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    About Pipes & Pipe Fittings

    Pipes & Pipe Fittings are designed for laying water supplying pipelines in all kinds of building structures. This is used for supplying water from an overhead tank to all parts of a building.

    The Pipes & Pipe Fittings are used for diverse applications, such as:

    ·         To install supply pipelines for supplying water from overhead tanks

    ·         Fittings are used for connecting straight sections of pipes and tubes

    ·         Establish bends in pipelines

    ·         Connecting two pipes of different diameters through concentric or eccentric reducers

    ·         Creating a tee section for diverting the flow of liquid in two direction

    ·         Suitable for all types of plumbing applications

     Different Types of Pipes & Pipes Fittings

    Pipes & Pipe Fittings are made in different sizes, diameter, materials, shapes, technical specifications and costs to meet the diverse market requirements.

    What are the different types of materials Pipes & Pipes Fittings are manufactured of?

    Pipes & Pipes Fittings are manufactured in different materials, such as PVC, HDPE, PEX, ABS, brass, copper, steel, mild steel, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, and galvanized iron (GI).

    In what sizes Pipes & Pipes Fittings are available?

    The size of pipes differs in terms of the application needs. The main water supply lines are generally 1” inch in size but branch lines could be in 3/4 or ½ in diameter.  This is in the case of domestic supply line. However, depending on the application requirements, the sizes could be 0.5 inch, 0.75 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, etc. Similarly the pipe fittings also differ in accordance with the size of pipes.

    Supplying Capacity of Liquid by Pipes

    The larger size pipes have larger supplying capacity of liquid with enhanced pressure. Another important factor to look at is the height raised above water supply point. It is worth noting that for every foot pipe is raised above the supply point the pressure is decreased by half-pound per square inch.

    Best Quality Pipes & Pipes Fittings available in the market with Price

    Buyers can check the best quality Pipes & Pipes Fittings available at the online marketplace. They can click on the product links for learning more details and latest price of Pipes & Pipes Fittings and Pipe Fitting Material. 

    Features to check out before you buy Pipes & Pipes Fittings:

    ·         Dimensions

    ·         Convenience in installation

    ·         Quality of materials

    ·         Resistance to corrosion and rusting in case of SS Pipe Fittings

    ·         Price

    ·         Delivery time

    ·         Supply availability

    ·         Minimum order quantity

    Buy Pipes & Pipes Fittings Online

    Interested buyers can check the details of Pipes & Pipes Fittings online because online purchasing products have become very convenient and easy today. You can buy as per the product categories. You can explore various product types, varieties and models, technical specifications, and compare the features and prices at online platform. 

    For instance, you can find Pipes & Pipes Fittings online as per your needs by checking out the sub-categories, such as:

    ·         Pipe fittings

    ·         Pipes and fittings

    ·         SS pipe fittings

    ·         Forged pipe fittings

    ·         Scaffolding pipe fittings

    ·         UPVC pipe fittings

    ·         Commercial pipe fittings

    ·         Agricultural pipes

    ·         ASTM pipes

    ·         Hot rolling steel pipes and more 

     You can check the suppliers’ number or send an inquiry for orders as per your specific demands.


     1. What is the cost of pipes & pipes fittings?

    The cost of pipes & pipe fittings differs as per the type, size and materials. For instance, one length of PVC pipes is available between 190 - 460. Buyers should check the complete details before buying.

    2. Which type of pipe fittings material is suitable for pipeline supply works?

    Pipe fittings made of copper, steel or brass are the most suitable materials for manufacturing pipe fittings because these are highly corrosion resistant unlike iron or its alloys.

    3. How pipes are installed in buildings?

    Pipes are installed in buildings by expert plumbers. They create passage on the walls or floors to take the pipes in all parts of the buildings. In the plumbing works, pipe fittings help a lot in laying the pipelines, creating bends, turns and branches in the pipes.

    4. Why piping work is important in households and buildings?

    Piping work is extremely important in households and buildings for supplying water in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and gardens among others. The pipeline fetches water from a source and supply in all direction.

    5. What do plumbers do when a breakages happens inside the wall where PVC pipes pass?

    To repair the leakage, the plumbers break some area of wall around the leakage point. When the concrete gives way to make the pipe visible, the minutely identified the breakage point and check for any other possible. Then they use a PVC pipe shred along with PVC pipe-compatible adhesive used for firmly pasting the PVC shred over the point of leakage.  

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