Fibrescan C1360 Narrow Fabric Inspection Machine

Fibrescan C1360 Narrow Fabric Inspection Machine

Description/ Specification of Fibrescan C1360 Narrow Fabric Inspection Machine
The computer controlled Model Fibrescan C1360 Narrow Fabric Inspection Machine is the ultimate high speed inspection system for narrow fabrics. The Automatic mode continually controls the inspection performance maintaining consistent inspection even during changes in the fabrics running conditions.
The standard machine has a maximum operating speed of 280m/min with 400m/min as an option. The tape is tensioned as it is transported in order to avoid detecting fabric creases.
Fast style changeover - typically 30 seconds to change from white plain fabric to black with a fancy Jacquard pattern - using the Automatic Sensitivity control no manual sensitivity setting is required. Complete management control - all the sensitivities can be stored against a product or style number and recalled when the style is run again - this system also tells the operator what is the optimum sensitivity to run at.
The standard c1360 is designed to inspect 95% of your production, be it plains (from black all the way through the colours to white), scalloped or pico edges, patterned or logo fabrics. All these qualities are inspected to commercial standards and all machine parameters are setup with minimum operator input.

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