Culturally and religiously, India is a nation that is noted for its wide range of traditions. Not only it is known for its luxurious textiles, but it is also known for its ornate jewelry. Since the creation of Kundan is thought to have begun in the royal courts of Rajasthan millennia earlier, it is regarded to be regal. It's also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewelry by some people. The term "Kundan" refers to extremely pure gold. Glass or gems are enclosed in a gold foil base manufactured from highly processed and pure molten gold, which lends the jewelry its name.

Kundan Jewellery's Origin and Development

You should know as much as you can about Kundan jewellery from the very beginning of its manufacture. It is believed to have developed in the Rajasthani royal courts and thrived even more under the Mughal emperors' patronage. Since the 3rd century BCE, it may also be dated back to this period Kundan, a type of gold jewelry, was a standard in royal wardrobes and was frequently used in bridal jewelry as well. In the film Jodhaa Akbar, Aishwarya Rai's portrayal of Kundan jewelry emphasized its importance and impact among the Rajasthani royals.

The Kundan Jewellery production process is broken down into many stages:

  • To begin, the craftsman employs a sturdy framework known as Ghaat on which to operate.
  • Afterward, there's the procedure known as Paadh, in which an artist drips hot wax into the Ghaat framework and molds it into the desired shape;
  • Afterward, a method known as Khudai is used to set the stones or diamonds.
  • Now comes the Meenakari, a method for adorning jewelry: in reality, the craftsman is responsible for enameling the Kundan Jewel throughout this phase.
  • After that, the artist uses gold foils to secure the jewels or valuable stones to the base of the piece. Who can keep their balance? The welder uses a specific method to fuse them.
  • The Kundan Jewellery's gemstones and stones are cleaned in the Chillai process, which comes after the production process. When finished, they should be glossy, clean, and free of any trace of prior welding.
  • Hamid Khan Kundan Jewellery
  • Mukund Jewellers
  • Ramakrishna Jewellers
  • Panaah Jewellery Studio
  • Pipa Bella
  • Voylla
  • Zaveri Pearls
  • YouBella
  • Shree Hari Diamonds
  • Emerald

1. Hamid Khan Kundan Jewellery

This jewelry shop in Malad, Mumbai, is one of the most prominent Kundan jewellery manufacturers for satisfying the needs of its customers. The company was founded in 2014 & has since become a household brand in its industry. Customers may choose from a variety of Kundan Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry Rings, Kundan Meena Jewellery, Gold-Plated Kundan Jewelry, Kundan Gemstone Jewelry, and more at this business.

2. Mukund Jewellers

Burrabazar, Kolkata's Mukund Jewellers, is well-known for meeting the needs of its clientele. The company was founded in 1990 and has since become a household brand in its industry. A-C Market, Jain Dharmshala, Kalakar Street, Burrabazar-700007, is where it is located. Jain Dharmshala is a notable symbol in the neighborhood, and this institution is located just a few blocks from the location.

Mukund Jewellers in Burrabazar, Kolkata, has built long-term connections with its customers because it believes in customer-centricity. Providing high-quality products and services to customers is of utmost significance in ensuring a happy shopping experience.

3. Ramakrishna Jewellers

Every bride will like the stunning and authentic assortment offered by this Lajpat jeweler, one of the finest in the city. To get a sense of the styles and costs, I'd suggest looking at their website first. Many accessories are available for both young girls and adults. For this company, it doesn't matter what type of jewelry you're looking for; they have it all. Over 10,000 distinct styles of jewelry are currently available for purchase.

4. Panaah Jewellery Studio

Pachi Ahmedabadi Kundan is a centuries-old jewelry-making tradition that hails from Gujarat, India. The Panaah Jewellery Studio was founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 2017.

Panaah gained widespread acclaim in India within four years of its launch and established itself as a prospective manufacturer and wholesaler. Ten nations throughout the world, including China, Japan, and Korea, are part of Panaah's worldwide reach.

Natural stone and semi-precious jewelry, modern jewelry, Kundan jewellery set, Meenakari jewelry, cubic zirconia, and oxidized silver jewelry are among the items they provide.

5. Pipa Bella

Jewelry is offered for sale at Pipa Bella. Pipa Bella, situated in India, is the first thing that comes to mind once they hear about the greatest online jewelry purchasing sites in India. This company was popular among young people since it was so simple to use on the internet. Pipa Bella's employees provide more than 1,000 unique bracelets, Kundan Jewelry, and cocktail ring designs, as well as necklace pendants, earrings, and chains, to the company.

Pipa Bella's creations are even more sought-after since they include a variety of additional materials, such as gemstones, metals, resins, jewels, and beads.

6. Voylla

Voylla has a comprehensive variety of counterfeit jewelry, including an online store and multiple brick-and-mortar locations in the Delhi NCR area. Voylla is the place to go if you're looking for affordable Kundan jewelry. Established in 2011, it has seen a great deal of evolution since then. More than 250 retailers and more than 45,000 distinct styles are available at this time.

Make sure to check out their website or Amazon or Myntra to see if they have anything in stock. The price ranges from 99 rupees to 103,999 rupees.

  • The most popular plastic jewelry brand on the market today.
  • There are many individuals all around the nation.
  • A good selection of jewelry and other items at an affordable price.

7. Zaveri Pearls

Zaveri Pearls is another Indian firm that creates excellent imitation jewelry. Women in India have a variety of options for stylish jewelry once this business debuted in 1997.As a result of its intricate Kundan bridal jewellery and usage of pearls in art, Zaveri Pearls has built a solid reputation for itself over the years. Pick up some jewelry from this business and you'll have all you need to look rich and gorgeous in any outfit. Zaveri's pearls can be purchased for anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 12500.

8. YouBella

YouBella is the place to go if you're looking for some trendy designer jewelry. It is not necessary to spend more money to enhance your appearance. YouBella has earned the title of "best fake jewelry category in India" in addition to being one of India's greatest jewelry brands. Anytime-of-the-day jewelry. On the site or Instagram, YouBella's jewelry may be found.

  • There are a ton of cool party supplies here.
  • Shop for all your fake jewelry needs in one place!

9. Shree Hari Diamonds

Shree Hari Diamonds in Dahisar, Mumbai, has built long-term connections with its customers because it believes in customer-centricity.

Customer satisfaction is a hallmark of Shree Hari Diamonds in Mumbai's Dahisar neighborhood. Since its inception in 1998, the company has been well-known in its industry. Located in Shree Krishna Industrial Estate near Dahisar Toll Naka in Ketki Pada, Mumbai is Unit No.10-11. There is a broad variety of Kundan jewellery online available from this company, including jewelry rings with diamonds, diamond-studded gold jewelry, and more.

10. Emerald

EK042 NAVRATAN KUNDAN SILVER Pendant Set is one of the many products they effectively provide. Sterling silver Kundan jewellery in the ninety-two percent silver range. Emerald Arts International was founded in 2002 and is a prominent producer, wholesaler, trader, and retailer of a comprehensive selection of Sherwani Button Sets, Wedding Kalangis, and silver pendants. Gopal Ganj, Pratapgarh - 312605, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India, is the location.


Consider Kundan Jewelry Shops and companies if you wish to buy Kundan jewelry in India. There are a variety of earrings, Kundan ranges, bracelets, and necklaces as well as anklets and mangal sutras to look at on each brand's website.

FAQs: Kundan Jewellery

Q. What payment methods are accepted at the jewelry Shop?

Ans. You may pay using cash, check, UPI, BHIM, G Pay, NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS, amongst other methods.

Q. How does the price of Kundan Jewelry vary on Type?

Ans. Type            Min Price          Max Price

Necklace        Rs 1550/Piece    Rs 60000/Piece

Q. How can I tell whether the Kundan I have is authentic?

Ans. Authenticity markings on jewelry should be checked. There is less chance of being duped. If, after wearing it for a while, the jewelry becomes black or green, it is not gold.

Q. Does Kundan jewellery cost more than gold?

Ans. Yes, Kundan jewelry is created entirely of gold, yet it costs less since the same quantity of gold is used.