechanical knob control;
3.Heating lights display;
4.Anti electricity leakage protects and so on.
5. Hot-dip zinc internal bladder design;
6.Full polyurethane foaming process;
7. Anti corrosive device to make the product durable in use ;
8. Separate sewage draining exit, can clean the tank at any time, care for you and your family's health.

KE-A30L 30 litres 220v 1500w 0.7mpa, 30℃-75℃ 480x480x290
Outer tank: plastic (ABS) Inner tank: hot dip-ainc/enamel
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : 8516109000
Competitive Advantages of the product
Double titanium special protection system
Long life, anti fouling and anti-scaling bladder
Professional Welding technology
Using Advanced automatic welding CO2 technology
Professional seamless heating pipe
Low level of water circulation device
Safety relief valve
When pressure reach to 0.7Mpa per square meter ,the relief valve will automatically relief
to prevent backflow of hot water
High sensitivity and reliable leakage protection
Over temperature shutdown protection
Main Markets/Key Customers : India, South Korea,Asia
Delivery Lead Times : According to client's requirment
Payment Terms : LC/TT
Min Quantity : 50
Quality Process Certifications : ISO,CCC,CE

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Wenzhou Yongxinkanger Electrical Applicance Co., Ltd
NO. 44, DAITOU ROAD, JUXI TOWN, OUHAI DISTRICT, Zhoushan - 325019, Zhejiang Sheng, China
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