Acid Recirculation System
Acid Recirculation System

Description/ Specification of Acid Recirculation System
We are offering Acid Recirculation System for the formation of loose assembled battery.
System component: acid preparation and storage module, acid circulation module, acid filtering and cooling module, external cooling system (with water cooling tower), temperature monitor, acid level monitor, scrubber, electrical control module

○ save formation cycle time, more than 50%.
○ increased performance and improved battery quality.
○ reduce the production cost by 10%.
○ increase the productivity of the charging process.
○ easy to introduce the total productive management method.
○ environmental protection: no waste acid, no waste water, the emission of the acid fog is up to the national standard.
○ easy to operate and make the workman happy, for: no acid contact, no acid fog, clean and easy control.
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