A wedding can be extremely expensive to plan. From stylish decor to costly lehengas, pleasure isn't always free. And we have to spend an insane amount of rupees on hair, clothes, makeup, and fashion jewellery to achieve the look of our desires! Why spend a fortune on jewellery when you can acquire it for a reasonable price?

Fashion jewellery is made to look like fine gold jewellery; however, it is usually plated in silver or gold. This type of jewellery is popular among Indian ladies since it is readily available and much less expensive than real jewellery. They can also be worn at any time of year, unlike fine jewellery, which requires a special event to be worn. In addition, the fashion jewellery business provides a significant portion of India's economy, and the number is rising by the day. Consequently, whether purchasing fashion jewellery in bulk or for personal use, one needs to be aware of the best fashion jewellery industry to purchase from.

To make your shopping easier, this is a compiled list of budget-friendly markets and establishments from across the country so that you. Make a note of where to go and not always look up online,” which is the best fashion jewellery near me?”

Janpath in Delhi

Janpath in Delhi, just like Begum Bazaar, has a large jewellery market. In reality, if you wander the alleys of Janpath, you can see fashion jewellery being mass-produced. All of the styles have an Indian influence, and the pricing is incredible. The majority of the individuals you'll see are wholesalers, making Janpath a popular destination for shops from across the country. The costs here might start as low as twenty dollars. Lovely jewels which sell stunning costume fashion jewellery, temple jewellery, oxidised jewellery, and even fashion jewellery sets are located on Janpath.

Pondy Bazaar in Chennai

Soundarapandianar Angadi is another name for Pondy Bazaar. It is one of Chennai's most popular shopping places. Many shops at this market sell fashion jewellery, which ranges from bangles to necklaces and rings. There, fashion jewellery manufacturers sell jewellery which is commonly referred to as "gold-covered" jewellery. These stores sell both wholesale and individual items. Pondy Bazaar is a really good place to go if you want to do some purchasing for your next big occasion.

Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad

This Bazaar is one of Hyderabad's oldest markets. And it is one of Hyderabad's busiest commercial areas. Begum Bazaar is famous for its beautiful fashion jewellery. This market attracts retailers and jewellery aficionados from all over the country because of the high quality and low costs. In this Bazaar, there are over a hundred shops selling imitation jewellery, particularly gold-covered fashion jewellery, at competitive rates. So, if you own tiny jewellery business, you may go to Begum market and shop your hearts out or purchase in bulk. Begum Bazaar's fashion jewellery is ideal for bulk purchasers who wish to establish their own modest jewellery business because it is inexpensive and can be resold for a significant profit.

George Town in Chennai

Chennai is regarded as the premier buying destination for all types of jewellery, especially fashion. Customers have a sweet spot for all things gold, whether it's actual gold or gold-plated jewellery. In Chennai, George Town is a market that is one of the best fashion jewellery markets. It's one of those marketplaces where you can find anything, including discounted fashion jewellery. There are a plethora of stores selling the most recent fake jewellery at ridiculously low costs.

Commercial street in Bangalore

This street is where you'll find the top fashion jewellery shops in Bangalore. Commercial Street is one of the country's most prominent fashion jewellery markets. You can see a good amount of fashion jewellery manufacturers here and vendors here. This market in Bangalore contains some of the greatest replica jewellery shops if you want to finish your jewellery purchase. There are also jewellery boutiques along the commercial street, selling all kinds of decorative items and jewellery sets with semi-precious jewels including aquamarine, amethyst, and other semi-precious gems. Apart from fake jewellery, Commercial Street is home to some of the top gold and silver jewellers in the city. SS Collection, Zeba Fashion Jewellery, Sthri Elite, and others are some of the greatest imitation jewellery merchants on these Streets. Anything from nose pins to earrings to fashion jewellery sets to bracelets and rings is available.

Sadar Bazaar in Delhi

This Bazaar is a wholesale market located near Chandni Chowk in Delhi. This is definitely among the places to go if you're seeking oxidised fashion jewellery for your henna or sangeet night. You can come here to acquire matching earrings after purchasing your ideal lehenga from this market. It also features a large selection of jhumkis.

New Market in Kolkata

The marketplace in Kolkata is the most popular tourist site in Eastern India. Everything, including apparel and fashion jewellery manufacturers, is available at a very low price. Sreehari Jewellers which is a fashion jewellery manufacturer, for example, sells stunning replica jewellery at a decent cost. From earrings to gold-plated bracelets to fashion jewellery sets, they have it all.

Sarojini Nagar in Delhi

This is one of the most famous venues for street shopping in India, with Delhi females as well as girls from other parts of the country flocking there. It is well-known for its ridiculously cheap prices. This market is well-known for anything from clothing to fashion jewellery.

When it comes to jewellery, Sarojini Nagar has every type of fashion jewellery you could want. Whether it's for a large wedding or a party, Sarojini Nagar has all kinds of discounted, fashion jewellery. The only day when the market is closed is on a Monday. The regular functioning time of the market is from 11 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Bhuleshwar Market in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there is a marketplace where you can acquire cheap fashion jewellery for as little as Rs 15 a and this is not a joke. You can either get small jhumkis or invest in large bridal necklaces and other fashion jewellery sets. This market can supply you with all of your gorgeous wedding accessories at a reasonable price.

Best Online Fasion Jewellery Sites in India


In case buying fashion jewellery from real markets isn't your thing, don't panic, there are places to get fashion jewellery online. Websites like Kanhai.com can help immensely with this concern.  If travelling great distances to shop is a hassle for you, buying fashion jewellery online is the ideal option because it saves time and money. Kanhai Jewels are the best online market for fashion jewellery, with the most up-to-date fashion jewellery styles available for wholesale. Kanhai Jewels, which is based in Mumbai also sells different varieties of fashion jewellery including bangles, necklace sets, nose pins, and earrings. This website also sells Indo western jewellery, antique earrings, and antique necklace sets, among other things.


This is another seller of fashion jewellery online and is another fantastic market for fashion jewellery, where the pieces are divided into several categories. Different sorts of fashion jewellery, such as Navratri jewellery, temple jewellery, Maharashtrian jewellery, and are included in these sections. Pendant sets, anklets, chains, flower jewellery, and other sorts of fashion jewellery are available. Anuradha Art Jewellery in Nashik is one of the greatest online stores for affordable fashion jewellery sets.


This is another site where you can buy fashion jewellery online. Reduced-cost fashion jewellery, such as earrings, gold-coated mangal sutras, bangles, and chains is available.

If you want to buy jewellery in quantity for gatherings, wedding celebrations, or receptions, Mirraw.com is the place to go. They feature a large selection of fashion jewellery, including south Indian jewellery, kundan, temple, and other fashion jewellery sets, among other things.

FAQs: Fashion Jewellery

Q. What is the term for fashion jewellery?

Ans. Fashion jewellery sometimes referred to as "costume jewellery," is frequently constructed of base metals like aluminium, copper, and brass. Textiles and leather, as well as base metals coated with valuable metals, can be used to create fashion jewellery.

Ans. Earrings are by far the most common style of jewellery, and round carved stones are the most famous ones. The bigger the stone the better it is. After conducting a poll, more than 3,700 women who were asked about their favourite jewellery, all replied with the same thing.

Q. What is the difference between fashion and exquisite jewellery?

Ans. Fashion jewellery doesn’t have either semi-precious or valuable, pearls, gemstones, or different elements. Great Jewellery is not composed of precious metals (excluding precious metal coating over non-precious/base metal).

Ans. Earrings have been the most preferred of the four basic types of jewellery, accounting for 41% of total demand. Rings, on the other hand, were in high demand, outnumbering bracelets and necklaces combined.

Q. What is the definition of a fashion ring?

Answer: Fashion ring is a ring that is worn for its aesthetic value rather than its symbolic importance. Jewellery is frequently associated with significant life events such as engagements, anniversaries, and weddings.