India has always been known to be a land of creativity. Creativity in Design and materials is always at the forefront of innovation, and Indian designers are amongst the leading innovators in the world, in a plethora of domains. Jewellery is a very old invention that dates back to prehistoric times. Although pearls, diamonds, gold, and other precious stones are typically linked with jewellery, it is not restricted to these. Originally, jewellery consisted of beads, shells, and plants. Jewellery making (be it Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other metals or materials) is a lucrative business in India, as Indian women love to sport trendy designs to express themselves. So, Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers have played a very important role in this field.

Since the Harappa Civilization people living in the Indian sub-continent have been known to sport jewellery. This has been proven with many artifacts behind discovered at the various excavation sites of this civilization. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that there has always been a trend for sports jewellery for ages in this region.  Also there has been a huge demand for imitation jewellery manufacturers. The reason could be cultural, social or simply being fashion conscious. Most of the traditional jewellery manufactured in India is made out of precious metals and stones like Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamonds, etc. it is not always possible to purchase such items for everyone, due to the high cost. Also, there is always a fear of such expensive jewellery being lost, snatched, or misplaced.

This leaves open a huge space for manufacturers and designers to produce jewellery using other cheaper metals and stones, to cut down the cost, while ensuring that the products are fashionable, smart, and trendy. Jewellery made from such materials, which are available at low cost is called artificial jewellery. Although the word artificial is associated with this nomenclature, it does not mean that the jewellery is fake. In India, the majority of the jewellery made and bought is of gold and silver. Artificial jewellery is merely an imitation of the same precious metal jewellery design, made using cheaper metals. However, these jewellery items are coated with a film of gold or silver coloured chemicals to provide the luster and shine. In traditional Indian weddings also, one can see the widespread use of imitation or artificial jewellery. Often people think that imitation jewellery and artificial jewellery are different. However, there is no difference between the same, given that both of them are made out of non-precious metals. Artificial jewellery is a broad term indicating that the jewellery is manufactured using metals like copper, aluminum, etc. The design is such that it is very hard to distinguish between precious metal and non-precious metal jewellery. Imitation jewellery can be understood to be those jewellery items, whose design is a copy of an already existing precious metal jewellery, but manufactured using cheaper products.

Here are the top 10 artificial jewellery manufacturers in India. Their designs are modern and are very popular amongst the masses. They take bulk orders and have a strong network of delivery and logistic partners to ensure timely delivery.

1) Kanhai jewels:

Kanhai Jewels, established in 2001 in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), is known as the premier manufacturer, trader, distributor, and seller of a wide range of imitation jewellery. Professionals use high-quality basic materials and cutting-edge technology to develop and construct the offered jewelries per international standards. These jewelries are made in a variety of styles, patterns, colours, finishes, and sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Design, excellent look, optimum finish, ease to wear, and shiny apprentice is all attributes that their products have. They are supported by a group of highly skilled specialists. Their warehousing facility is outfitted with all of the necessary machines and equipment for safe product storage and transportation.

2) Shourya Jewels & Exports:

Shourya Exports are a Sole Proprietorship, established in the year 2013 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They engaged as the top Manufacturer, Exporter, and Wholesaler of Ladies' Earrings, Ladies' Bangles, Ladies' Rings, and so on. They always make sure that the products get delivered at the earliest and as a result, they have a large client base in the market. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are all exporting countries for this artificial jewellery manufacturer in India.

3) Satyam Jewellery Nx:

Satyam Jewellery NX, Mumbai, was founded in 2011 and is known for producing, supplying, retailing, distributing, trading, and exporting a wide range of high-quality designer jewellery. Designer Earrings, Designer Bangles, and Pendant Set are among the products available. These jewellery items are meticulously designed utilizing the newest technique and equipment to ensure high-quality requirements. These pieces of jewellery can be manufactured to order according to the requirements specified by the buyers. These jewellery items are noted for their seductive design, fine quality, and attractive look. They are precisely designed per the newest market trends. The organization has been supported by a staff of highly experienced individuals since its inception. These specialists collaborate closely with consumers to suit their specific needs.

4) Dipam Enterprises:

They have been in business since 2002 as an exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, and trader of high-quality designer jewellery. The jewellery collection they offer is widely known in the market for its enticing design, long-lasting sheen and lustre, great aesthetic appeal, and outstanding finish. It is made from the finest quality basic materials and stones. Clients have praised their whole collection for its excellent balance of traditional and modern designs. They have a staff of jewellery designers and seasoned artisans who help to create the perfect jewellery line ideal for both casual and formal occasions. They can give personalization of their product range as well. The organization's infrastructure facility is equipped with all of the necessary machines for jewellery design. They have a quality control facility where they send finished items and raw materials for testing. They have been able to regularly offer perfect jewellery goods to their clientele by implementing TQM policies.

5) Zaveri Pearls:

Zaveri Pearls is a well-known imitation jewellery company in India, having been established in 1997. The firm is well-known for its stunning Kundan patterns, which are accessible at extremely low costs. The elaborate workmanship and pearl decorations give it a luxurious style, making you appear richer and more sophisticated. Zaveri Pearls will always have something to offer its dedicated consumer base, no matter what the occasion. This brand is available on Amazon, and around the holiday season, customers might find some fantastic bargains.

6) Panah Jewellery Studio:

Panaah Jewellery Studio opened its doors in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 2017. Panaah gained a widespread reputation in India just four years after its founding and established itself as a prospective manufacturing and distribution company. Panaah has a global presence in eleven countries, where it caters to niche international consumers. They offer German silver jewelry, brass jewellery, natural stone, and semiprecious jewellery, etc. backed by a team of highly skilled workers, they can make bespoke jewellery, to ensure client satisfaction.

7) Manek Ratna:

Manek Ratna has been in the business of making, selling, retailing, and trading an attractive assortment of Jewellery and Religious Idols since 2010. They specialize in Kundan Jewellery, Religious Jewellery, and Coin Sets Jewellery, and these are professionally manufactured. All of the jewellery is made by dexterous artisans who can provide clients with an incomparable variety. The excellent fashion appeal of the replica jewellery is well-known. Furthermore, the collection's most striking features include exceptional craftsmanship, contemporary designs, distinctive patterns, long-lasting shine, detailed patterns, and fine polishing. They have been able to intricately design and develop many types of jewellery goods thanks to a large infrastructure setup.

8) Pipa Bella:

Pipa Bella is an Indian jewellery brand that produces innovative and cheap jewellery. It was founded in 2013. It is a wholly online brand with products available on a variety of e-commerce platforms. Customers will receive 18k gold plated jewellery that is composed of durable materials and is guaranteed to last a long time. Pipa Bella offers it all, whether the client like chunky sets or just needs a simple necklace for a day out.

9) Ashoka Jewelers:

This imitation jewellery manufacturer makes American Diamond Necklace Sets, Earrings, bangles, and Kundan Bracelet with Ring Set and they have been in business since 2010. The company has honed its skills in meeting its clients' needs precisely as they specify. They place a premium on high-quality standards to ensure that the products they supply to their customers are always at their best.

10) Sukkhi Jewels:

With its high-quality items, Sukkhi has been redefining the artificial & jewellery game in the business. The company is known for its unique and traditional designs for men and women all over the world. It was launched in 2012 and has a large customer base in India as well as other Asian and European countries. The company has risen rapidly in recent years, becoming one of India's top-selling jewellery companies on multiple e-commerce sites.

Conclusion: Artificial jewellery has been a part of Indian culture since times immemorial. With the growing fashion trend, and availability of high-quality products at a competitive price, this industry is set to grow at a quick pace. India has many top-quality imitation  jewellery manufacturers. They are renowned in the world for their excellent products and their finish.

FAQs: Artificial Jewelry

Q. What is the difference between artificial and imitation jewellery?

Ans. None! Both are the same things, just different nomenclature. Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers in India do not differentiate between the two terms.

Q. If I have a jewellery design in my mind, can I get it customized by any of these companies?

Ans. Yes, you can approach them with your design. If they like your design, they might agree to buy it off you, and mass produces it.

Q. Which is the best imitation jewellery manufacturer in India?

Ans. All the mentioned companies here are top-notch designers and manufacturers of artificial jewellery.