A well-lit living room is ideal for relaxing evenings in, but how often do you find yourself asking for "The Big Light" to be turned on so you can read the remote or the magazine? While a central ceiling light is great for functionality, it rarely succeeds in setting the mood since it is too bright and stark.

All of these problems can be addressed with the help of wall lights, whether they are classic in design or reimagined in a more modern style. The correct wall lighting for the living room also has a number of other advantages.

Lamps hung on the wall serve as both decorative and practical lighting for the living space. Living areas benefit greatly from wall lights, which do more than just add aesthetic value throughout the day.

10+ Wall Decorative Ideas by Using Wall Lights

1. Put Writing on the Wall and Light it Up!

If you're feeling daring, an enormous neon sign will brighten up your walls and your mood. You'll bring as much character to your living room as light, and it'll be a great talking point. Hang this ta-da! up high on a blank wall or above your sofa to make a statement. Showing it off against a dark backdrop will highlight its beauty and brightness while making the cables less noticeable.

2. Choose Translucent Shades for an Ethereal Glow

Wall sconces that are only partially opaque are ideal for creating a warm and inviting ambiance in a living room because they disperse the light and prevent the casting of shadows. Ashlee Sanderson, Nest's sales manager, recommends installing wall lights to increase the room's overall illumination and diffuse the light they emit.

3. Wow With a Wild Animal Wall Light

From brass monkeys and regal flamingos to grinny giraffes and stoic tigers, it seems like every kind of animal head (and torso!) wall lights manufacturer is becoming increasingly popular. The ideal way to showcase their flair in your living room is in a staged setting, such as when they are part of a spruced-up side table. They aren't stealthy, so you probably only need one.

4. Layer Lighting to Unify and Add Cosines

Mixing wall lights with floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures will have the same impact as combining soft furnishings like rugs, throws, and cushions of similar colors, textures, and designs.

The co-CEO of Dowsing & Reynolds, Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, adds, "This might sound unexpected, but having different lighting in your lounge actually makes it cosier." Dimmable wall and ceiling lights, along with fashionable table and floor lamps, can help you create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

5. Highlight Wall Art

Light up your artwork on the wall with picture wall lights to not only illuminate your living space but also provide a charming ambiance.

Look for the horizontal ones and spend some time getting the angle just perfect. The goal is to reduce the glare that occurs when art is placed behind glass and to lessen the shadows that are cast by three-dimensional paintings.

LED bulbs, which do not emit heat or wall lights living room, should be used in picture wall lights to protect your paintings and drawings from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to artificial light.

6. Swap Bulb for Flames

Candlelight has a special enchantment that makes it perfect for creating a warm and comforting atmosphere.

Decorating the living room with candles is a beautiful idea, whether they're placed on the coffee table, fireplace mantel, or window sill, but a surefire way to impress guests is to hang them from a creative wall sconce.

If you want to add some drama to the setting, place them against a deep, saturated background and use colored candles for dinner instead of plain white ones. Fake candles with flickering flames are a good alternative to real ones for formal dinners if you don't want to worry about spilled wax or forget to light real candles.

7. LED Vine Hanging Lights for Bedroom

The LED vine hanging lights are also a nice addition to jungle-themed bedrooms or areas with lots of trees. Actually, they give another level of decorating to these themes because they make the room look more lifelike.

Sticking them to the wall is simple, and they can even be overlapped if that's what's needed. Once adhered, they'll light up like genuine vines in a garden.

8. Ditch a Central Ceiling Light

Mary Buchanan, Creative Director of Laura Ashley Lighting, says that while ceiling lights are practical, they are designed to flood a room with light and could present a sharp contrast when switched from on to off in the evenings.

If your living room has a low ceiling, you may make it seem more spacious by lighting it with wall lights bedroom placed on the wall instead of a single overhead fixture. The objective is to aim the light upwards, creating a vertical glow that will visually extend the ceiling.

Lighting the wall from a higher vantage point also proves useful.

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9. Opt for Smart Symmetry

A fireplace or other focal point can be used as the axis of symmetry in a living room design that is both elegant and functional.

Shaded wall sconces are a great choice for this basic but everlasting (and so aesthetically fulfilling!) style, and they may be used in any kind of living room, from contemporary to cottage to Victorian.

Two sets of wall lamps, rather than one, flanking a chimney breast adds visual interest and, of course, greater illumination. Showing off white-shaded ones against a black background makes them stand out dramatically.

10. Simple Headboard with Lights

A simple headboard with lights is a great addition to any bedroom. This type of illumination is ideal for unwinding after a stressful day. Make sure there is adequate wall space behind your bed if you plan on constructing a string light headboard. In addition, you'll want to utilize LED or fairy lights because they generate less heat when operating continuously.

11. Two Wall Sconces with a Gold-Plated Metal Shade are Perfect for the Living Room

This glass globe wall light outdoor has a timeless design that will add a touch of elegance to any room. The shiny gold coating makes a luxurious fashion statement. Add a center table lined in gold and some matching side lamps to complete the look. You can use them as wall art in your living room.

12. Room Decor Lights with Hanging Photos

Room decor lights with hung photographs are the perfect option if you want your bedroom to look uniquely comfortable and attractive. In particular, these sorts of string lights consist of small glass bulbs that are great for a shabby chic effect.

They also have the extra feature of being able to hold photographs in between the light strings. Gather a collection of your favorite photographs for this project.

Afterward, use a hole punch to drill small holes on the top edge of each one. Then, pass the string lights through the hole so that the photo is displayed on the front side.

13. Romantic Bed Canopy with lights

A bed canopy with lights is the perfect addition to a bedroom if you want to spend a romantic night in a space that feels like something out of a dream with your significant other. It's easy to create a canopy for your bed by stretching a transparent sheet across the top of your mattress and suspending a set of string lights from the sheet.

You could also create a cloud by draping the lights over a pile of pillows placed on the bed. You and your significant other can use this canopy to enjoy intimate activities like watching a movie or reading in bed.

14. Wrapped Around a Painting – Twinkle Lights in Bedroom

It's as simple as selecting the proper painting to put over your bed's headboard to achieve this appearance. If you want, you might look for a pair of identical frames with clips on top. Then, using a clip, secure the end of the string lights behind the painting in one of the frames. Next, connect the wire to a clip on yet another light bulb in the string. To achieve a snug fit, the lights in the other frame should be wrapped around the back of the photo.


For a clean, uncluttered look, wall lights are a great choice for modern, minimalist interiors. And thus, by all means, install some ornamental wall lights in your family room.

String lights can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the ambiance of a bedroom. They are great, and the greatest part is that you don't have to spend a fortune on them. It's also a great option if you want to express your individuality in the way you decorate your bedroom.

Top Wall Light Price List

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7x5x9 Inch Wall Mounted Aluminum Ip65 Rating 17 Watt Electrical Warm White Light

INR 700

12 Inch 70 Watt Ip44 Paint Coated Aluminum Wall Mounted Light

INR 935

50 Watt And Ip66 Metal Wall Mounted Light For Outdoor

INR 1760

Glass 5 Watt Power Round Cool White Wall Light

INR 569

230 Volt Wall Mounted Rectangular Smooth Finish Glass Metal Led Light

INR 750

Electric Wall Mounted Led Light For Home And Hotel Use

INR 300

Aluminum Lx Wall Light 50watt

INR 1150

Aluminum Lx Wall Light 50watt

INR 1150

Set Of 2 Lights Modern And Decorative Wall Mounted Light Used In Home, Office, Hotel

INR 1800

Set Of 2 Piece Light Weight And Durable Decorative Wall Light Used In Home And Hotels

INR 1800

FAQs: Wall Lights

Q. What are lights on the wall called?

Ans. The decorative lights on the wall are often known as wall lights and wall sconces.

Q. What is wall bracket light?

Ans. It is a light that has a bracket to hold it to the wall. A wall sconce, as opposed to a pendant lamp, is a fixture that is attached to a wall for illumination.

Q. What are the 3 types of lighting?

Ans. General, Accent, and Task are the three basic types of light used to decorate your home.

Q. How do you attach LED lights to a wall?

Ans. Follow the rules:

Dry and clean the surface

Unroll the light strip

Connect LED light strip

Turn on the light

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