Interactive Virtual Session on S.M.E.D - A Tool For Inventory Control 2020
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Interactive Virtual Session on S.M.E.D - A Tool For Inventory Control 2020

Sat, 11 Jul 2020 - Sat, 11 Jul 2020

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Single-minute Digit exchange of die (SMED) as a technique was developed by Mr Shigeo Shingo & Mr Teichi Ohno in 1950 and is one of the many lean production methods for reducing waste in a manufacturing process. It provides a rapid and efficient way of converting a manufacturing process from running the current product to running the next product. This rapid changeover is key to reducing production lot sizes and thereby reducing uneven flow , production loss and output variability. The SMED Technique revolutionized manufacturing as a giant step towards JIT system of production at Toyota Production System. It refers to a theory and the techniques for performing setup operations in fewer than ten minutes - the number of minutes can be expressed in a single digit. This knowledge of inexpensive techniques that can be used to achieve quick changeovers is vital.
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The SMED Technique as a technique is very beneficial and helps in the following: Drastic Reductions in changeover times. Implementation of TPM to improve OEE by reducing time loss. Reduction of the Lot size. Reducing the Inventory. Reduction in the cost to Set up Labour . Increase the capacity on bottleneck equipment. Elimination of Set up loss. Reduction in quality problems by ensuring first piece right after changeover.

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