A hinged or otherwise moving partition that enables people to get in and out of a room is known as a door. The hole in the wall is a portal or an entrance. An entrance's fundamental and most significant function is to keep people safe by limiting access to the doorway (exit). A panel usually fits into an opening in a house, room, or vehicle (portal). Most entrances are made of a substance that does the purpose of an entryway. Hinges hold most doors together, although they can also operate in other ways, such as sliding or being pushed or pulled.

The door sides are diametrically opposed

The door may be used to open and close in a variety of ways, including at an incline away from the entryway, sliding in a direction parallel to the frame, folding at a degree on a plane which is parallel, or spinning on an axis in the centre of the frame. The inside of an entryway is usually identical to the outside. However, at times, such as at an automobile doorway, the two sides are diametrically opposed.

Door manufacturing industry is booming

The need for doors is expanding at a rapid rate. Every structure, from corporations to houses, has one thing in common: doors. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the readymade door manufacturing industry is booming. Doors require a lengthy manufacturing process, especially when they are custom-made for their customers.

Best 15 Door manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India

Go through this list of the best door manufacturers in India to get the right idea about it.

1- CenturyPly:

This company is among some of the greatest door manufacturers in India, CenturyPly is a thing that springs to mind. In 1982, the company was formed in Kolkata. They have become one of the most prominent and greatest door builders over the decades because of their high-quality plywood. These doors are designed to fit in with the interiors and exteriors of the home. If the property has a sophisticated entrance, the users' attention will be drawn to it. One of the main reasons for choosing CenturyPly Plywood is that it is utilised to build a range of doors.

2- Shatabdi doors:

This door manufacturing company gives immense precision when it comes to making their door, with high-quality, carefully tempered wood, making them incredibly long-lasting. Shatabdi recognises the importance of doors in buildings. As a result, they go to great lengths to provide you with one of the most lasting and appealing wooden door designs on the market. These doors are designed to meet the needs and demands of anyone while maintaining the highest grade. In the very competitive plywood industry, Shatabdis' artistic sense has helped them develop a recognised brand. The organisation is backed up by a staff of highly qualified candidates.

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3- Mikasa Doors:

Mikasa Doors has grown to become one of the country's biggest and most well-known door manufacturers. Their vast assortment of ready-made doors and door fittings is well-known. They help meet customer requirements by providing a variety of door frames. While there's a high likelihood the doors won't be installed properly at first, Mikasa Doors makes it easier by manufacturing ready-to-install doors, which attempts to reduce failure even after they've been created.

4- Maxon Doors:

The company was established in 2007. To satisfy today's needs, the business creates constructed entrances that are focused on both aesthetic pleasure as well as durability.  Maxon Doors is among India's leading door manufacturers. They accomplish this by employing a variety of high-quality technology and instruments to speed up the process of creating entrances. Maxon Doors sources its raw ingredients from environmentally conscious businesses.

5- Pure Wood Doors:

It is well-known for its handcrafted wooden doors. They have extensive expertise in building doors for both hotels as well as houses. The company has developed to be one of the greatest in the country since it began creating wooden doors in 1997. Pure Wood Doors creates high-quality doors that are very affordable. When clients want a robust and long-lasting wooden entrance, they always select Pure Wood.

6- Mini Max Plywood:

The company is well-known in India as one of the greatest door manufacturers. The company has always been capable of building doors that match the needs of every customer they sell to, with user satisfaction at the forefront of its operations. Mini Max Plywood first opened its doors in 2003. Due to their many years of expertise, these guys are very knowledgeable about wood. This enables them to provide personalized concepts that allow consumers to get the most bang for their buck.

7- Supreme Industries:

Telangana is home to Supreme Industries, which is among the leading producers of doors in India. Since 1942, Supreme Industries has been in operation. It is regarded as one of the top entrance brands in India, and its top-grade wooden fancy doors. Wooden entrances, plywood, and veneers are all forms of wood entrance items that they have created. The way a wooden object is created in the interior determines how it really sells. As a result, Supreme Industries concentrates on making high entrances at affordable pricing.

8- Shree Balaji Wood Impex:

This door manufacturing company produces ornamental doors in various parts of the country. Since 2011, Shree Balaji Wood Impex has been in operation. It's noted for its large selection of windows and ready-made doors. Under the name "GSM Doors," Shree Balaji Wood Impex sells doors. They are regarded as one of India's best admission companies. Environmentally friendly revisions have been done to the company's plant. In the door industry, this is a frequent practice. The organisation offers to provide you with both style and security.

9- Niki Doors:

Home decor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a home. One must, meanwhile, only utilise high-quality items in a house. Since the 1970s, Niki Doors has been producing a wide range of doors with the goal of providing individuality with a high-quality aesthetic. Even though they are an Indian brand, they have aided in meeting international standards. They offer home decorating, architectural, and building services based on their four decades of experience.

10- AgniPly:

AgniPly is one of India's most well-known and best door makers. AgniPly will meet your demands whether you are a designer, architect, or homeowner. Based on the style statement, you could want to customize the decision. The doors are made of corrosion-resistant and top-quality wood. Homeowners' aesthetic needs are met by AgniPly. You can choose from a variety of decorative laminates, paint finishes, and hardwoods. They are one of the most dependable and finest door manufacturers in India, serving both business and residential customers. AgniPly's main characteristics are confidentiality and endurance.

11- Saina Doors:

This company produces some of the most reliable products for a modern door for your home in India. The doors are manufactured and designed to meet the needs of the customers. Saina Doors also sells smart, sliding, and double doors in addition to front doors. The company has different door designs to fit every nook and cranny of your home. Flush doors, teak wood doors, HDHMR doors, sal wood doors, embossed doors, and more are all available at this door manufacturing company.

12- HarraPly:

The company has been producing some of the best doors for homes for a long period of time and helps to achieve a conventional style in interiors. HarraPly provides the best service possible. They were founded in 1988 and have worked with around twenty-five brands in its more than 2 decades of experience. They claim to make doors that are sturdy, inexpensive, long-lasting, and reliable. Consider doors from this company if you want a door that will last a long time.

13- Avians:

Avians bases its products on modern technology and strives to get the finest results possible. They create sophisticated high-speed doors for both the indoor and outdoor areas of buildings. Furthermore, they are created with accuracy and ease in mind. They were founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of A Mathurbhai & Co. (1982). They make a variety of doors, including traditional doors, rolling doors, and shutters.

14- Parasnath Ply:

The large choice of WPC doors offered by Parasnath Ply is quite popular. WPC is used as a stabilising and foaming ingredient, which adds to the doors' excellent quality. Parasnath Ply pledges to produce readymade doors. They claim to deliver the things to your home regardless of the weather.

15- Durian Doors:

This door manufacturing company is committed to providing top nature doors with door frames while growing with technology. All these elements can be changed in the future based on the needs. In addition, the products are covered by a 10 warranty. Among the most noticeable advantages is the flat installation, which takes about 70 minutes. Unlike other techniques, they also provide you with the option of customising your experience. The assembly process will take place while the customer relaxes.


Whenever you are choosing the right doormen for your home or hotel, make sure they are educated about all the things they manage. The perfect integration of every part of the door's construction will have a significant impact on how this all lines up.

FAQ’s:- Door manufacturers

Q. What kind of wood is used for the main door?

Ans. Teak wood is by far the most prevalent type of wood used for making Indian window frames and doors. When it comes to teak wood, it has a lot of adaptability and can be utilised in a variety of ways.

Q. Which is the best door manufacturer of doors in India?

Ans. CenturyPly is currently ranked as the best manufacturer of doors in India.