Antique Clock

Antique Clock

Description/ Specification of Antique Clock
The material of each Antique Clock should be selected strictly, which is made according to the domestic and international quality standard. The main part is casting by pure cooper. The processing is curving, grinding, polishing, etc. Later it will be 24k electro gold-plating, silver-plating or other imported material plating by professional master.
The quality is guaranteed, and it is durable. All the core is from imported well-know electronic quartz core (some are mechanical). The product is insured to be on-time and save energy. It is durable and perfect.
Supplier Product Code : JH668
Competitive Advantages of the product
The smooth clock shape is made perfectly with the high quality solid wood with carved flowers, gold decoration, gorgeous cherry wood and exquisite lines. The nobility coexists with the simplicity, and classic is mixed with the modern, in line with European historic cultures as the art subject, being combined with the post-modernist furniture structure features of the 20th century, showing the life art conception and household culture expression of the European clock.
Main Markets/Key Customers : Eruope, mideast, India, USA

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Ka Wa lighting craft factory
D107-D108, CLAM, QIJIANG ROAD, GUZHEN TOWN, Zhongshan - 528400, Guangdong, China
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