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Wire For Central Wheels

Price: 85.00 - 500.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 200 Kilograms/Kilograms

16 Years


Eastman Industries Limited

High Strength Bicycle Fork Dimension(L*W*H): A-148Mm Millimeter (Mm)

Price: 50.00 - 100.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Piece/Pieces

1 Years



Bicycle Mudguard Bolt Size: 1-2 Inch

Price: 15 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

5 Years



Vehicle Chassis Usage: Vehicle/Bicycle

Price: 5000.00 - 10000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Number

2 Years



Bicycle Pig Light

Price: 1-50 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

3 Years

Ambala Cantt



Price: 12500 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Roll/Rolls

8 Years



Sintered Metal Components For Bicycle

Price: 0.01 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Piece/Pieces

2 Years



Bicycle Fork

Price: 1500.00 - 3000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Container/Containers

3 Years



Road Hubs - Raf16 Size: Hole Counti 20A 24A 28A 32

Price: 30.00 - 50.00 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 60 Piece/Pieces

6 Years



Chain Wheel Usage: Industrial

Price: 300 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces

5 Years

New Delhi


Bicycle Mud Guard

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces



Two Wheeler Parts Plastic Chain Cover Vikrant

Price: 220.00 - 250.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Set/Sets

1 Years



Spiral Stainless Steel Bicycle Stand Size: 470 X 430 X 2000 Mm

Price: 35000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 5 Piece/Pieces

2 Years



Heavy Duty Suspension Fork Usage: Commercial

Price: 575 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Piece/Pieces



Bicycle Seat Pillar

Price: 50 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Pair/Pairs

4 Years


Insight A One Stop Store

21 Speed Gear Gym Bicycle

Price: 14400 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Box/Boxes

1 Years



40 Teeth Gola Cut Chain Wheel Size: 24T / 26T

Price: 115 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Piece/Pieces

1 Years



Attractive White Colored Cycle Basket

Price: 94 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces

3 Years


Bicycle Parts & Accessories Manufacturers | Suppliers in India

Company NameLocationMember Since
Precise Alloys Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai, India16 Years
Micro TeknikAmbala Cantt, India11 Years
Jne Co.,LtdXiamen, China10 Years
A S R OverseasLudhiana, India8 Years
Bitex Industrial Co. Ltd.Taichung, Taiwan6 Years
Aman AgenciesLudhiana, India5 Years
Gandhi Trading Co.Ludhiana, India5 Years
Khanna Polyrib Pvt. Ltd.New Delhi, India5 Years
Jagraon Global IndustriesLudhiana, India4 Years
B J Sales CorporationLudhiana, India4 Years

Know about Bicycle Spare Parts & Accessories

The process of purchasing a new bike or accessories may sometimes be confusing for a beginner since the staff members at the store seem to be speaking a foreign language. It's almost as difficult as choosing a personal computer. From our vantage point, it might be difficult to distinguish between technical jargon and common English at times. To ensure that we fully comprehend a customer's needs and are on the same page with them, we must ask a lot of questions. Frequently, this just requires that we agree on the definitions of the terms we use. Here is all you need to know about bicycle components and accessories in order to do that.

List of Bicycle Spare Parts & Accessories

Would you want to know more about your bike or even construct one yourself? You're in luck if so! Here are the fundamental bicycle components that you need to be aware of.

Frame: The frame serves as the bike's fundamental base since it is where the other parts, such as the wheels and handlebars, are mounted. It's crucial to understand the frame since you must choose a bike that matches your activity and height if you want to buy or replace your bike. There are several different frame materials available. Steel, carbon fibre, and aluminium are a few of them. Although aluminium is lightweight and inexpensive, it has a bumpy ride. Carbon fibre offers a better driving experience than aluminium since it is stronger and somewhat more costly. Steel is the least expensive material and is also heavier than the other two. Although steel has a longer lifespan, it is better suited for road and fat tyre mountain bikes.

Headset: Bearings, cups, and races are among the components of the headset. These components join the fork and frame together. The headtube is initially installed into the frame before the headset is fastened to it. The bearings are inserted into the cups after they have been inserted into the headtube's holes. It should be mentioned that non-sealed bearings tend to be superior. The bearing balls are often wrapped with rubber in sealed bearings, which are precisely fitted around them. Because they are simpler to re-grease, maintain, and clean as required, unsealed bearings are preferable.

Seat Post and Saddle: Of course, the saddle is mounted to the seat post. The most essential thing is to get a seat post that is compatible with the seat tube on the frame. Seat posts may be constructed of a variety of materials. A saddle is a seat that is fastened to a seat post. As long as you select a saddle you're comfortable with, this is not an issue since the saddle is often compatible with the seat post regardless of size.

Stem and handlebars: The stem, is connected to the steer tube and aids in bike handling. The stem and steer tubesa dimensions and compatibility must match. You should never choose a stem which is either loose or too stiff for the steer tube since doing so might make it challenging to control the bicycle. When selecting the appropriate stem, be sure to take the size of the handlebars you want to purchase into account. To ensure a precise fit, it is important to purchase matching components. The brake levers and shifters must be taken into account when picking a nice set of handlebars, making them far from basic components. On vintage motorcycles, a quill stem may sometimes be seen. Bicycles with threaded forks and headsets do have quill stems, however modern bicycles do not. The steer tube's bottom wedge may be tightened by inserting quill stems within the tube.

Fork: The front wheel is fixed in position by the fork. Typically, this consists of a fork crown and two blades joined together. Even though the fork's function is to secure the wheel to the frame, it is crucial to understand that different fork designs are made to accommodate certain bike types. There are forks that are ideal for BMX, highways, or mountain bikes. Everything will rely on your needs. If you're planning to construct a bike, keep in mind that the frame has to work with all the components. The proper fork should be chosen for your requirements since certain forks are incompatible with certain frames.

Brakes: There is no question that brakes are necessary and need to be on every bicycle, but there isn't a single brake that is best for everyone. Before purchasing a brake or understanding your own, you must be aware of the many types available. Hub brakes, disc brakes, and rim brakes are the three different types of brakes. Although disc brakes are fairly costly, they provide considerable stopping ability. This is due to the fact that they use disc brakes with self-adjusting disc rotors and hydraulic callipers. Road bikes often use rim brakes because they are simple to operate and are easily replaceable. Because they are often manufactured of waterproof materials, hub brakes are generally of higher quality than the other two. Depending on where you ride your bike, this adds expense and may not even be required.

Crankset and bottom bracket: The bicycle component that connects the wheels to the chain or crank set is known as the bottom bracket. The crankset is joined to the bottom bracket through a spindle, which enables the crankset to revolve. Keep in mind that the thread pitch determines how far the bottom bracket extends from or fits into a shell.

Wheels and tires: The sort of bike you have will determine the tyres. Depending on where you want to ride your bike and how often you use it, you should choose a suitable pair of tyres when constructing or purchasing your bicycle. Prioritize purpose when purchasing a pair of tyres. Wheels are contained inside tyres. The wheels have a rim, spokes, and a hub. A set of bearings are located in the hub, which is the centre of the wheel. They determine your wheel's weight and how simple it is to roll while in use. The rim, which is the wheel's outermost portion, may be constructed of aluminium or carbon. The bike's spokes, which come in a variety of designs and can support heavier loads, are also added.

How to Choose Bicycle Spare Parts & Accessories?

Consider the following points before choosing bicycle spare parts and accessories:

The rider's physical characteristics: These should be taken into consideration while choosing the size and components of the bicycle. A thin rider may find it difficult to control a heavy bicycle and vice versa.
Style of riding: When choosing bicycle components, the rider's excellent experience and riding style are very important. Now, the person riding the bicycle spends the majority of their time on it. As a result, the bicycle components should be chosen based on the individuals' level of sophistication and expertise.

Usage: Buyers of bicycles for daily transportation should avoid purchasing accessories or parts that require frequent maintenance; however, buyers of bikes for regenerating purposes may do so.

Body type: Depending on how they will be used, many bicycles may have different body style designs. Some of these are street motorcycles, sports bikes, tourers, cruisers, dirt bikes, and many more.

Roads: The next crucial element in this determination is the feature or area of ground where the bicycle is meant to be moving. The quality of the soil and the kind of land that is most prevalent in each state varies greatly across different regions of the globe. For the rough, muddy, and dirty terrain, specific bicycle components have been developed. As a consequence, the final decision should be designed. 

Stick to your bicycle brand: It is crucial that you remain with the brand you began to acquire the ideal fit, regardless of whether you may need another bottom bracket in the future. This is so that even if the bike fits the same with two or more bottom brackets of different manufacturers, the complexity resides in the thread pitch.

Bicycle Spare Parts Market Trend in India

The market for bicycle parts and accessories in India is predicted to increase significantly over the next years as a result of growing environmental concerns and rising bicycle demand. Sales of bicycles and the need for bicycle components are connected. The market is expanding due to government initiatives like the "MAKE IN INDIA" campaign, which was launched with the goal of expanding the manufacturing industry. The bicycle market is expanding as a result of low labour costs and good working conditions. The desire for a pollution-free, lightweight vehicle is being driven by rapid industrialization and urbanisation, which is boosting bicycle sales and fuelling the market's expansion. 

As a result of increased urbanisation and traffic congestion, bicycle sales are on the rise and the market is expanding. The government's aim to encourage environmentally friendly and pollutant-free vehicles also drive the market. The market for bicycle components and accessories is expanding because consumers are choosing more affordable options as a result of the sharp increase in the price of gasoline. The worldwide COVID-19 epidemic has had a severe impact on the market, generating difficulties in the production and import markets. The market's expansion has been impeded by restrictions on the transportation of products. Nevertheless, the industry has implemented a number of development and cost-cutting methods. Growing health and hygiene concerns have also aided in the market's expansion.

FAQs: Bicycle Spare Parts & Accessories

Question: What are the parts of the bicycle?

Answer: Some bicycle parts are: 

  • Seat stay.
  • Seat tube. 
  • Rear brake. 
  • Rear derailleur. 
  • Chain stay. 
  • Chain.
  • Front derailleur. 
  • Pedal.  

Question: What is the most important part of a bicycle?

Answer: It is clear from a bicycle's appearance that the frame is its most crucial component.

Question: What is the most expensive part of a bicycle?

Answer: The most expensive parts of a bicycle are:


  • Fork.
  • Shoes.
  • Handlebars.
  • Saddle.
  • Crank.
  • Hubs.
  • Wheel rims.
  • Frame.


Question: What are the parts of a bicycle chain called?

Answer: It is made up of crank arms and chainrings. The bike's front gears are the chainrings. There is just one chain ring on a one-speed bicycle. 


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