LDF India Livestock Dairy and Fisheries Exposition 2024

Thu, October 3, 2024 - Sat, October 5, 2024

Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, India

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LDF India Livestock Dairy and Fisheries Exposition 2024 will be held on 03rd to 05th Oct 2024 at Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, India. This collaborative three-day event aims to bring together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from across the livestock, dairy, and fisheries industries to explore the latest developments, innovations, and best practices in post-harvest processing, handling, storage, and distribution of livestock, dairy, and fisheries products.

The Livestock, Dairy, and Fisheries Exposition will provide an excellent opportunity to network with industry experts, business leaders, and peers from around the world and serve as the medium to connect with potential partners, suppliers, customers, and investors to establish new business leads.

Attending the exposition can offer several benefits:

Knowledge Exchange: Participants can gain insights into the latest technologies, best practices, and innovations in post-harvest processing, handling, storage, and distribution of livestock, dairy, and fisheries products.

Networking: The three-day event provides an excellent platform for networking with industry experts, business leaders, and peers. Networking opportunities can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and partnerships.

Business Leads: The exposition serves as a medium to connect with potential partners, suppliers, customers, and investors. This can open up new business leads and opportunities for growth.

Market Trends: Attendees will likely get a comprehensive overview of current market trends, challenges, and opportunities in the livestock, dairy, and fisheries sectors.

International Perspective: The presence of participants from around the world offers a chance to gain an international perspective on industry practices and innovations.

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Egg processing, Meat processing technology, Analysis, laboratory and checking equipment, Inspection & Certification agencies, Hygiene technology, Biotechnology, Internal conveying and transportation equipment, External transportation equipment, Storage facilities, Handling & Transport, Refrigeration & Coolants, Processing machines, plants, & processing lines for milk/ VAP dairy products, Packaging equipment & material suppliers, Aseptic PET & pouch packaging technology Bottling & filling technology for milk/VAP products, Equipment’s / accessories for separation, clarification, Centrifugation, fermentation, sterilisation & UHT, Bulk Milk coolers, Milk Silos, Milk coolers & Cans, Vapour compression refrigeration systems, Heat exchangers, Portable cold storage manufacturers, Refrigerated trucks, trailers & containers, Thermal packaging, Cold chain monitoring & IOT systems, Freezing & chilling system manufacturers, Supply Chain solutions, Liquid milk, Packaged milk, Yoghurt, Curd, Lassi, SMP & Milk powders, Indian traditional milk products, Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Ice cream, Digitalisation, Automation, IT solutions and Dairy process technology, Dairy Ingredients, additives & raw material, Milk Co-operatives & NGOS, Dairy & Agro entrepreneurs, State & Central Govt. Department/ Agencies, Dairy Consultants & Publishers, Others, Processing Technology, Packaging Technology and Materials, Packaging machines, Labelling machines, Value-Added Sustainable Packaging materials, Inspecting, checking and sorting machines, Packaging materials, Plastic packaging, Check Weighing solutions, Food Safety, Quality Control, Water Quality Analysis, Analysis, laboratory and checking equipment, Inspection & Certification agencies, Hygiene technology.

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Meat Processors, Fish processors, Dairy manufacturers, Dairy Product manufacturers, Dairy Co-operatives, HORECA, Fish Exporters.

Past Editions

2023-09-20 - 2023-09-22

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HITEX Exhibition Centre - Hitex International Convention and Exhibition Center is a multipurpose venue in 53 acres of prime land in the highly coveted locality of Hyderabad comprising 30,000 sq.m of outdoor event area, 18,500 sq.m of indoor event, 5,000 sq.m of beautiful Fair Park and huge car parking space for and international exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and corporate events. HITEX is an ideal venue for B2B exhibitions, B2C exhibitions and the combination of both. Vast indoor and outdoor event areas offer ample space to plan your exhibitions and trade fairs of all sizes. HiTex Exhibition Venue is popular for its massive infrastructure and expansive space. It has everything one looks for in an exhibition ground and more. Easy access, exclusivities and conveniences as all have been well thought of. Landscape with rocks, mountains, ponds make it almost a resort and one can stay in situ hotel Novotel HiTex comfortably. It is an excellent location in the Hitech city of Hyderabad. Well planned facilities, parking and easily accessible property. It is the perfect ideal place for all exhibitions and conventions in the city. Hyderabad has been considered the most preferred destination for major events and exhibitions with the longest exhibition halls and wide space.

Trade Fair Office Building, HITEX Exhibition Centre, Izzat Nagar, Kondapur PO,

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