Gear Boxes are mechanical transmission devices with teeth around the material which is used to convey mechanical power and motion between machine components. Gears interlock their edges with the teeth of another similar gear or toothed component when they are operating in matched pairs, which avoids slippage during the process of transmission.

Functions of Gear Box

Every gear or toothed component is connected to a machine base portion; as a result, when the driving gear—the gear that offers the initial rotary input—rotates, so does the driven gear, which is the gear or toothed component that is influenced by the driving gear and produces the finished product. The main function of gear box transfer of momentum between both the driving and the driven shafts can cause a change in the rotational or moving direction, depending on the design and manufacture of the gear pair. Furthermore, if the gears are not equal in size, the machinery or system gains a mechanical advantage that enables it to adjust the generating speed and torque (i.e., the force which is the reason behind the rotation of an object.)

Every piece of machinery needs a gear. The equipment can only transmit power and motion in this manner. A variety of processes are used to make gears. The gear boxes price in India can vary up from 5,000 indian rupees to upto and more than 1 lakh in Indian rupees.

The most well-liked ones include blanking, powder, metallurgy, extrusion, casting, and forging which in turn produces a variety of gear box types with different workings of its own. Ensure to only select the best Indian gear boxes and manufacturers.

Classifications of Gearboxes

The different classifications of gearboxes:

  • Rack and pinion gear
  • Helical
  • Spur gear
  • Herringbone gear
  • Bevel gear
  • Worm and worm wheel

Now since you might have got an understanding of how gears work, let’s take a look at the country’s best gear boxes manufacturers:

1- Gears and Gear Drives (India) Pvt Ltd:

This engineering firm is present globally and is called Gears and Gear Drives (India) Pvt Ltd. The company works as the maker of gears, screws, motion technologies, traditional worm gear screws, pinions, and gears, IMA screw jacks, and cubical worm gear screws, among other products. This gear box manufacturer which has nearly 30 years of experience in the machine manufacturing sector, is focused on coming up with methods with a variety of application. It is among the leading gear manufacturers of the country for this reason. The business also has ISO 9001:2015 certification. They offer a wide range of services such as printing, textile machinery, cement plants manufacturing, steel plants – cold and hot rolling, automobile assembly, glassmaking, food and beverages, antenna position, bottling plants, ships berthing, packaging, aluminium, manufacturing of ERW pipe for mills, manufacturing of saw pipes, conveyor systems, processing plants manufacturing, paper, spiral welded pipe mills, pharmaceutical, industrial automation, petrochemical.

2- Anand Udyog Belgaum:

This is a gear boxes manufacturer which is one of India's leading gear boxes manufacturers and is centred in Karnataka. For example, they produce gearboxes, conveyor rollers, and machine parts. Anand Udyog was founded in 2008 and is now a major manufacturer of cloth and machinery parts. Client satisfaction is of the greatest priority to them. They offer services such as machinery spares, S conveyor roller, forged steel belts, cutting knives used on the crane, conveyor roller, gear boxes.

3- Bajrang Engineering works:

You simply cannot leave out this gear manufacturing company when it comes to listing the best gear manufacturers in India. They've been making spline shafts, dog clutches, internal hubs, etc. for over five decades. With their outstanding service, Bajrang Engineers Works has established a prestigious position not only in the production of gear but also in the distribution and exporting of many kinds of gear. Bajrang Engineers Works provides their customers with works and products such as pinions and racks, gear couplings, worm reduction gearbox, planetary gearbox, helical gears, profile ground gears, and internal ring gears, spiral bevel gears, spur gears, industrial gears, automobile gears.

4- Shanti Gears Ltd:

This gear manufacturer just might be the best option if you're seeking industrial gear solutions. Shanti Gears Ltd excels at creating gearboxes, producing gears, gear motors, gear assemblies, and setting up integrated gear manufacturing plants. Ever since 2013, this business has become a Murugappa Group sister enterprise. The company has also been engaged in this manufacturing sector of gear items for approximately 40 years. The array of services they have include refurbishments, case studies, installation support, and on-site service.

5- Miller Gears Manufacturers, Spiral Bevel Gear, Helical Gears:

One of the best manufacturers of equipment, this manufacturer is committed to giving their customers high-calibre services and knowledge. The enterprise always uses cutting-edge technology when making gear to meet customer requirements. When it comes to the greatest Indian gear makers, it also takes the top spot. The gear manufacturing division of this corporation was founded in 1995. The company provides services such as Internal grinding, Chain sprocket, Timing pulleys, gear box types like bevel, worm gears, miter gears, straight bevel gears, spur gears, and helical gears.

6- ROTEC Transmissions:

The company is one of the leading producers of gear boxes in India. It has experience making a variety of gears and gearboxes. Coming under the headings of " gear parts and sprocket, axle, gearbox,” ROTEC Transmission draws work frames, and indulges in the production of gear boxes, mud pump sprockets, and spiral connections needed for steel plants, work rolls, and gear couplings. It has also received ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

7- Bharat Gears:

The company are the key player in the field of gear manufacturing worldwide, providing services not just in the country but also in the US, Europe, and other parts of Asia. It is one of the major providers of goods to the automotive industry, including gear boxes types of different varieties, differential gears, transmission gears, shafts, pinions, and ring gears.

8- Hanuman Power Transmission Equipments Private Limited:

Gearboxes, stainless steel pipes and pumps, electric motors, and electric stirrers are among the products that this company manufactures, exports, and trades. They have been providing consumers with items of the highest calibre by working with well-known and reliable brands like PBL, Premium, REMI, Crompton Greaves, MOTOVARIO, and SIEMENS. Upon the purchase of goods from the suppliers, the company stores them in our large, well-equipped warehouse. The warehouse is separated into various sections, and things are housed there according to the category to which they belong. It facilitates quick product retrieval during final shipping. The company has been able to put itself a sizable clunk ahead of its rivals thanks to the assistance of its highly skilled crew. To answer the questions of the clients, the professionals are constantly available. Additionally, the experts inform the vendors about the clients' needs. Each product is tested before final shipping by a separate group of quality checkers on our staff. The company also provides a facility which has excellent road access that enables customers to receive their shipments on schedule. Additionally, they conduct business ethically and communicate openly with their clients. This has aided this gear boxes manufacturer in attracting a sizable clientele to the business.


To convey both motion and power in several mechanical types of equipment, such as clocks, instrumentation, and equipment, as well as to significantly enhance or reduce speed and torque in a variety of motorised devices, such as cars, motorcycles, machines, gears and their mechanical properties are extensively used throughout the trade. The different types of gears that are available can be categorised and classified using additional design features, such as construction material, gear shape, tooth construction and design, and gear pair configuration. The type of transmission that is most appropriate for use depends on the criteria and standards requested by a certain movement or power transmission application. All of these gears have unique behaviours and benefits.

FAQ’s: Gear Boxes

Q: What components make up a gear?

Ans: The most basic gears have three separate parts: the bearing, which receives a shaft (of a motor or another component of the mechanism), and the barrier between them, which occasionally comes in the form of arms. Gears can be highly complex.

Q: What is the name of a gear?

Ans: A gear is a spinning, circular machine part with teeth that mesh with another toothed component to impart torque. The teeth may be cut or, in the event of a cogwheel or gearwheel, inserted. Cog is another informal term for gear.

Q: What are the ratios of gears?

Ans: The ratio of the number of turns made by the driver gear and the driven gear is known as the gear ratio. To indicate a gear ratio, a colon is frequently used: Gear Ratio = Driver Gear Rotations / Driven Gear Rotations.

Q: Why are gears employed?

Ans: The two major uses of gears are to increase force or speed. Negotiations must be made to enhance one of these. For instance, more effort needs to be exerted on the pedals to raise the pace of a bicycle's wheels. Similar to this, the pedals must be turned more quickly to raise the force on the wheels.

Q: What makes torque so crucial in gears?

Ans: The amount of torque needed to start the gearbox moving, or to break free from a stop and combat internal friction. The efficiency is increased with a lower number, leaving more motor power available for motion.