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White Steel Outdoor Cat Cage

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FAQs Related to Cat Cage

How big should a cat cage be?

Cats belong to the feline family, of which tigers, lions, cheetah, leopards are also members. Cats have been domesticated by human beings, and are one of the most popular pets in the world. Cats are independent and yet very attached to their caregivers, and this is what makes them a desirable pet. Cat cages come in handy, when owners are moving or relocating from one place to another. A cat cage should be big enough for the cat to stand erect on its feet, and be able to move about. Plenty of space must be there inside the cage to place food and water. The cages must be airy and well insulated against the elements.

Can you put two cats in one cage?

It would not be a good idea to put two cats in one cage, especially when relocating over a long distance. Cats tend to be territorial and have an independent mind set. Unless two cats have been well socialised with each other, it would be a bad idea to place two cats in a single cage. However, if the cage is big, and allows sufficient air circulation, then a partition can be created to prevent the cats from physically attacking each other. Thus, only when there is a large cage should one risk placing two cats together.

How long can cat stay in cat cage?

Cats can stay for a long time inside the cage, as long as, the cats are let out regularly over the relocating journey. Cats do not like to stay bound inside a confined space, and longer periods of captivity will stress them out. Therefore, it is imperative that cats be given sedatives, as recommended by the vet, before being placed in a cage for long journey. Sedation will help calm the cat and the journey will be uneventful.

What is the avg. price of cat cage in India?

The price of cat cage in India varies from size, shape and material used. A simple cat cage can be constructed using mesh wires and steel rods, However these are not very comfortable for the cat. Ready made cat cages are available in the market that have a plastic body, with meshed gates in the front and back. The plastic body is made out of heavy duty material, and also has proper air circulation. The price of a small cat cage begins from 1800 rupees onwards.