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Description/ Specification of Ultracapacitor
Ultra capacitors are new energy storage devices which close the gap between electrolytic capacitors and batteries in terms of power and energy density. They are electrochemical double layer capacitors, capable of several hundred thousand charge & discharge cycles along with very high power delivery & long maintenance free usable life. The Ultra capacitors operating temperature varies from -40C to +70C enabling usage in large number of applications. Due to their ultra low ESR, Ultra capacitors can complement batteries in improving power delivery. Ultracapacitors may also be operated in combination with other energy sources such as drive systems, solar power, fuel cells etc.

This makes them ideal for all applications requiring high peak power discharge for a few milliseconds up to several minutes, in various kinds of application.

Technical Specifications:

* Standard Ultra capacitor AN Series - 3F to 3000F in 2.7V /
* Standard Modules - 500F (15V), 166F (45V), 125F (60V), 100F
(75V), 62.5F (120V), 41.7F (180V)
* Custom Modules - For higher voltages and capacities, custom
modules are also available.
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : NEO-010
Contact Information
1ST FLOOR, MISTRY MANSION, 107, M.G. ROAD, FORT, Mumbai - 400001, Maharashtra, India
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