SOMS Exhibition & Conference 2024 (Soluble & Organic Fertilizer, Micronutrients, Stimulants)

Thu, July 4, 2024 - Fri, July 5, 2024

Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, Ahmedabad, India

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India's agriculture and horticulture sector is witnessing a transformation phase with induction of new crops, technology interventions, increased awareness and compliance pressures on sustainability and an increasingly more aware consumer who is asking for food products with lesser chemical residue. Water Soluble Fertilizer Along Micronutrients, Organic-Bio and Stimulants (SOMS) are contributing immensely to this transformation process. APEDA every year targets an export of US$50 bn of agri and food produce from India which has seen setbacks in many products like basmati rice etc due to higher residue concentration. SOMS are equipped to make the country’s export basket more resilient with minimal to zero residue value making the produce not only healthy for the consumer but also the soil of the country.

A new design of non-subsidised Horticulture production aimed at increasing the farmers income driven by India’s Agri MSME developed will also create a surge in demand for SOMS helping the farmers increase their exportable produce and the government by transitioning the demand to non-subsidised products. It is expected that adoption of SOMS can help reduce use of subsidised fertilizers between 30-100% in various crops.

Join us SOMS Exhibition & Conference 2024  (Soluble & Organic Fertilizer, Micronutrients, Stimulants) - India's First International B2B Fertilizer Exhibition & Conference will be held on 04th to 05th July 2024 at Mahatma Mandir Convention & Exhibition Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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Soluble Fertilizer Manufacturers:- Potassium Sulfate, Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, NPK Fertilizers, Diammonium Phosphate. Organic Fertilizer Producers:- Producers of organic and bio-based fertilizers as alternatives to traditional synthetic fertilizers. Micronutrient Manufacturers:- Zinc Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate. Bio Stimulant Manufacturers:- Seaweed, Protein hydrolysates, Fulvic acids, Beneficial bacteria, Amino acids. Research and Development Institutions:- Universities, research organizations, and agricultural institutions in the field of fertilizers. Agrochemical Companies:- Agricultural chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides, that may be used in conjunction with fertilizers. Laboratory Equipment:- Rotary shakers, Fermenters, Laminar Air Flow, BOD Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Microscope, Balances. Government Agricultural Departments:- Representatives from govt. Agencies responsible for Agriculture, who share info on policies, regulations, & initiatives related to fertilizers. Environmental & Sustainability Solutions Providers:- Companies specializing in environmentally friendly and sustainable fertilizer solutions, addressing concerns related to runoff & environmental impact. Machinery Manufacturer:- Fertilizer Crusher, Fertilizer Dryer, Mixer, Compost Machine, Fertilizer Granulator Machine. Packaging and Printing Labeling Machine:- Companies providing packaging and labeling solutions for fertilizer products, ensuring compliance with regulations. Startups in Agri-Tech and Fertilizer Innovation:- Entrepreneurs and startups showcasing innovative technologies, solutions, & products in the field of agriculture & fertilizers.

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Co-marketers, Agri Scientists & Fertilizer Consumption Influencers, Research Institutes, Traders, Government Procurement Agencies, Greenhouse Grower, Manufacturers, Horticulture Boards, Organic Farming, Importers, Municipal Corporations, Floriculture, Exporters, Commercial Nurseries, Fruit Orchards.

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Welcome to the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, it is the world-class convention center which is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. It was inaugurated in January 2014 and was built to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. This exhibition center is spread over an area of 34 acres and it is designed to accommodate a wide range of exhibitions, trade events from international conferences to cultural shows. It was designed in such a way that it is eco-friendly, with features like solar power generation, rainwater harvesting and natural ventilation. It also has a landscaped garden with a variety of trees and plants and a refreshing atmosphere. Overall, we can say that it has become a world-class venue for hosting all kinds of international exhibitions, conferences and cultural events.

A-19, Sector 72, Noida

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