Thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins are joined together to form this artificial material, which is then used as a finish layer or buffer layer for hardwood, flooring, particleboard, MDF, wall panels, and wooden furniture.

To begin impregnating the paper, strips of paper are soaked in resin. Depending on the use, decorative plastic laminate can be produced in a variety of grades or thicknesses. Each finished sheet of paper may consist of anywhere from seven to eighteen individual sheets. There is a layer of Kraft paper at the bottom, a layer of translucent sheeting at the top, and a layer of decorative paper in the center. Sheets impregnated with drying resin are placed in a drying chamber and later sliced into layers. Top of the Kraft paper is where you'll find the clear and ornamental layers. Cutting the dry laminate sheet to the right dimensions is the final step.

Most Durable Laminated Sheets for High-Traffic Areas - Top 10

Laminate is a man-made substance that looks and feels like wood. In addition to providing protection against the shortcomings of other surfacing materials, laminates also create the impression of a natural surface.


Type of Laminated Sheet


Price Range


Acrylic-Finish Laminate Sheet

Reflects light, resistant to fading and moisture, contemporary and elegant appearance

Starting from 3500 yen per sheet


Exterior Laminate Sheet

Provides high protection against elements, can withstand high temperatures

Starting from Rs 300 per square foot


PVC Finish Laminate Sheet

Waterproof, easy to clean, resistance to moisture

Cheap (Low Cost)


Metallic Laminate Sheet

Gives a contemporary and luxurious appearance

Starting from Rs 3000 yen per sheet


Glossy Laminate Sheet

Reflective surface, available in various colors



Textured Laminate Sheet

Mimics various natural surfaces, adds depth to interiors



Matte-Finish Laminate Sheet

Slightly reflective, resistant to abrasion and dust



High Pressure Laminate Sheet

Strong and durable

Starting from Rs 300 per square foot


Countertop Laminate Sheet

Appearance of natural stones



Anti-bacterial Laminate Sheets

Antimicrobial properties


1. Acrylic-Finish Laminate sheet

The use of laminates with an acrylic finish is an excellent method for achieving a high-end, contemporary, and elegant appearance. Because of their propensity to reflect light, any area can benefit from an immediate boost in brightness. These laminates are simple to clean and maintain, as well as resistant to the fading that can be caused by exposure to UV radiation and moisture. The price of acrylic-finish laminates with a thickness of 1 millimeter starts at 3500 yen for each sheet.

This particular variety of laminate manufactured by laminated sheets manufacturers will instantly brighten the atmosphere of your interiors, lending them an appearance that is both contemporary and elegant. Acrylic-finish laminates are quite popular for contemporary homes and commercial spaces because of their low maintenance requirements, resistance to fading, and resistance to dampness.

2. Exterior Laminate Sheet

Think about using exterior laminates for the façade, balcony railings, the building entrance gate, and pergolas. In this particular illustration, observe how wooden-look exterior laminates are employed on the exteriors of the building. These laminates are an excellent substitute for cladding made of genuine wood.

External laminates are exceptionally long-lasting and provide a high level of protection against the elements. In addition to that, these laminates can withstand high temperatures without being damaged.

The cost of high-pressure laminate of an external grade begins at Rs 300 per square foot.

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3. PVC Finish Laminate Sheet

Because they are resistant to moisture, laminates with a PVC finish are an excellent choice for the cabinets found in bathrooms and other locations that are prone to humidity.

The laminate sheets price is cheap along with a PVC coating are extremely long-lasting and waterproof. They are simple to clean, although they have a plastic-like appearance.

Because they are impervious to moisture, laminates with a PVC surface are an excellent option for spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that are prone to condensation. They are impervious to water and have a high level of durability. PVC-finish laminates, in the opinion of some consumers, have a plastic-like appearance that does not complement their preferred interior design choices.

4. Metallic Laminate Sheet

Laminates with a metal finish might give the impression that your property is more contemporary. The appearance of metal lends an air of luxuriousness and refinement to any room it inhabits.

Metallic laminates are only offered in a select few color options, including silver, copper, brushed gold, and a couple of solid colors.

The price of laminates with a metal finish that are 1 millimeter thick and start at Rs 3000 yen per sheet

Homes that are modern or contemporary can benefit from the use of metallic laminates. The appearance of metal lends an air of refined elegance to the interior. It lends an air of opulence to the environment. Metallic laminates are offered in a constrained palette of colors, including gold, silver, copper, and other similar tones.

5. Glossy Laminate Sheets

Glossy laminates have a shine that is similar to that of a mirror and a reflective surface, both of which contribute significantly to the overall brightness of any room.

The interiors are given a more upscale appearance by using glossy-finish laminates, which are also available in a variety of color options. This particular kind of laminate has a surface that has a propensity to reveal smudges and fingerprints quite easily, which is one of its drawbacks.

Laminates with a gloss finish have a reflecting surface and a sheen that is similar to that of a mirror. The use of glossy laminates will make your interiors look brighter, making them an excellent option for spaces that are on the smaller side. The tendency of gloss-finish laminates to attract fingerprints and to smear quickly is one of the few disadvantages associated with their use.

6. Textured Laminate Sheets

Textured laminates are designed to mimic the appearance of a variety of natural surfaces, including stone stucco finishes, suede, raw silk, and nappa leather, so on. Each room can benefit from the addition of an impression of depth when textured coatings are applied.

Avoid using these high gloss laminate sheets in the kitchen since the textured laminate may have the propensity to trap a lot of dirt and grime, which may make it difficult to clean in the long run.

Textured laminates are designed to simulate the appearance of other materials, such as raw silk, leather, and wood, natural stone, amongst others. The use of textured laminates gives the appearance that your interiors have more depth. When selecting interior materials for your home, you should avoid using textured laminates in areas such as kitchens and other rooms that are prone to collecting filth and grime.

7. Matte-Finish Laminate sheets

Laminates with a matte finish are one of the most popular types of laminate finishes, and they are frequently used for cabinetry and other types of carpentry work.

The surface of these laminates is slightly reflective, and they have a good resistance to abrasion and dust, both of which contribute to the ease with which matte finish laminates may be cleaned and maintained.

These laminates have a finish that is described as being "matte," which is consistent with their name. They require little effort to clean and maintain. They are resistant to both scratches and dust.

8. High Pressure Laminate Sheets

High-pressure laminates, or HPL for short, are among the most durable types of laminates. They provide an exceptional level of resistance against scratches and heat, stains. The countertops, windows, worktops, cubicles, tabletops, doors, storage units, and among other things, are the most common applications for them.

9. Countertop Laminate Sheet

These laminates belong to a specific category that was developed specifically for use as countertops in settings such as kitchens and baths. These laminates are designed to give the appearance of natural stones commonly used for kitchen countertops, such as granite, slate and marble. Countertop laminates are a more cost-effective option than natural stone alternatives.

10. Anti-bacterial Laminate Sheets

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in demand for laminate sheets designs that inhibit the growth of germs. The growth of common bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens is reduced by approximately 99% because to the antimicrobial properties of this type of laminate.

They have been treated with a unique anti-microbial chemical, which ensures that they are safe and healthy for usage inside of buildings. They are utilized in healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, spas, restaurants, beauty salons, and other establishments where the highest level of cleanliness is required, such as hospitals, dental clinics, beauty salons, and spas. The use of these laminates helps to stop the transmission of viruses and germs.

Cabinets in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, tabletops in the dining room, and other high-traffic areas can all benefit from decorative laminates. They can be used as an alternative to solid wood that is both more affordable and more environmentally friendly. The variety of colors, patterns, and textures will liven up your home.

Use high-quality laminates that can endure moisture and heat when redecorating your kitchen or bathroom. While ornamental laminates have their advantages, flexible stone veneers are the better choice if you're after a more classic and elegant appearance.

FAQs: Laminate Sheets

Q. What materials are used to make laminate sheets?

Ans: Laminates are often fabricated from kraft paper that has been chemically resin-treated to increase its strength and rigidity. All laminates, including kitchen laminates, are made from a similar set of raw components.

Q. What are the types of lamination sheet?

Ans: Textured Laminate, Countertop Laminate, Decorative Laminate, Metallic Laminate, Glossy Laminate, Antibacterial Laminate, Matte-Finish Laminate, High Pressure Laminate are the types of lamination sheet.

Q. Are Sunmica and laminate materials identical?

Ans: Yes, Laminate and Sunmica are identical; In fact, laminate also known as Brand Sunmica. There are many types of laminates available, each with its own texture and look.

Q. How much does an lamination sheet cost?

Ans: The price of the lamination sheet starts from Rs 300 and goes up to Rs 400per sq. ft

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