Chemical lace was used by designers like as Thierry Mugler, Hubert de Givenchy, Gianni Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Claude Montana, and Yves Saint Laurent.

One of the most common ways that designers add flair and style to a garment is by using laces. Lace is used in many traditional Indian garments, such as saris, salwar kameez, suits, dupattas, etc. Plenty of vibrant lace options for women.

You might recall the time you went to the boutique and fashion store and saw all the stunning gowns. The lace border is the most typical decoration. And designer laces aren't just being utilized in apparel; they're also being used extensively in things like window treatments and table linens. You probably came across a few lovely lace drapes, coverings, or table linens. You could have also seen the latest car seat covers, which have elaborate lace embroidery on the seat backs.

Top Designer Laces Manufacturing Companies in India

Company Name


Year Founded


Dhananjay Creations



Polestar lace

Neelkamal Industries



Ribbon Laces, Woven Label, Velvet Ribbon, etc.

M R Narrow Fab

Surat, India


Malai Dori, Ribbon, Lace, Braided Cord, etc.

Shree Omkar Lace



Piping Lace, Fabric, Dori, Border Lace, etc.

Jitendra Textiles



Zari Fancy lace, Crochet Lace, Ribbon, etc.

Rinaben Rakeshbhai Gadhiwala

Surat, India


Maharani Lace, Gotta Lace, Tissue Ribbon, etc.

Nilesh Ribbon Industries



Fancy Lace Border, Frill Lace, Saree Border Lace, etc.

Rajesh Exports



Ribbons and Buttons

1. Dhananjay Creations

In the first place, we will discuss about India’s biggest Lace Manufacturers whichis Dhananjay Creations. The company is the veteran supplier and manufacturer of high quality polestar lace in India. Their lace items are always win customer trust because of their attractive designs.

By using the effective techniques, their specialists always come with finest quality basic materials. Their loyal and big customer base can avail this specially designed polyester lace from them with the different colors and length within their budget.

Their laces have amazing features including washable, smooth texture, Alluring look, and splendid design. You can easily sew the lace on your cloth for maximize your cloth life.

2. Neelkamal Industries

They are one of the best well-known suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and designer laces manufacturers of a high quality range of Designer Polyester laces and tapes.

The company founded in 2001 with the vision of providing 100% satisfied services to their clients. Neelkamal Industries deal with a wide range of products such as Ribbon Laces and tapes, woven label, Gift packaging lace, Velvet Ribbon, Needle Lace, Satin Ribbons, Cut Work Laces, Fabric and many more.

Their products completely match with current market trends and demands. Their clients never disappoint from their quality of the products. Because of having an experienced team, they have a reputable image in the market today.

They have top class raw materials for manufacturing ribbons and laces with different colors, shrink resistance and company trust.

3. M R Narrow Fab

MR Narrow Fab established in 1998 and it is a private firm involved in Malai Dori, Ribbon, Lace, Braided cord, Cotton Cord manufacturing business. The company located in Surat, Gujarat, India and deliver a huge range of high quality lace all over India.

Their cotton laces are women favorite lace because of their variety of designs and colors that matches Saree blouse, Petticoats, and Salwar Kameez.

In addition, they have developed a big and fully functional infrastructural unit that helps them to manufacture unmatched products and growing their company’s growth. They are very serious about their project that is why they committed all their work on time.

The company CEO Dharmesh has earned a huge clientele across the nation.

4. Shree Omkar Fancy Lace

On the fifth position, Shree Omkar Fancy Lace is a brand of selling beautiful laces or ribbons all over India. The company established in year 2015, is producing Maharani Lace, Piping Lace, Fabric, Dori, Border Lace etc.

They claim that they offer quality products in cheap designer laces price that help them to gain a huge reputable among their clients. They are functioning well by developing a smart mind via dynamic and talented experts to deal the most stringent demands of clients.

Their lace items are available in the market with different lengths and width. The colorful laces are pretty impressive for your garments.

5. Jitendra Textiles

With the wider range of items including Zari Fancy lace, Pom Pom Lace, Crochet Lace, Cotton Crochet Lace, Jhalar Curtain Lace, Ribbon, Fabric Dori, etc, Jitedara Textiles has a good reputation among its client.

They use supreme quality and top class raw materials to make their product quality proof. There is no comparison in providing high quality products in the industry.

Furthermore, they crete their entire gamut by ensuring the current fashion trends on the market so their products perfectly meet their client expectations. They designed their laces in different sizes, colors and unique designs that suit their client’s demands.

6. Rinaben Rakeshbahi Gadhiwala

Rinaben Rakeshbhai Gadhiwala is a well-known manufacturer of a variety of designer laces uses products, including Maharani Lace, Gotta Lace, Tissue Ribbon, Saree Lace, and Ranbow tissue ribbon. The company was founded in 1990 as a sole proprietorship and has been in operation ever since.

They have built a large and fully operational infrastructural unit in Surat, which is located in the state of Gujarat in India. This unit plays an important part in the expansion of their organization.

They not only sell these items at prices that are affordable, but they also deliver them within the allotted amount of time. They have built up a significant clientele all throughout the country thanks to their guide "Mr. Rakesh M. Gadhiwala," who serves as their top mentor.

7. Nilesh Ribbon Industries

Nilesh Ribbon Industries deal with Fancy Lace Border, Frill Lace, Saree Border Lace, Zari Border Lace, Fancy Ribbon, Designer Laces, Moti Lace, Linene Ribbon, Jacquard Lace, Satin Ribbon, Velvet lace, Fancy Saree Lace, Designer Ribbon, Garment Lace, Three Line Piping Lace, Organza Ribbon, Viscose Lace, Crochet Lace, Embroidery Lace, Pom Pom Lace, Gota lace, Laser Cutting Lace, Dyable Border lce, Gross Grain Ribbon, Trimming Lace and many more.

They are able to understand the expectations of customers by offering them top quality products according to their gratification. They have smooth payment methods such as moral business policies and crystal pure transparency that allow them to make transaction stress free to make a strong relationship with customers.

They owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Manoj Jariwala, whose unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental to the company's rapid expansion to where it is today.

8. Rajesh Exports

They are an excellent Ribbons and Buttons manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Their goods have found widespread use in the apparel business, and their clients have consistently praised them for their optimal design, superb finish, and reasonable prices.

They produce shoe laces, twill tapes, and buttons from the highest quality raw materials and in strict accordance with all applicable industry rules and regulations.

Experts in quality assurance ensure that the final product exceeds the customer's expectations. All of their products are made in a way that complies with established norms in the manufacturing sector, and they subject the entire line to stringent quality control checks that evaluate factors like longevity, aesthetic appeal, and functional precision.

They have a state-of-the-art factory set up for making their goods. Its production facilities have extensive space and cutting-edge machinery. Their physical space is broken up into distinct divisions including manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, and distribution.

Every section of the organization is rigged with cutting-edge equipment to ensure that all operations run smoothly. They've been able to establish a solid reputation and name recognition in the market because to their extensive distribution network that spans the globe. Their attitude to business is customer and quality oriented, which has allowed them to rapidly expand their clientele.

9. Binita Industries

Established in the year 2015, Binita Industries are one of the most responsible designer laces suppliers in India with a broad range of Fancy Lace, Gota Lace, Garment Lace, Three Line Piping Lace, Organza Ribbon, Viscose Lace, etc.

They offer their products in diverse benfits to attain the complete satisfaction of the clients. They are a private firm which is situated in Surat Gujarat, India. They have state-of-art to produce high quality products that suit their clients needs.

They have a big reputation not only in India but all over the world, as they supply their products Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, Nepal, Bhutan and other countries.

In conclusion, choosing the best lace manufacturing company in India is become easier, you just need to know about the company’s production policies or techniques. The lace is high in demand because of different types of outfits such as Saree, Salwar Kameez, Top, Frocks, and more. All the apparels need to attach laces to look more beautiful.

If you’re thinking about the lace manufacturers online, I would recommend you to meet Shree Omkar Fancy Lace, Jitendar Textiles, and Neelkamal Industries.

FAQs: Designer laces

Q. How to choose the right designer lace for your dress?

Ans. To get the right choice, follow the steps:

  • Check out the lace type you need
  • Lace Texture
  • Lace Size
  • Lace Fabric
  • Go with Characteristics of Lace
  • Brand
  • Price

Q. How to determine the right quantity of designer lace to buy for a project?

Ans. Lace is available in centi meter. To determine the right quantity of lace, measure the length of your fabric where you need to stitch your lace. Secondly, measure the lace quantity before buying.

Q. What is the average cost of designer laces?

Ans. The average cost is Rs 50/packet

Q. How to use designer laces for wedding invitations or stationery?

Ans. Follow the steps:

  • Take an invitation Card
  • Use the glue on the back size of invitation card
  • Stick the laces

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