Imitation jewellery is a type of accessory produced from a range of synthetic materials. Because of the high cost of raw materials used to create ‘real' jewellery, such items cannot be acquired at the start of each new year without burning up in the wallet. Experimenting with a wide range of designs and patterns is feasible with imitation jewellery. It’s what renders it a fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

Shopping for imitation jewellery online is the best and most convenient approach to getting a variety of options. This is primarily because making superb Imitation Jewellery is an art form, and high-quality items are difficult to come across. You may be sure of exceptional quality and variety if you shop from a reputable internet retailer. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are among the participants in the jewellery sector. In India, sales are primarily generated through online shops and exhibitions. Local fairs and jatras also draw a large number of customers and offer lower prices than online businesses.

Owing to the availability of a wide selection of products, good styles, exchangeable items, and other things, online sales have begun to pick up.

In addition, the fake jewellery business provides a significant portion of India's economy, and the population is increasing every day. Consequently, whether buying counterfeit jewellery in bulk or for individual use, one needs to be aware of the best imitation jewellery market to shop from.

So, these are the top imitation jewellery manufacturers and markets in India, both online and offline.

  • Hyderabad's Begum Bazaar
  • Chennai's George Town
  • Delhi's Sarojini Nagar
  • Bangalore's Commercial Street
  • Kolkata's New Market
  • Delhi's Janpath

Jewellery constructed of low-cost metals and jewels is known as imitation jewellery. Brass, nickel, silver, steel, silver, gold plated, etc, are the most common metals used in imitation jewellery.

  • New trends change quickly, which has a beneficial impact on market growth.
  • In the coming decades, rising facilitates the spread among teenagers, and low-cost stylish jewellery is expected to improve the entire industry.
  • Increasing raw material costs and the overall modest marketplace of duplicate jewellery are key restraints for the imitation jewellery market. The business faces a huge difficulty because of the fragmented distribution chain of raw materials used in necklaces, which can often increase raw material prices.

Top 10 Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters in India

As is customary, we've compiled a list of ten well-known Indian fashion and imitation jewellery producers and distributors.

  • Indian Imitation Jewellery
  • Archiee Impex
  • V. T. Impex
  • Padmavati Jewellery
  • Trendy Baubles
  • Vardhmaan Jewelers
  • Alex Jewellery online
  • Kanhai Jewels
  • Fashion Galiyara
  • Jewels Galaxy Wholesale

1. Indian Imitation Jewellery

If you would like to line your business with Indian necklaces, wedding sets, Kundan jewellery, Mang Tikas, gold-plated jewellery, designer jewellery, Bollywood jewellery, meenakari, etc, you can get the items of your choice. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, necklace sets, junk jewellery, gem jewellery, metal, bronze, polka, vintage, and ancient jewellery are among the items available on this site.

Unlike the other suppliers, this one also makes the jewellery your customers want, such rhodium, mate plated, silver antic coated, argent and jewel pecs of jewellery.

2. Archiee Impex

This is one of the well known imitation jewellery manufacturers Mumbai since they are recognized for providing an extensive array of premium quality Imitation Jewellery Designer items in multiple lengths, patterns, and thicknesses, which meet the needs of our valued customers in the most effective manner. These items are built utilizing the latest equipment and machinery to meet international quality standards.

3. V.T. Impex

V.T manufacturers provide you with the highest quality items for all types of tasks as a performance factor in the imitation jewellery market. They also deliver to remote parts of India at no additional cost from Chennai. V. T. Impex provides lifelong quality checks.

4. Padmavati Jewellery

Padmavati jewellery is a manufacturer jewellery vendor noted for a few of the best metal, gold, and diamond jewellery pieces, with an extremely competent team of chemists, technologists, craftspeople, and designers.

CZ necklace, earrings, rings, brace, pearls, and bangles, as well as kundan, creative, ancient, junk, meenakari, American diamonds, brass, antique, bronze, vintage, and polka jewellery, are among the pieces available.

For orders between $800 and $1520, you could also get a 5% reduction on transaction value discounts. Purchases between $ 1521 and $2280 receive a 7% price, whereas orders over $2281 receive a 10% discount.

5. Trendy Baubles

They are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive assortment of superior quality Imitation Jewellery. They cover a comprehensive variety of Imitation Jewellery goods in multiple lengths, patterns, and widths to meet the needs of our valued customers. These products are made utilizing the latest equipment and machinery to meet quality requirements. Gurgaon is where they are located.

They sell a variety of imitation jewellery, such as necklace sets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

6. Vardhmaan Jewelers

The manufacturer, as a major brand in the imitation jewellery sector, supplies you with top-quality items for all categories. The imitation jewellery exporters in Mumbai also provide free delivery to rural parts of India from Delhi to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and others. Vardhmaan Jewelers provides lifelong product testing.

Another meaning of imitation and costume jewellery is this supplier. Customers will be surprised by the nuances of this jewellery producer.

7. Alex Jewellery online

Alex Jewellery is a renowned Indian supply goldsmith that specializes in American diamond jewellery, kundan jewellery, shaping, and vintage jewellery.

Bracelets, earring sets, necklaces set, maang tikka, lengthy pendants, and haath panja are some of the jewellery pieces supplied by Alex jewellery.

Alex jewelers also offer wholesale discounts to customers over INR Rs. 25,000. The distributor also provides nationwide delivery, with packages arriving in 5-10 days.

8. Kanhai Jewels

Kanhai Jewels elevates the concept of imitation jewellery to new heights. Bead necklaces has been prominent in modern civilization since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Kanhai Jewels have a large selection of imitation jewellery from which to choose.

Furthermore, the elite selection is a once-in-a-lifetime try. A female's dressing table should have imitation jewellery. And Kanhai Jewels make a lady's jewellery dreams come true. For the creators of such jewellery, excellence is a typical occurrence.

This style's variants are one-of-a-kind and fit for an elite selection. The special collection is perfect for any occasion when you want to stand out from the crowd. Designer jewellery is available to women who want to look nice with their jewellery.

9. Fashion Galiyara

They have established a respectable reputation in the home and also massive economy via strong business ethics and global quality products such as Imitation Jewellery. They ship their goods all over the world along with India. They are proud of Fashion Galiyara's great quality goods and total commitment to consumers, which is supported by extensive experience.

Women enjoy wearing similar fashion accessories with their everyday attire. Artificial jewellery has become fashionable, and there are a variety of ornaments to pick from.

10. Jewels Galaxy Wholesale

This distributor in Kolkata sells not just the latest trends, but also the greatest of traditional Indian jewellery. From bangles and bracelets to earrings, mangal sutra, chains, rings, pendants set, necklaces, wristwatch, and fashionable jewellery, the store has it all.

The corporation offers shops a 10% discount on all larger purchases above Rs. 50,000 may appeal to you. However, that is not the only bulk discount available.

The company ships throughout India and to over 190 countries, with delivery times ranging from 7 to 10 days.


Imitation jewellery is classified as Gems, Jewellery, and Horoscope and is supplied from India to 177 nations. This article describes and assists you in locating India's top manufacturers of imitation jewellery and related items. It may also assist you with end-to-end Imitation jewellery trade solutions, including such shipping Imitation jewellery exports to international ports, logistical assistance for Imitation jewellery freight, clearing Imitation jewellery through immigration and quality assurance, and much more.

FAQs: Imitation Jewellery

Q. Why should you buy imitation jewellery in bulk from India?

Ans. Indian jewellery, unlike regular jewellery, is in growing market, not only because of distinctiveness, but because Indians regard jewellery as a fundamental instrument. Purchasing bulk imitation jewellery saves money on warehousing, which increases your profitability by lowering shipping costs.

Q. Why is Fashion Jewellery such a good choice for Business lady?

Ans. If you're a professional lady who prefers basic artificial jewellery or fashionable jewellery for everyday use, the imitation jewellery department is for you. The enormous variety would wow you!

Q. Where can I find Kanhai Jewels, or how can I place bulk orders for the latest counterfeit jewellery?

Ans. Kanhai Jewels are situated in Mumbai's Mangaldas Market, directly across from Jumma Masjid. If you wish to order fake jewellery in bulk, you could either visit the business or go to the internet where they have listed contact numbers.

Q. Is it possible to trust the purity of imitation jewellery?

Ans. All of the vendors' imitation jewellery is of better quality than that of their rivals' websites. They value the best quality in imitation jewellery pieces. As a result of this action, they have now become a leader in the imitation jewellery sector.