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What is Fast-Food?

Fast food is food cooked in bulk and in advance and kept warm, or reheated when an order is placed. Many fast-food restaurants are part of restaurant chains or franchise operations, and standardized foodstuff is shipped to each restaurant from central locations. 

Fast-Food in Various Regions--A Historical Brief
The history of the origin of the fast-food is as old as cities themselves. Here is a chronological account of the same:

  • There are records of ancient Roman cities having bread-and-olive stands
  • Noodle shops were a common feature in East Asian cultures
  • Flat BreadFlat bread and falafel were widely consumed in the Middle East
  • Popular Indian "fast" food delicacies include Vada Pav, Papri Chaat, Bhelpuri, Panipuri and Dahi Vada, which were and are still popular today
  • In the French-speaking nations of West Africa roadside stands sold a range of ready-to-eat, chargrilled meat sticks known locally as brochettes, which are still popular in the present day.
Modern History of Fast-Food
Carl Karcher is a pioneer in the fast food industry. Hot DogBorn and brought up in in Ohio, he moved to Anaheim, California at the age of 24 to work at his uncle’s factory. But he was not satisfied working in the factory as he dreamed to be prosperous and lead a great life. In 1939 Carl started his own business selling hot dogs on the street to customers from a cart as they drove up in their cars. Automobiles were popular during those days and hot dogs being served right inside the car made his business flourish to a great extent. Within five months after Carl bought the cart, he was able to buy a second one and opened a drive-in restaurant called Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque. Later, he opened his own fast food chain known as Carl Jr.’s. 

This new way of eating in the car became very popular and waitresses known as 'carhops' usually dressed very attractively delivered the food to each car. 

Hot Dog CartJesse G. Kirby is another pioneer in founding the drive-in restaurant chain called “Pig Stand” in Texas.

A Drive-In Church in Anaheim, California, was founded by Reverend Robert Schuller. People could come to church on Sunday morning and watch the service on the big movie screen while being able to order and eat at the same time. 

A brotherly duo, namely Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a drive-in restaurant in 1939 in California under the banner “McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers”. Growing tired of having to hire new carhops and short-order cooks all the time, they, in the 1940s closed the restaurant and re-opened a new McDonald’s. No dishes, silverware or glasses were used and everything switched over to paper and plastic. McDonald’s Self-Service process revolutionized the restaurant industry. 

Fast-Food Calorie Chart
Fish, Battered/Fried1 serving210
Chicken, Fried, Dark Meat2 pieces430
Chicken, Fried, Wing/Breast2 pieces495
Chicken NuggetsPlain 6300
Sausage, Fried/Battered1100
Onion Rings8175
Hash Browns1/2 cup150
Corn Dog1460
Hot DogRegular240
Hot Dog with Chili1325
Dressing - Caesar1 pkt160
Dressing - French1 pkt160
Dressing - Ranch1 pkt230
Pancakes, Butter & Syrup3520
Desserts - Brownie1245
Desserts - Sundae, Caramel1305
Desserts - Sundae, Hot Fudge1290
Desserts - Sundae, Strawberry1270
Desserts - Apple Pie1 serving260
Shakes - ChocolateRegular360
Shakes - StrawberryRegular360
Shakes - VanillaRegular360

List of Healthy Fast-Food
  • Grilled chicken 
  • Fish sandwich
  • Whole-wheat rolls
  • Baked potato (with vegetables instead of cheese, butter or sour cream)
  • Fat free salad dressing
  • Low fat milk (double toned milk)
  • Low fat sandwiches (on wheat bread or on pita bread).
Fast-FoodFast-Food Restaurants
Small individually-owned fast-food restaurants have become common throughout the world, as the capital needed to start one is meager compared to other sectors. Customers can sit down and have their fast-food orders brought to them. Most fast-food restaurants are self-service centers where the customer is required to pay for the order first and then serve himself. These restaurants may or may not have sitting arrangements. 

Indian Fast-Food
  • Bhelpuri
  • Bombay mix
  • Chaat
  • Dahi puri
  • Dahi vada
  • Dhokla
  • Kati roll
  • Murukku
  • Panipuri
  • Pav bhaji
  • Pohay
  • Ragda pattice
  • Samosa
  • Vada pav
  • Vadai
  • Vegetable sandwich
  • Wai-Wai (food).
The Fast-Food Trend
Fast-food today sells like hot cakes, especially amongst youngsters. It has occupied a prominent place in the list of top sought after foods in the world. It has become a trend today of going to a restaurant for fast-food for the purpose of mid meal snacking. The reason for the increasing consumption of fast-food is that it is readily available, quick to make and easy to serve. Fast-food is generally high in terms of calories, and therefore, it is not advisable to consume them in larger quantities. 

Common Fast-Food or Snack-Food Items
  • Traditional Snack Foods
  • Wheat Pellets
  • Noodles
  • Read to Fry Snacks
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Frozen Parathas/Roti/nan
  • Frozen Snacks
  • Frozen South Indian Snacks
  • Cornflakes
  • Wheat Flakes
  • White Oats
  • Fatless Low Calorie Diet Health Food
  • Indian Dry Snacks and Namkeen.
Equipment and Appliances for Fast-Food
  • Display Counter
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Softy Ice Cream Machine
  • Softy Ice Cream Machine with Pump, Gravity and Ripple
  • Milk Shake Machine
  • Milk Shake/Slush/Beverage Dispenser Machine
  • Ice Cream Machine
  • Gelato Machine (Batch Freezer)
  • Easy Chef/Baby Chef
  • Topping Bar
  • French Frier
  • Sandwich Griller Machine
  • Convection Oven Machine
Sandwich Griller
Vanilla Shake
  • Pizza Oven Machine
  • Chocolate Warmer
  • Waffle Cone Maker
  • Food Warmer
  • Dish Warmer
  • Hot Dispenser
  • Ice Cube Maker
  • Bar-Be-Que
  • Idly Steamer
  • Tea Coffee Dispenser
  • Potato Peeler
  • Griller
  • Deep Fat Fryer
  • Vegetable Cutter
  • Dough Kneading Machine
  • Work Table Sink, etc.
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