Top 12 Refurbished Furniture Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers in India

The modern world has come to a realization that there is a need of re-using or making use of-discarded waste which can still be recycled and refurbished. With this in mind, many big and small corporates, organizations, and companies have to wake up to make use of discarded things through the process of regeneration and recycling utilizing the existing resources for new products by manufacturing them or modifying the old ones through the process of repairing. With the increased idea of reusing things many businesses across the globe including in India have focused on models of refurbishing, recycling, reselling, and re-manufacturing things. Not just the businesses officials, but even the consumers are aware of this and many have become more into saving the environment and are very much aware of the challenges and consequences faced by biodiversity due to wastes that have an impact on the environment leading to pollution, climate change and loss of biodiversity. In addition to this, the rise in the thrifting system especially in today’s world has encouraged many manufacturers and sellers to start the business based on utilizing waste and this has become a trend where one can get capital as well as recognition through this.

The increasing demand of refurbished furniture

The magnitude of buyers of refurbished and re-sell products has increased tremendously and this can be seen in the market in which the refurbished products alone can increase the sale so much and it is expected to keep on increasing in the next five to ten years. The fashion industry is one of the top industries that has utilized the idea of clothes being recycled, refurbished, and re-sold which incorporates the idea via initiatives involving upcycling and recycling of clothes that alone led to a collection of around 29K tonnes of clothes which in turn can produce over 145 million recycled or refurbished t-shirts. With this, the manufacturers can provide buyers with an option to buy these products at a discounted price which can lead to unprecedented growth in the demand for such products. Apart from clothes, umbrellas, bags, shoes, mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and so on, so forth have started making use of this idea of recycling and reusing the products.

The start of the buyback program for refurbished furniture

One of the most popular ones now that has started is the refurbished furniture industry. One of the top i.e., the furniture behemoth Ikea, has made up a statement to become circular that is making use of old products and waste products by the end of 2030, and nowadays maximum of the products that they use consists of renewable raw materials (almost 60%). Many firms including Ikea have also started the buyback program or process wherein the customers can resell their products or their used furniture back to the company whether in a condition where repairing is required or in a good condition.

The growth of refurbished furniture

With this trend that is happening worldwide, and a lot of transition has been noticed lately, India is one of the fastest to see and catch up with this trend, and many businesses in India or top manufacturers have seen the emergency or urgency to recycle and reuse the products. Many have gained with the coming of the reuse economy, thereby a sudden success can be seen in many different platforms for resale and refurbishment such as Amazon renewed, Droom, Olx, Quikr, and so on apart from the refurbished furniture manufacturers. It is believed that the refurbished furniture and the related appliances market is the next one in line that will grow tremendously in a country like India. Hence, with the adequate help and support of the government, India is seen to follow a clear roadmap in this sector to improve the economy with the different ideas and strategies put forth by many manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. The refurbishment economy will help the country to develop unparalleled societal and also to increase many opportunities in the business sector. This article will give you some of the tops refurbished furniture manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India and how each has contributed towards addressing this global need and bridging the knowledge gaps towards reaching the goal of reusing recycled or repaired products in the furniture and related appliances sector. These manufacturers are given below:

1:- Furbicle - High-Quality Remanufactured & Recycled Furniture

The Furbicle started in Bengaluru in the year 2021 with a goal to give customers premium furniture that is not only good for humans but also for the planet Earth. This is one of the top refurbished furniture manufacturers. It also supplies and exports such furniture so that everyone does not have to struggle for expensive furniture. They utilized discarded products that might have just ended up in landfills and sell them in the market.

2:- Kolkata wholesale furniture

The company is also one of the best furniture manufacturers and the products they produce are excellent. Their rate is highly reasonable. The company also provides old furniture that is well-designed at a very reasonable rate.

3:- Gharnish - Restaurant, Office, and Home Furniture Makers

This manufacturer is located in Hyderabad and generally manufactures restaurant tables and chairs, and sofas for both outdoor and indoor cafes, bars, and many others. Office chairs and other related appliances can also be obtained from here and the company has been in the market since 2016. This leading furniture manufacturer and supplier consist of a top client base. The company has also started selling used Furniture.

4:- Rise Only

This company is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in India and provide wholesale price for many wooden furniture.  It is also a top exporter of many other appliances like handmade items, painted furniture, home decor items, industrial furniture, handicrafts items, and many others. The company is well-known for its reclaimed or refurbished furniture and it is situated in Rajasthan. The company also goes by the name Suncity.

5:- Sunrise International

This is also one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of furniture (generally solid wood and metal) and is located in Jodhpur, India. The manufacturer is also well-known for recycling and refurbishing unwanted furniture and providing second-hand furniture.

6:- Sabharwals International Furniture

This company is located in Delhi and it was established back in the year 1990. The Sabharwals International Furniture manufactures a wide range of Lounge Seating Chairs, Acrylic Chair, and many others. The company has now started re-manufacturing old furniture making use of its tools and technology.

7:- Reclaimed Wood Furniture Manufacturer

This is another manufacturer of recycled furniture. However, this company utilizes recycled solid wood for the manufacturing of a new products. The company is well known and produces the best quality products even with recycled raw material. This company also provides many products apart from reclaimed items.

8:- Jangid Arts & Crafts - Hand Painted Furniture Manufacturer

Jangid Art & Crafts is another well-known manufacturer supplier and exporter of furniture and this company started way back in the year 2000. They offer a wide variety of styled furniture starting from industrial and antique Furniture to recycled and reclaimed Wood Furniture, traditional and urban Furniture, and many others.

9:- Shree Bohra International

The company aims to cater to the needs of the clients with the best possible services they could offer. They are among the top and prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and of course exporters of refurbished and recycled furniture. The company is an Indian-based located in Rajasthan. The company provides refurbished products that are of optimum quality. The company maintains a good stock of refurbished furniture at their storage house.

10- Praveen industries

They are one of the most well-known furniture manufacturers in India. The company offers a wide variety of furniture like tables, chairs, racks, desks, and cupboards. Their products are priced reasonably.

11:- Vipul Furniture

One of the top refurbished furniture manufacturers is Vipul Enterprises which was founded in 2006. The main goal of the entire team is to provide people with life Style products that are affordable using recycled items or materials

12:- Pure wood: Furniture Manufacturer

This company manufactures and gives clients much-needed excellent quality wood furniture both locally and internationally. The company offers a wide variety of tables and chairs and they provide products mainly for bars, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. As a manufacturer of furniture at the international level, the company encourages many aspirants and shares their passion for well-designed furniture.


These are just some of the top which can help aspirants to look into. You can expect to find high-quality refurbished furniture when you get hold of the ultimate manufacturer.

FAQs: Refurbished furniture

Q. What is the difference between reclaimed furniture and refurbished furniture?

Ans. In reclaimed furniture, the recycled wood from old Indian buildings, and factories have been used for making furniture whereas refurbished ones are obtained by either repairing, cleaning, or painting old ones to make them look new.

Q. Which Indian wood is best for refurbished furniture?

Ans. Teak wood is one of the best raw materials for furniture making as the wood is resistant to decaying and can withstand harsher conditions and is considered the best for outdoor furniture.

Q. Is the refurbished furniture made in India of good quality?

Ans. Most Indian furniture has excellent quality and durability and the products look great and can be easily customizable by many manufacturers.

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