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Biodegradable Straws

Price: 1.5 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50000 Piece/Pieces

9 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



5cp Plastic Meal Tray

Price: 9.6-10.5 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 2500 Piece/Pieces

9 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter



White Disposable Cap

Price: 1.00 - 2.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10000 Piece/Pieces

Material - Non-Woven

Color - White

16 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer



Sustainable Designer Copper Drinking Straw

Price: 0.30-1 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 200 Piece/Pieces

Product Type - Bar product

Material - Copper

Size - Medium

8 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Eco-Friendly Black Paper Drinking Straw

Price: 0.70 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10000 Piece/Pieces

Product Type - Drinking Straw

Material - Paper

Size - 6,8,10 mm

3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Bed Sheet

20 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


New Delhi

Pink Disposable Paper Straws

Price: 114 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Piece/Pieces

Product Type - Disposable Paper Straws

Material - Paper

Color - Pink

3 Years

Response Rate: 81.9%

Business Type: Supplier



Silver 3 Cp Rectangular Food Plate

Price: 2800 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Box/Boxes

Color - Silver

Product Type - Food Plate

Material - Aluminium

3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Paper Glass Making Machine

Price: 750000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units

Computerized - Yes

Control System - PLC Control

5 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier

Moksh Industries


300Ml Milk Shake Cup Application: Commercial

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

Application - Commercial

Material - Paper

Size - Different Available

2 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Plastic Disposable Biohazard Bags

Price: 3.5 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

Product Type - Disposable Biohazard Bags

Material - Plastic

Size - Small, Medium, Large

3 Years

Response Rate: 94.29%

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter



40 Percent Bio Based Disposable Plastic Aprons Application: Industrial

MOQ - 3000 Kilograms/Kilograms

Application - Industrial

Product Type - Biodegradable Disposable Plastic Aprons

Material - Plastic

5 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Round 4 Compartment Yellow Coated Disposable Paper Plates For Party Wear Size: 10Inch

Price: 2.50 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 25000 Piece/Pieces

Application - Party

Product Type - Disposable Paper Plate

Material - Paper

3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer



Plastic Transparent Disposable Glass Application: Commercial

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

Application - Commercial

Product Type - Disposable Glass

Material - Plastic

2 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter



Hot And Cold Pe Coated Paper Cups 300Ml Size: 300 Ml

Price: 1.30 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 25000 Piece/Pieces

Material - Paper

Size - 300 ml

Feature - Hot and Cold

9 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



White Paper Lollipop Sticks

Price: 180 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 12000 Piece/Pieces

Product Type - Paper Lollipop Sticks

Material - Paper

Color - White

4 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



White Ecofriendly Sugarcane Baggasse Plates

Price: 400 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Pack/Packs

Application - Parties, Events etc.

Product Type - Sugarcane Baggasse Plates

Material - Sugarcane Baggasse

5 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Greater Noida

Rectangular Disposable Clamshell Application: Kitchen

MOQ - 100 Pole/Poles

Application - Kitchen

Product Type - Disposable Clamshell

Material - Polyester

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Dinner Plates Application: Marriage Party

Price: 58 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 500 Unit/Units

Application - Marriage party, buffet dinner

Product Type - Dinner Plates

Material - Fibre plastic

10 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Ear Cap Application: Commercial

Price: 150 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Pack/Packs

Application - Commercial

Material - Non Woven

Size - Different Available

3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier



Polythene Transparent Hand Gloves

16 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Matel 5 Compartment Meal Tray For Serving Or Packing Use

Price: 17.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 4 Piece/Pieces

Application - for Food Serving or Packing

Color - Black and White

Product Type - 5 Compartment Meal Tray

3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter



Lint Free Cloth Application: Industrial

Price: 19 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces

Application - Industrial

Product Type - Lint Free Cloth

Material - Polyester

8 Years

Response Rate: 89.01%

Business Type: Distributor | Exporter



White Cotton Tissue Application: Personal Use

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces

Application - Personal Use

Product Type - Tissue

Material - Cotton

1 Years

Business Type: Trading Company

Shree Manokamna Enterprises


Golden Sweet Tray ( 800gm X 4 Line Inner)

13 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


New Delhi

Dustbin Disposable Bag Application: Hospital

Price: 70 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Kilograms/Kilograms

Application - Hospital, Clinic

Product Type - Dustbin Bag

Material - Plastic

5 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter



Paper Wrapped Straw Application: Beverage

Price: 0.8 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Carton/Cartons

Application - Beverage

Product Type - Paper Wrapped Straw

Material - Paper

2 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter


New Delhi

Disposable Products Manufacturers | Suppliers in India

Company NameLocationMember Since
Dispowear Sterite CompanyNew Delhi, India20 Years
Bellcross Industries Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai, India16 Years
Patil EnterprisesPune, India16 Years
Shankar Polymer Pvt. Ltd.New Delhi, India13 Years
Shree Giriraj PolyplastAhmedabad, India10 Years
Join Pack Machines (Pvt.) Ltd.Delhi, India9 Years
Disposable PointGurugram, India9 Years
Bengaluru Paper CupsBengaluru, India9 Years
Zh Moulded Pulp Co., Ltd.Xiangtan, China9 Years
Metal MarqueMoradabad, India8 Years

What Are Disposable Products?

Products that are meant to be used just once before being thrown away or recycled are known as disposables. Products that are meant to be thrown away after a certain amount of time has passed (such disposable air filters) are also frequently referred to as "disposables" to differentiate them from similar products that can be utilized (e.g. washable air filters).

In the mechanical world, the term "consumables" is commonly used; nevertheless, the term "disposables" should not be confused with it. Welders use consumables such as nozzles, gas, welding rods, tips etc. since they have a finite lifespan and must be changed periodically.


Advantages of Disposable Products

1. Worker Safety

Lightweight, one-time-use (disposable) food service packaging reduces the potential for injury, including back pain, among employees.

To ensure the security of their employees, businesses should switch to disposable packaging.

2. Convenience

The cost-free convenience of throwaway containers is crucial. Many homes recycle food containers by washing them and reusing them to store leftovers.

3. Prevents food spoilage

Because of the insulating properties of disposable packaging, food can be kept hot for a considerable amount of time. As a result, there will be much less waste due to improper cooking temperatures or food spoiling.

4. Water & Energy Savings

Restaurants employ industrial-sized dishwashing facilities, which require hot water (between 150 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit) at a rate of about 7 gallons per minute.

This data makes it possible to estimate the daily global consumption of water and energy for dishwashing in restaurants and homes.

5. Sanitation and Health benefits

Disposable food service packaging is an excellent measure taken in the fight against food-borne illness. These products considerably reduce food contamination and the spread of infections because they are used only once.

If a business does not have access to reliable methods of disinfecting and washing its dishes and silverware, then it should use disposable packaging.

6. Easy Availability

If you're planning a buffet but find you don't have enough fancy silverware to dress it up, throwaway alternatives are your best bet.

Disposable silverware is readily available and cheap at any local retailer. Disposable cutlery is widely available at any time and at any location, as its sale is a common fixture in most retail establishments.

7. Less hassle

Because of the decreased cost, using Disposable Products is less of a hassle. If you host a family reunion outside, for instance, you don't have to worry about losing your silverware.

8. Kids friendly

Disposable dinnerware is preferable to traditional steel cutlery since it poses less of a threat of injury, and this applies even to young children. However, parents should constantly keep an eye on their kids at the dinner table.


Materials Use to Make Disposable Products

1. Paper

Bagasse can be utilized as a sturdy raw material for producing inexpensive disposable tableware. It's rigidity and strength are what it offers. Disposable tableware can be made from a variety of materials, not just bagasse.

2. Plastic

A wide range of everyday items are fabricated from polystyrene due to its adaptability as a material. The polymerization of styrene results in a tough, rigid, and transparent synthetic resin. It has found extensive application in the field of food packaging.

It can serve as a tray, a container, a disposable fork, or a spoon, and it can also be used as a foamed cup, bowl, or plate. Specifically, polystyrene belongs to the family of vinyl polymers.

With a few notable exceptions, polystyrene cannot be broken down by natural processes. Most aromatic hydrocarbon solvents will work to break it down quickly.

3. Cotton

Products like tea bags, tablecloths, paper plates, disposable glass, tea cups, and even disposable bedding and uniforms can benefit from the use of nonwoven cotton. Cotton seeds have a short layer of fuzz called linters covering them.

The linters are rich in cellulose. Linters contain cellulose, which can be extracted and used in the production of plastics and other synthetic products.

Cotton linters have even found a purpose in the creation of electronic components like circuit boards and screens for televisions.

4. Polystyrene foam

PS foam sheet finds widespread application in the disposable packaging industry, including but not limited to meat and produce egg cartons, trays, disposable dinnerware, and takeout and catering containers.

Polystyrene, or olystyrene, is a plastic that has many applications. Uses for polystyrene foam include insulation for homes and appliances, lightweight, durable packaging, surfboards, and even food preparation.


Most Common Disposable Products

1. Toilet Paper

Although it's not for everyone, using cloth toilet paper isn't that unlike from washing baby wipes or diapers. To clean the fabric, simply store it in a covered container next to the toilet and use a mixture of hot water and vinegar.

You can use cloths you've produced yourself or store-bought wipes that can be reused hundreds of times.

2. Cotton balls

Cotton balls, like paper towels and napkins, can be simply substituted with reusable cloth versions. The cotton balls are unnecessary if you have small circles of soft fabric on hand, such as fleece.

3. Diapers and baby Wipes

However, investing in a large quantity of high-quality cloth diapers will result in significant cost savings. Cloth diaper services, which provide new diapers each week and launder the soiled ones, can save you money compared to disposable ones.

Cloth wipes, as opposed to paper wipes, are safer for infants' delicate skin and may be washed along with regular laundry.

4. Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

Pads that prevent periods, silicone cups that can be reused, etc. Currently, people can pick from an abundance of available alternatives.

5. Gift Wrappers

How wasteful to package gifts! Its sole purpose is to be taken away as a gift in a matter of seconds and then forgotten.

You need just keep an eye out for interesting patterns in wallpaper sample books, big volumes in the free bin of a library, and brown paper bags that you can use as wrapping with your own flare added.

6. Coffee Filters

There are "permanent" filters available that will last the lifetime of your coffee machine, if not longer.

7. Plastic food bags

Any food you typically store in plastic bags, even sandwiches, is unnecessary. The uses for mason jars and stainless steel food containers are practically endless.

Only vacuum-seal bags, which I use to store perishable foods like fruits and vegetables, get a pass from me.

Fortunately, they are all reusable, so you can keep using them for a long time.

8. Bottle Water

Empty water bottles can be recycled; however this won't reduce the amount of energy used to make new bottles (and recreation).

Considering that at least 25% of all bottled water comes straight from the tap, it's high time we stopped buying it. If the tap water where you are doesn't cut it, look for a place nearby where you can fill up your 5-gallon jugs

9. Disposable plates, cups and Cutlery

Washable and mismatched cups, plates, forks, knives, and mason jars are abundant at your local thrift store, perfect for the farmhouse style that is currently trending.

The use of this set can result in stunning and entertaining table settings.

This is an excellent plan for conserving energy and materials while yet throwing a party that everyone will remember.

10 . Facial Tissue

For hundreds of years, nobody had any problems when they used handkerchiefs. It's as simple as adding the used item to the following wash of laundry to eliminate any potential viruses.

You don't even need to use the hot cycle because the washing machine will take care of them.

11. Paper Napkins

Using paper napkins is completely unnecessary. Cloth has a more refined appearance and feel, is easily cleaned, and may be reused indefinitely. If you are concerned about spills, darker hues are better.

12. Paper Towels

You can substitute cloth napkins, fabric squares cut from damaged or torn clothing, read newspapers, and even junk mail ads for paper towels.

Materials made of cloth can be laundered as usual, whereas items made of paper, such as newspapers, can be recycled or composted.

One major benefit of using disposable products is that they are completely biodegradable. Disposable items can be used as a renewable resource in the form of compost. The disposable wooden cutlery sold by a number of companies is chemical-free and thus safe for human consumption. Throwaway supplies are a great replacement for the plastic disposable cutlery that is piling up in landfills throughout the world. Hardwood species like birch and maple are the most common choices for crafting wooden cutlery.


FAQs: Disposable Products


Q. How to start disposable products business?

Ans. Follow the steps:

  • Register your business
  • Make a business plan
  • Plan accounts and Bookkeeping
  • Analyze the human resource
  • Location of the business
  • Raw Materials
  • Machinery
  • Promotion of the business

Q. In which industry disposable products are mostly used?

Ans. Foodservice industry like Restaurants and hotels are mostly used these disposable products to pack or serve their food items.

Q. Different between disposable products and reusable products?

Ans. Products labeled as "reusable" are those that may be washed and used again and again if cared for in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. While Disposable can be reused in the case of assets, it cannot be reused otherwise. There's no denying the convenience of disposable products, but the production and trash generated by each and every plastic bag and disposable fork adds up.

Q. What items are considered disposable products?

Ans. Disposable plates, cups, cutlery, glass, spoons, napkins, sanitary pads, plastic water bottles are some common disposable products.


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