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What is a cardboard box called?


The terms "cardboard box," "carton," and "case" are all used to refer to the same thing: a transportation container composed of corrugated fiberboard. Designing a corrugated box may be done in a variety of ways. A cardboard box is slang for a folding container constructed of paperboard.

It is often said that the English company M. Treverton & Son created the first commercial paperboard (not corrugated) box in 1817. Pre-cut cardboard or paperboard boxes, which are created in large sheets and folded into boxes, were devised around 1890 by Robert Gair, a Scotsman.

Material producers, container makers, packaging engineers, and standards bodies all work to utilize more precise language in the context of commerce and industry.

Corrugated cardboard is made from recycled paper pulp. Although trees are used most often, woodchips and shavings from recycled lumber mills can also be used to make pulp. The paper is folded three times and then constructed in such a way that the whole thing is quite sturdy.

What are the uses of cardboard box?

1. Knife Sheath 

Folding a cardboard tube (from toilet paper, paper towel, etc.) in half creates a handy sheath for keeping knives safe while traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities. Many knives already have sheaths, but it's easy to misplace them. With this invention, you'll never again have to fear cutting yourself on a sharp blade.

2. Weed control 

Cardboard is typically free, but weed barriers can cost a lot of money. As long as you lay down a few layers of material around the trouble spots in your garden, weeds will have a hard time penetrating it. The cardboard will decompose and enrich the soil over time, so you'll have to apply more mulch in the future, but in the meanwhile, your plants will benefit from weed suppression and soil improvement.

3. Filling/packaging 

As luck would have it, many cardboard boxes are the ideal size for filing. You could either go out and buy some pricey boxes from the office supply store, or you could just utilize some old cardboard. These boxes are convenient for storing any number of items, including digital media, as they stack neatly and can be easily labeled for simple retrieval later on.

4. Plant protector 

Accidents with lawnmowers and weed whacker blades, as well as nibbling by animals like deer and rats, may be devastating to young plants. You may add some padding to your trunk by taping together two pieces of cardboard. If you're having problems with garden pests, a bigger plant cage can help.

5. Fast and dirty raised beds

Although raised beds are ideal for gardening, they can be a major pain to set up. I'll give you a hint: it doesn't matter how ugly it is, it still serves its purpose. Packing materials, aka cardboard boxes. Plant them, then fill the containers with soil. The advantage of this method of cultivation to cardboard box manufacturers is that it eliminates the time-consuming step of washing dirt from the potatoes after the harvest.

6. Recycling and trash Organizers 

You can put cardboard to one more use before recycling it, which is good karma if you were planning on taking it there anyway. Sort recyclables into cardboard boxes and strategically place them around the event grounds along with informative signs to encourage guests to do the same.

7. Compost Material

Layers of cardboard in compost help maintain a healthy ratio of green to brown materials. You can use it to increase the carbon content of your compost, and it will also serve to keep things somewhat contained.

8. Floor guider for occasions 

It's the perfect use for those massive cardboard boxes. When renting a venue, it's a good idea to lay down some cardboard to protect the floors from spills and food stains before you start cooking and serving. A worker who must stand for long periods will appreciate the mat's ability to absorb shock, contain spills, and protect against scuffs.

What are the advantages of cardboard box?

1. Lightweight

When the container's weight must be considered for long-distance transit, lightweight packaging boxes are a clear choice. If that's the case, the business owner would be better off using cardboard boxes for shipping. None of these containers are particularly heavy. It's more accurate to state that they have no noticeable effect on the scale when their weight is entered. This characteristic remains unchanged regardless of the density of the materials you employ in making your individualized packaging boxes.

2. Packaging Safety 

These boxes are ideal if you need to ship fragile items with confidence. The purpose of cardboard boxes is to shield their contents from any potential damage. They'll keep your items in their packaging and out of harm's way. But they also guarantee that your items are safe from any jolts, vibrations, and shocks.

3. Customizable 

What makes corrugated packaging so attractive to retailers is the flexibility it affords in terms of design and branding. You may use corrugated for all of your packaging needs, from creating a unique retail display for your goods to building a shipping box that is made just for your product.

4. Eco-friendly 

Sustainable packaging has the potential to benefit both the environment and your online store's bottom line. Building trust with your clientele is essential to your success as an online retailer. The importance of eco-friendly packaging and goods has increased in recent years.

Sustainable packaging options like corrugated cardboard help to fulfill these ideals. I’d like to bring to your attention that, according to, the corrugated industry's recovery rate has averaged 96% annually over the past eight years and reached a record high of 100% in 2018.

5. Cost-effective

Many companies forego investing in attractive packaging for their wares because they believe it will be too costly. Some people are even worried about the high printing costs associated with their boxes. Compared to plastic packaging, for instance, the price of these boxes is much lower.

6. Saves your products or items 

Selecting boxes with the highest possible level of protection is crucial. That's good for business for both you and your customers. When your inventory is safe from harm, you can rest assured that you will make your full investment back. The use of sturdy cardboard boxes can protect your products from the time they are manufactured through their delivery. Your product's thickness can be adjusted between 280 and 550 GSM to meet your needs.

7. Highly Flexible

Cardboard boxes stand out from the crowd amongst packaging boxes in several ways. You can put just about anything in these boxes. They are versatile and can be shaped, sized, glued, taped, or stapled in any way you like. The options for customization on these boxes are limitless. In this way, manufacturers can create one-of-a-kind packaging boxes that will snugly fit their products because they can be designed to fit any size product.

Are cardboard boxes sustainable?

Yes, cardboard boxes are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Here are the reasons Why?

1. Secure packaging 

Fluting one or two sheets of linerboard creates sturdily corrugated, which keeps contents safe. Many varieties of corrugated material offer varying levels of product and transportation protection. It's a flexible material that may be molded to fit a product securely, limiting unnecessary space to prevent shifting or breaking during transportation.

2. Recyclable

The corrugated packaging business has the highest recycling rate. Corrugated fiberboard may be recycled 25 times. Most corrugated boxes are 70-100% recycled. Highly recycled corrugated is environmentally friendly.

3. Reduced Waste

Customized corrugated packing reduces waste. This material reduces waste after use by being 100% recyclable. The container can be reused or recycled.

4. Economic Focus

Corrugated is a cost-effective and dependable packaging technique. This lightweight packaging may be custom-fitted to a product to minimize waste. Material expenses are cheap since the material is self-sufficient. This robust, lightweight material is accountable for any size package.

5. Multi-functional

This material can be used for packing, shipping, and retail display. Corrugated may be used for any application, making it a versatile and effective material. Corrugated packaging can be used for storage or safety following the product's trip.

6. Renewable

Renewable and self-sufficient packaging is made from trees and recyclable materials. This industry is self-sufficient since it uses renewable forests. Packaging is made from woodchips and papermaking scraps. 

FAQs: Cardboard Box 

Question: Is a paper box same as cardboard?

Answer: Despite being much thicker than regular paper, paperboard only has a single layer. Cardboard consists of three sheets of strong paper, two of which are flat and one of which is wavy. These two items cannot be recycled together or in the same manner due to their distinct paper layers and weights.

Question: What is an alternative to cardboard boxes?

Answer: The alternative cardboard boxes are Recycled & eco-friendly Plastics, Cornstarch packaging, Seaweed Packaging, Mushroom Packaging, Biodegradable Air Peanuts, and Inflatable Air Pillows. 

Question: What is the most eco-friendly packaging?

Answer: The eco-friendly packaging options are: 

  • Compostable Packaging 
  • Recycled Packaging 
  • Corrugated Packaging 
  • Glassine Packaging 
  • Cellulose Packaging  

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