Rubber Protection Wax

Rubber Protection Wax

Description/ Specification of Rubber Protection Wax
Rubber Protection Waxes have proper carbon distribution and an appropriate amount of heterogeneous hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon structure. It is devide into two types: RPW-1 (natural-type) and RPW-2 (blending type).

Rubber Protection Wax has the character of gradually moved to the surface of the product, to form an dense and resilience protective film to be effective in shielding the damage of ozone on rubber products, then come to the purpose of protecting products and extend the usage life.

Terms Specification Testing method
Drop melting point (Deg. ºC) 66-72 ISO 6244
Oil Content , wt% ≤ 3.0 ISO 2908
Needle Penetration (100g @ 25ºCC)1/10mm ≤ 30 ASTM D1321
Color No. ≥ 2 ASTM D156
Viscosity: @100 ºCcSt 6.0-8.0 ISO 3104
isomeric hydrocarbons value: %, ≥ 35 ASTM D5442-93
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : RPW - 2
Payment Terms : T/T,L/C

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