Gears are systems that transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another by meshing teeth together. The radius and number of teeth are two important characteristics of gears. A shaft or base is usually used to mount or link them to other parts.

Types of gears

There are different types of industrial gears which includes spur Gear, Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, Worm Gears, Rack & Pinion Gears, and Planetary Gears. In the majority of cases, spur gears are the most prevalent variety. Teeth extend from the gear's outside border on spur gears. A broad range of gear ratios may be achieved by mounting them on parallel axes. A downside of this method is that each tooth meshes at the same time, resulting in a potentially annoying noise. Helical gears can be used to lessen the noise of spur gears. Helix-shaped gears have teeth that are cut at an angle to their faces to ensure that the teeth engage one another gradually as the gear turns. This design reduces noise and improves overall system performance. When the gear teeth make contact with each other at an orientation which is not perpendicular to the shaft axis, the helical pattern of the gears generates thrust. It's common for bearings to be used in helical gear systems to distribute the thrust load. Changing the axis of rotation may be accomplished using bevel gears. It's not uncommon for these devices to be used to rotate the axis of rotation 90 degrees. Bevel gears, like spur gears, can have teeth that are either straight or helical.

Top 10 gear manufacturers of gear in India

Here are the top 10 gear manufacturers in India, with an extensive supplier and dealer base.

1- Transprecision Gears Limited:

Transprecision Gears Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a private limited company. The company's headquarters are in M.I.D.C., Bhosari, Pune, with three independent manufacturing units dedicated to gear tooth cutting, assembly, and fabrication. The plant helps a variety of industries, including automotive, machine building, and spare parts. They also make Helical Inline Gear Boxes, Wheel Assemblies, Girders, Trolleys, End Carriages, and so on.

2- San Engineering and Locomotives:

It is a leading Gear manufacturer and is a renowned maker of locomotives, power packs, gearboxes, Cardan shafts, and other highly advanced rail items. They take pride in evolving long-term relationships with their consumers and making a long-lasting outcome for their company, whether it's through the partnerships they form or the goods they design. SAN is currently known for its product reliability, outstanding technology, manufacturing capabilities, and values stemming from its basic conviction in making long-term investments and commitments. They are an ISO 9001:2008-certified corporation that has implemented best-in-class procedures and has advanced manufacturing capabilities to match international requirements. The organization is committed to good business processes and practices and works for continual improvement in order to deliver the best service possible.

3- Rotec Transmissions Private Limited:

ROTEC TRANSMISSIONS (P) LTD, a prominent manufacturer of various types of gears and gearboxes, with a 500-strong installation projects. They operate from a huge, well-planned site near Hyderabad that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The factory has the volume to produce a wide range of transmission equipment. The company has a more than two-decade-old history of providing world-class gears. They have sophisticated machinery from well-known international brands. Their items are made to international standards, and they give product certification. They have well-trained employees and a diverse product line. They have a huge number of domestic and international customers who are enthusiastic about their items.

4- Sumiko Enterprises:

They are located near Pune, Maharashtra, India's Manchester city of Planetary goods. Planetary gearboxes, Planetary Drives, Planetary Geared Motors, Helical planetary gearboxes, and other transmission drives are all part of their high-quality offering. Chemical industries, material handling equipment, sugar industries, printing & packaging industries, steel plants, and a variety of other industries use them. Their extensive distribution network in India, which spans ten cities, enables them to deliver their items on time. To achieve complete client pleasure, they regularly update their products to reflect the most recent technology improvements.

5- Gears & Gear Drives India Private Limited:

Gears & Gear Drives (India) Pvt Ltd is a global engineering company that has been offering entire engineering solutions ranging from design to production in the fields of Mechatronics, power transmission, Motion Control, etc for over thirty years. Actuators from this company are used in a variety of applications, including Industrial Automation, Process Machinery, Solar Tracking, and a variety of other lifting solutions. Through conception, prototype, and production, the company's skilled engineers collaborate with client engineering teams to produce the most cost-effective solutions in an apt time frame. The company has a 30-year record for gear engineering and manufacturing quality. They offer a full variety of standard actuators in both metric and imperial footprints. The gear company has cutting-edge CNC and conventional machine tools, as well as cutting-edge metrology. In their modern climate-controlled facility, they manufacture their own helical, spur, bevel, worm, and worm gear. Clients benefit from their application engineering and specialized experience in driving solutions. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in product design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning. For component design and gearbox design, they have a fully equipped design office with 3D modelling and AutoCAD 2D software.

6- Mesh Well Gears Pvt. Ltd:

This gear company is (ISO 9001-2015 certified) and has been in business since 1975. The gear firm is a well-known and well-established company with a strong reputation for outstanding customer service and is a trusted maker of precision gears. They have an exceptional reputation in the gear manufacturing industry because of their integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. They ensure that the promoters' experience, together with the craftsmanship abilities of the entire company's staff, will meet all of their clients' needs. The founders are trained engineers with extensive manufacturing and marketing experience. The company employs a highly motivated trained team that is recruited from reputable training institutions, ensuring that high-level capabilities in gear manufacturing are imparted. They believe in keeping our customers satisfied by supplying them with high-quality products delivered on time at a reasonable price. This has helped them retain and recruit many clients both within the country and beyond. They guarantee that collaborating with them will keep the client's business going forward every day.

7- M. Mestry Enterprises:

As India's leading Gear company, they provide a diverse range of Gears to their valued customers at competitive prices. These gears are used in an assortment of manufacturing applications and come in a variety of sizes and specifications. All of our product lines are made using innovative and superior production technologies to ensure exactitude, durability, and precision. They have built sophisticated and advanced state-of-the-art technology that allows them to manufacture durable and highly effective Gears in the market, with the objective of seeing delighted customers. They have a large selection of Small and Medium pitch at competitive pricing. They offer a diverse product line. They are well-known with a solid standing for providing effective and timely delivery services to a diverse range of customers.

8- Aadish Gears & Transmission Private Limited:

AADISH GEARS & TRANSMISSIONS PVT LTD. is an Automotive Gear manufacturer in India. In the year 2002, it was founded. Originally, they were a 'Proprietorship' firm that manufactured a variety of engineering components. Slowly, the company began operating in the field of gears, gradually expanding its product range in the many fields of 'Transmission Products.' Gears, sprockets, timing pulleys, transmission rollers, gearboxes, and oil pumps are among the products manufactured by the company today. Their company is a "ONE STOP SOLUTION" for all of these products, and they are well-known in the market for delivering quantitative and qualitative supplies on time. They are capable of giving the necessary 'Technical Assistance' for the design.

9- Sakthi Gears Pvt. Ltd:

This is a Coimbatore based automotive gear manufacturer in India. Sakthi Gear Products is one of the first companies to use high-quality, cutting-edge technology to machine crucial ferrous alloy and cast iron components. The gear company has grown to become one of India's leading gear manufacturing companies via diligent and dependable labour. They have integrated work with adjacent industries such as reputable Iron & Steel Foundries, Fabrication, Finishing Industries, and NABL recognised laboratories to provide end-to-end production solutions in a timely manner.

10- Stotz Gear Private Limited:

Stotz Gears Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is regarded as an elite producer, exporter, and supplier of excellent quality Heavy Machinery Components. Sugar Mill Gears, Girth Gears, and Machinery Girth Gear are among the products that their machining experience covers. Since its inception, they have placed a premium on profit production, as evidenced by the increasing demand for their innovative goods, which provide broad benefits such as robust construction, abrasion resistance, durable finishing, minimum pitting, and low costs. Their dedication to quality is the foundation of their production efficiency, which is supported by their specialised infrastructure. Their CAD/CAM stations are in their computerized design centres, and their manufacturing department is surrounded with high-level machinery that promotes operational supremacy. Due to their astonishing performance, they also have a clientele base from the Middle East and South Africa.


As the major component of the machinery, selecting an experienced gear product supplier and manufacturer is critical. It can be tough to discover the correct gear manufacturer in India because there are so many. So the above were the list of the automotive gear manufacturers in India for the benefit of interested clients. Their products are of superior quality and engineered to perfection.

FAQs: Automotive Gears

Q. What is a gear? Why is it important?

Ans. Gears are systems that convey rotary motion from one shaft to another by meshing teeth together. Gears find a range of applications in fields of machinery, automotive, defence, etc.

Q. What are the different kinds of gears?

Ans. Popular gears include spur gears, bevel gears, rack & pinion gears, helical gears etc.

Q. How can I be guaranteed the superiority of gears for my needs?

Ans. All the listed companies are ISO certified and their products are incorporated by many of the leading companies into their products. You can also demand certification of quality from them.